Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fanfic 12

Bone waved as the plane took off from the parking lot of the vampire inn. She didn’t mind being left behind, she hadn’t been in Ireland in seventy years and was itching for a chance to see how much it had changed. She walked around to the back of the inn to retrieve the car she had ‘borrowed’ from the airport parking lot. An hour and a half later she was pulling over to the side of the road next to the gleaming Bentley. While she had been driving she had called Skulduggery and asked him to meet her at MacGillycuddy’s Reeks. Bone slammed her car door and walked over to the man in a suit that was leaning on the hood of the Bentley.
“Hey Skulduggery!” Bone gave him a hug and Skulduggery swore he felt a rib crack
“Hello Bone” he said. Bone examined the face of the fa├žade and grinned
“It’s weird seeing you with a nose”
“Umm… Thanks, I think” Bone smiled wider
“Ghastly said that you’d show me where the receptacle was”
“That I will,” Skulduggery looked down at Bone’s shoes“Can you climb boulders with those torture devices on your feet?” Bone looked down at her five inch high purple lizard skin stilettos.
“I have many talents, lets go!” According to the mortals, the paths up into the mountains had been blocked by a rockslide, but the truth was that the Sanctuary had ordered that the paths to be blocked and that no one was allowed up into the mountains. They started up the path and even with her death-shoes Bone was still able to make a quick pace over and around the slippery boulders. After about a half an hour of walking they came to a rock that had been wedged tightly in the narrow path. Skulduggery flew up into the air and landed lightly on the top of the boulder and Bone raised her eyebrows.
“Nice new trick” she said “I learned a new one too” She peeled of her elbow length gloves that Skulduggery had seen, but not commented on. She placed her bare hands on the mossy boulder and cracks started to appear. Bone smiled faintly and the boulder exploded into dust. Skulduggery remained where the top of the boulder had been, standing on a platform of air.
“Show off” he said
“Hypocrite” Bone countered, pulling her gloves on again. Skulduggery let himself drop back to earth, landing in the pile of dry dust that hand been the boulder.
“How did you do that?” he asked reluctantly “I thought you where a bone breaker” Bone frowned slightly
“My powers had gotten completely out of control, if I so much as touched someone then every bone in their body would shatter instantly” She shrugged ruefully and started towards the next rock. She stopped before she touched the boulder ,which was the biggest one yet, and cocked her head.
“Can you fly me on top of that?” she asked, holding out her hand. Skulduggery seemed reluctant to touch her, and Bone rolled her eyes.
“The gloves cancel out my powers” she informed him. He took her hand and they lifted up to on relatively flat top of the rock. Bone peered over the edge and then turned back to Skulduggery, her finger to her lips. He looked cautiously over the edge also and saw in the little valley that was created by two rocks. It was about twelve feet square and lounging around a campfire ring in beat-up lawn chairs were two guys, one girl and a vampire. Bone looked calmly at the little gathering, then she un-buckled her shoes.
“Hold these.” she ordered, never taking her eyes off her next victims. Skulduggery caught the looking her eyes and felt compelled to say.
“Don’t kill anyone” Bone smirked at him and dropped down into the little valley.