Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunny Italy... Part Two

Two hours later, the plane landed in Sicily and the three vampires descended down onto Italian soil.
“The Don would send someone to guide us, we’ll wait for a few minutes” Bridget said, scowling at the thought. She hadn’t fed in a few weeks and her senses were on hyper-drive. Being in a airport filled with humans didn’t help, every time the breeze shifted was like a punch to the face. A sent other then human washed over her nose and she turned into it instinctively.
“Whoa, get a load of that…” Victor raised his hand to his nose and Eloise scowled in displeasure. The sent was flat out nauseating. It smelled like a mix of rotting flesh and something musky, like a wild animal.
“Huh, I don’t believe it…” Bridget said, holding her hand over her nose and looking over at where the smell was coming from “What’s an Azeman doing out of Africa?”
“An Azeman, think of it as our African cousin”
“…An African vampire?” Victor frowned “I’ve never heard of it”
“They’re rare. I’ve never seen one out of Africa, but the sent isn’t exactly something you forget”
“Yeah, but…” He trailed off as the Azeman rounded the corner. It was easily seven feet tall, with skin that was a deep brown color, like sun baked earth. It’s limbs seemed stretched and out of proportion with the rest of it’s body, like it had spent some time on a medieval rack. It came straight towards them, staring at them with yellow eyes and not looking away, a true predator’s gaze. It stopped about six feet away from the small group of vampires and gave a little bow.
“You are to be coming with me” It’s voice was surprisingly soft and girly
“Could you attract a little more attention?” Bridget sneered, gesturing for the Azeman to lead the way. The little group of vampires was attracting quiet a lot of attention and as they walked through the busy airport the crowds parted for them, no one wanting to get in the way of the formidable looking group.

“Damn…” a teenaged girl with brown hair ducked back behind the pillar.
“Oi Mick, they’re on the move. What do ya’ want to?” A slightly older girl with black hair chewed on her upper lip.
“I don’t know. We should wait for Kallista’s plane to get here, but if we do that then the Azeman could get away…”
“Splitting up ain’t an option, lets go after the Azeman.” The younger girl grinned confidently
“But we need to wait for Kallista…” she trailed off as the other girl walked away, swiftly following after the vampires.
“Hey Liz, wait up!” She jogged after her friend.

The four vampires exited the air-conditioned airport terminal and immerged into the blinding heat of summer. The Azeman smiled and turned it’s face to the sun, pausing for a second before leading the way to a waiting car. The vampires got in without a word and the Azeman pulled out into the heavy midday traffic. Bridget (who was sitting in the back with Victor) rolled down the widow as far as it would go, preferring the smell of car exhaust and hot pavement to the Azeman’s stench. The African vampire really did smell something awful.
“So… What is your name?” Eloise asked to break the lengthy silence.
“My name…?” the Azeman cocked its head to the side slightly “I am being called Doona”
“I’m Eloise and this is Victor and Bridget” Eloise smiled, trying to be friendly
“I know. The Don is telling me all about you.” that got Bridget’s attention.
“Really? And where did he get this information?” Doona smiled softly, revealing pointed, jagged sharks teeth, and said nothing.

Note: Doona's name is  pronounced  Doo-NA


  1. AWESOME LIZZY! I can't wait for more! :D

  2. WHOA!!! INCREDIBLE Lizzy! Love Doona! VEry creative. Love your desriptive writing. It's pretty funny thinking of starving vamps in the middle of an airport! LOL
    I LOVE it Lizzy! XDDDD

    So much fun to read!

    MORE, I say! MORE!!!!!

  3. :DDDD thanks Kallista! I'll write more right away!

  4. *mouth opens in weird deformed 'O'*


    *mouth twitches* AWE!

  5. Epica, Lizzy! The Doona is so weird and really quite creepy! I bet he'll end up being a bad guy... Hmmm.....

  6. I read...te next...PART! GAAAAAAAH!


    there are too many fanfictions that have made me splode from the wait...