Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunny Italy... Part Two

Two hours later, the plane landed in Sicily and the three vampires descended down onto Italian soil.
“The Don would send someone to guide us, we’ll wait for a few minutes” Bridget said, scowling at the thought. She hadn’t fed in a few weeks and her senses were on hyper-drive. Being in a airport filled with humans didn’t help, every time the breeze shifted was like a punch to the face. A sent other then human washed over her nose and she turned into it instinctively.
“Whoa, get a load of that…” Victor raised his hand to his nose and Eloise scowled in displeasure. The sent was flat out nauseating. It smelled like a mix of rotting flesh and something musky, like a wild animal.
“Huh, I don’t believe it…” Bridget said, holding her hand over her nose and looking over at where the smell was coming from “What’s an Azeman doing out of Africa?”
“An Azeman, think of it as our African cousin”
“…An African vampire?” Victor frowned “I’ve never heard of it”
“They’re rare. I’ve never seen one out of Africa, but the sent isn’t exactly something you forget”
“Yeah, but…” He trailed off as the Azeman rounded the corner. It was easily seven feet tall, with skin that was a deep brown color, like sun baked earth. It’s limbs seemed stretched and out of proportion with the rest of it’s body, like it had spent some time on a medieval rack. It came straight towards them, staring at them with yellow eyes and not looking away, a true predator’s gaze. It stopped about six feet away from the small group of vampires and gave a little bow.
“You are to be coming with me” It’s voice was surprisingly soft and girly
“Could you attract a little more attention?” Bridget sneered, gesturing for the Azeman to lead the way. The little group of vampires was attracting quiet a lot of attention and as they walked through the busy airport the crowds parted for them, no one wanting to get in the way of the formidable looking group.

“Damn…” a teenaged girl with brown hair ducked back behind the pillar.
“Oi Mick, they’re on the move. What do ya’ want to?” A slightly older girl with black hair chewed on her upper lip.
“I don’t know. We should wait for Kallista’s plane to get here, but if we do that then the Azeman could get away…”
“Splitting up ain’t an option, lets go after the Azeman.” The younger girl grinned confidently
“But we need to wait for Kallista…” she trailed off as the other girl walked away, swiftly following after the vampires.
“Hey Liz, wait up!” She jogged after her friend.

The four vampires exited the air-conditioned airport terminal and immerged into the blinding heat of summer. The Azeman smiled and turned it’s face to the sun, pausing for a second before leading the way to a waiting car. The vampires got in without a word and the Azeman pulled out into the heavy midday traffic. Bridget (who was sitting in the back with Victor) rolled down the widow as far as it would go, preferring the smell of car exhaust and hot pavement to the Azeman’s stench. The African vampire really did smell something awful.
“So… What is your name?” Eloise asked to break the lengthy silence.
“My name…?” the Azeman cocked its head to the side slightly “I am being called Doona”
“I’m Eloise and this is Victor and Bridget” Eloise smiled, trying to be friendly
“I know. The Don is telling me all about you.” that got Bridget’s attention.
“Really? And where did he get this information?” Doona smiled softly, revealing pointed, jagged sharks teeth, and said nothing.

Note: Doona's name is  pronounced  Doo-NA

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunny Italy... Part One

Hey y'all! The pink cube of doom (aka writers block) is eating my brain so i'm writing this little fic to kick things back into gear. I have no idea where this is going or who's going to be in it, so just bear with me and my ramblings :)
Note: The italics are for when people are speaking a different language other then English, in this case its french because Eloise is french.

Bridget hated planes. It was a simple fact of life. She loathed them with all her heart and never could get used to being up in the air with no visible support. Whenever she had to leave the country she would take a boat or find some other way off the island that was Ireland, never flying unless she could help it. So why was she on a commercial jet that was bound to Italy? That was a very good question, and one she didn’t quiet know the answer to. She leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes, wanting to get this over with and get back to the Vampire Inn as soon as possible. A sharp poke to her arm kept her from relaxing
“Still don’t like planes?” Victor asked playfully. He had been a fighter pilot during World War two, so he knew nothing of Bridget’s unease.
“Go away” Bridget growled halfheartedly Another reason to dislike planes; you couldn’t get away from the person next to you. Eloise was sitting in front of them, so she twisted in her seat to look back.
Just focus on Italy” she said happily, speaking in her native language “Think of the sunshine, and warmth, and Italian pastries” Eloise smiled "Do you think Italians taste like cannoli?”
“Pfft, that’s nasty” Victor pulled a face, showing exactly what he thought of Italian pastries and Italians that taste like said pastry's.
“Shut up the two of you” Bridget said. Like Victor and Eloise, she also chose to speak French so they wouldn’t be readily understood. One could never be too careful. “This is not a vacation, we have work to do”
“It would be a vacation if SOMEONE hadn’t decided to kill a Mafia boss and gotten us all in trouble” Victor glared at Eloise, who held up her hands in a traditional “I-didn’t-do-it” gesture
“It wasn’t my fault he was there! If he hadn’t wandered into my space when I was eating then we wouldn’t be here. And if SOMEONE had done there job properly and guarded the area, then we wouldn’t be stuck on a plane with Bridget” Eloise cast a questioning look at Bridget
“Why are you even here? You don’t like planes and this has nothing to do with you” Bridget cracked one eye open
“You two are like children, you can rarely get anything done on your own. Plus Victor doesn’t even speak Italian”
“We’re not like children, we can get stuff done!” Victor frowned
“Oh really? Name one time that I sent you out of country and you didn’t get shot, yelled at, attacked, insulted, burned at the stake, etc, etc, etc” she looked at Victor expectantly
“I thought so. Now pay attention, I’ll teach you some Italian so you won’t get killed” she took a pen and paper from her carry on luggage. Eloise smirked at Victor and turned in her seat so she was facing the front again. The teenaged girl that was sitting in front of Eloise twisted in he seat to look back and said in passable French
“Er, excuse me, are you French?” Eloise smiled, being sure not to show her pointed teeth
“Yes, I was born there” ‘and died there’ Eloise added to herself. The teen girl smiled
“How cool! Er, I mean how cool
“Don’t worry, I speak English too” The girl smiled again and was just opening her mouth to say something else when another girl flopped down in the seat next to her. This girl was younger then the other, and had the air of someone who really didn’t give a damn.
“Oi Mick, I’m bored” she whined causing the older girl to glare at her.
“Knock it off” the older girl turned back around in her seat to talk to the younger girl as Eloise turned her ipod on. The younger girl cast a quick look over Eloise then grinned humorlessly
“Oh lovely, the coven is gunna’ be there to”
“But of course. Is the plan still gunna’ go ahead like she planned?” The older girl thought for a moment
“Probably, we need to bring it in before it does anymore harm.” the younger girl nodded
“We’re prolly’ gunna’ land in a bit, try to get some sleep or the jet will kill ya’” no waiting for a reply, the younger girl rolled onto her side, curling into a tight ball on the small plane seat. The other girl leaned on her elbows and looked out the plan windows, watching the clouds roll by. She hoped the plan would work, because if it didn’t they were both worse then dead.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 7

 D8 fillers, i hate them. Sorry y'all but writers block is eating my brain. I'll get to the interesting parts soon, i promise!

It took two hours, a bottle of Coke, and a whole package of Oreo’s to tell the story of Valkyrie’s life and lies. The twins took it surprisingly well, considering that their mum and dad had been hiding their extremely dangerous life from them since they had been born. (They also thought this was the coolest thing in the world, but that was beside the point) There were some tears, a bit of yelling, and hugs all ‘round. In the end, it ended up like any other discussion in the kitchen, with Maggie and Molly sitting at the table, Valkyrie cooking and Fletcher getting in her way and snitching bits of food. Only this time they weren’t talking about homework or the upcoming soccer game, they were talking about super-natural beings and magic. Valkyrie was halfway through explaining Necromancy and how it worked when the door bell rang. And rang. And rang. Valkyrie sighed and rubbed her hands over her face.
“Can you get that?” she asked the twins over the constant ringing. They nodded and disappeared. Valkyrie sighed again, the fact that her little girls were teleporters was going some getting used to.
“Val~!” called a voice from the hall “Hey Val, where you at?” Valkyrie refrained from doing a face palm.
“Hello Anarchy” she said coldly as the short little Necromancer barged into the kitchen, followed shortly by the twins.
“Jeez, you don’t need to sound so happy to see me” Anarchy rolled her eyes and tried to snag a piece of meat out of the fry-pan on the stove. Valkyrie batted her hand away with a wooden spoon and asked
“Why are you here?”
“’Cause I’m hungry”
“But you said you had a message for mum” Maggie piped up helpfully before Valkyrie could break her spoon over Anarchy’s head
“Yeah, but I want to eat first” Anarchy succeeded in snatching a bit of meat from the pan.
“Oi…” Muttered Valkyrie, rubbing her hands over her eyes. Why did it have to be Anarchy with a message for her? Could it be someone who was at least a tad sane for once? Was that really too much to ask?
“I’ll give you dinner after you tell me the message” she said reluctantly. Anarchy grinned and flipped her multi-colored hair over her shoulder, causing the rings in her ears to clang against each other.
“Sounds like a deal, this message is from Erskine. He said that the sanctuary is taking over your house for a bit”
“What?!” the meat in the pan was starting to burn, but Valkyrie barley noticed.
“It’ll just be for a little bit, the head honchos need to figure out what they’re going to do now that this is the second sanctuary y’all have destroyed.” She grinned “And there’s also a rumor goin’ ’round that this was an inside job by an arson”
“Hmm,” Valkyrie said sarcastically “Do I know any pyromaniacs that could have started that fire?” She looked pointedly at Anarchy
“Ha. Ha. Ha. You’re so funny. How come every time some sort of fire-related accident happens, everyone blames moi?”
“Because you’re an insane pyromaniac”
“Well, yeah, but…”
“Just shut up” Molly advised, causing Anarchy to pout. Valkyrie turned back to the stove to try and salvage the smoking meat. Taking advantage of the situation, the twins examined Anarchy. More precisely, the rings in Anarchy’s ear. No matter how hard the twins scrutinized the little silver rings, they couldn’t see any clasps or any way of removing the rings. In fact, they looked to be welded shut. Anarchy noticed the twins gaze and smiled, moving her hand up to flick at the rings.
“Nice, aren’t they?” The twins nodded absently, distracted by her cuff bracelet. Like the rings, they couldn’t see any ways of removing the bracelet, it fit too snugly to just slip over her wrist and there were no clasps. Anarchy rubbed at the bracelet, flipping her wrist over so the twins could see the thin bead of welding that held the silver metal together.
“I have a very masochistic style of jewelry” Anarchy smiled brightly
“Why would you want to do that to yourself?” asked Maggie, staring slightly horrified at the red places were the cuff was too tight and had rubbed away Anarchy’s skin.
“Eh, I was probably drunk at the time” The twins where saved from having to answer by the doorbell ringing again. The twins let the gate swallow them and they where standing at the front door. It was getting easier every time they teleported and, thankfully, the nausea and dizziness was almost nonexistent now. Maggie pulled the door open, revealing the couple they had saved from the flames.
“Oh, Hi!” Molly smiled brightly and opened the door further so the couple could come in.
“Hello,” the woman smiled serenely at them “We never got a chance to properly thank you for saving us”
“Well, it was sort of a fluke, but you’re welcome” Maggie said shyly,
“My name is Kallista Pendragon, and this is my friend Dragona Pine” the tall man nodded and smiled slightly at them. Molly opened her mouth to say something, but at that moment a large bang rang out from the kitchen, followed by shrieking and hysterical laughter.
“Ah, I see that Anarchy’s here” Kallista said, still managing to keep a straight face even though black smoke was pouring from the kitchen.
"Err, maybe we should go help." Muttered Dragona, walking quickly into the kitchen, followed by Kallista. The twins stayed in the entry hall, listening to their mum chew out Anarchy for whatever she ahd done to the kitchen. So much for having a nice, quiet birthday.