Monday, January 31, 2011

Fanfic 11

Little sister
On the outside, Tanya remained the same, face still an impassive mask, but on the inside her brain was rolling at a thousand miles a minute. She had a sister. But Billy-Ray said that he had killed her family. Perhaps he was lying? And Tanith was from London, she couldn’t be her sister… Tanya exhausted the probable explanations in a second and the improbable ones in a few more seconds. Tanya glanced at Billy-Ray and saw that he looked almost as puzzled as she felt. Tanith smiled at her confusion.
“You aren’t Tanith’s sister,” she said, then she actually laughed softly at Tanya’s expression.
“Before I inhabited this body, I controlled a rather large Russian by the name of Tesseract, ever heard of him?”
“I know my competition”
“Then you’ll be interested to hear that your ‘competition’ is, was, actually your brother”
“You’re high” Tanith laughed again, louder this time.
“That fact that you aren’t denying it tells me something” if she could just keep Tanith talking, then maybe someone would come and help her. Tanya hated relying on others, but it was necessary when you have an AK-47 pointed at your face. A shuffling noise from on top of the crates made Tanith and Billy-Ray look up. A vampire leaped down from on top of the crate, landing on Tanith and pinning her to the ground. The gun flew out of her hands as the back of her head cracked against the concrete floor. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she was still. The vampire looked up from Tanith and hissed at Billy-Ray, displaying all of its pointed teeth. Billy-Ray looked over the tops of his sunglasses at the beast, then quickly sunk into the ground.
“Coward” said Tanya disdainfully, leaning up against the glass gun case. The vampire hissed its agreement and rose up on its hind legs to examine Tanya’s face carefully. It tilted its head in an obvious question.
“I’m fine…” The vampire tilled its head the other way
“Really, I’m fine Bridget” Tanya insisted. The vampire stared at her with its coal black eyes for a second, and then started hissing like a leaky balloon.
“What?” Tanya realized that the vampire was laughing. It pointed with a claw to its pointed ear and when she looked close, Tanya saw that there was a little silver skull dangling from it.
“Victor?” asked Tanya incredulously. He nodded
“I didn’t know you were a vampire…” Tanya trailed off as Tanith started to move.
“Come on” she said, starting to walk towards Tanith. A hand erupted out of the ground and caught hold of one Tanya’s ankles. She gasped and lost balance, tipping backwards and smashing into the glass gun case. A piece of glass sliced into her forearm and a drop of blood leaked out. Victor whipped his head around and growled at Tanya. The humane light that had been in his eyes was gone, replaced with a cold glint. Tanya locked eyes with the beast, willing it not attack her.
“Victor” she said soothingly “Victor, its me Tanya. Calm down please.” Victor tilted his head, not playfully as before, but like he was sizing her up to pounce. Out of the corner of her eye Tanya saw something move, but she didn’t break eye contact with Victor to look. Bridget came running towards them like a vampire freight train, slamming into Victor and knocking him away from Tanya. She pulled the bit of glass out of her arm and tore off the bottom part of her t-shirt for a bandage. She wrapped it around her arm, keeping an eye on Victor and Bridget. Bridget was keeping him away from Tanya by growling non-stop and swatting at him when he started towards her. Tanya finished tying the makeshift bandage over her cut and carefully picked the other little bits of glass off her shirt. There was a loud nose that echoed in the enclosed space of the warehouse and something hit Tanya’s leg. Tanya frowned and looked over at Tanith. She was leaning shakily against a cardboard box and pointing Bridget’s AK-47. The barrel of the gun was smoking and Tanith looked vaguely repulsed. Tanya looked down at her thigh and saw what Tanith was looking at. The whole upper part of her leg had been blown away by the shot and was gushing blood. Tanya’s whole leg was tingling unpleasantly and the sounds of the vampires growling was fading. Black spots danced around her vision as she watched Tanith raise the gun again, lining up the sights carefully. Tanya tried to say something, anything, but her jaw wasn’t working. The blackness consumed her as Tanith pulled the trigger.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fanfic 10

Everything was completely dark for a few seconds, then emergency lights flickered on, bathing the warehouse in a red glow that made everything look rather creepy. Dragona looked out the control room window at the dimly lit space. The first impression he got was “cluttered”. Boxes and crates where piled practically up to the ceiling and in some places the boxes had collapsed and blocked the narrow walkways that had been left between the crates.
“Everyone pick a walkway and search it” Ordered Bridget “If you run into trouble then send a sign”
“Like screaming” said Anarchy, Bridget ignored her and continued
“Tanith is to be taken alive and Billy-Ray I don’t care about. Everyone clear?” they all nodded “Good” Bridget turned to Victor and muttered a few words, then passed something into his hand. Anarchy craned her neck to see what it was, but Victor hid it in the palm of his hand. Bridget looked up and saw them all looking at her and Victor
“You’re still here?” she said, eyebrows raised to full height. They took the hint and scattered, each picking a walkway and heading down that way. Bridget waited till everyone but Victor had disappeared into the gloom before opening the little black case that rested as always at her hip. She stuck a needle into her arm, barely wincing as liquid fire slid though her veins. She ripped off her human form and hissed softly to herself, resisting the urge to go rip out Sarthacus’s throat, he was too close, she should have waited longer. She crammed the beast side into submission before looking over at Victor, she nodded and took a quick running jump at the crates. She landed quietly, but almost slipped and fell. Below her, Victor stifled a laugh. Bridget hissed at him before loping away across the tops of the crates and boxes. Victor smiled and slipped away between the boxes, he had thought he heard something.


Tanith and Billy-Ray huddled quietly in the darkness, waiting till Billy-Ray was strong enough to start tunneling again. Tanith was scanning the darkness like she was waiting for something to jump out and attack them.
“Don’t worry darling” muttered Billy-Ray through the pain “They can’t find us here” just then there was a load noise and the emergency lights flickered on.
“You were saying?” asked Tanith, standing up and removing her coat so her arms were free.
“Ahh well…” Billy-Ray popped another leaf in his mouth to cancel the pain out a bit more. They waited in tense silence for a few minutes, before Tanith cocked her head like she heard something, Billy-Ray listened to and sure enough he heard footsteps hurrying towards them. Tanith stepped back into the little niche in the boxes that they’d been hiding in as Tanya came jogging towards them. Tanith held her breath, hoping that Tanya would pass them by, but no, Tanya stopped a few feet away from their hiding place.
“Ohhhh,” Tanya muttered “That’s nice” for one wild second Billy-Ray thought she was talking to them, but then Tanya walked over to a glass toped box that contained a gun of some type. Billy-Ray had to suppress a smile, Tanya would never change. She would see something shiny and then get totally distracted. Tanya put her gun down on the ground behind her and then pulled out a knife. She stared working away at the seal around the glass part of the box. While Tanya was working, Tanith stared to creep forward slowly as she could, inching towards the gun that Tanya had left on the ground. Tanya tilted her head like she had heard something and Tanith froze, but then Tanya went back to working on the box. Tanith reached out towards the gun and her fingers were less then an inch away when Tanya whirled suddenly and flung her knife at Tanith. Tanith flattened herself to the ground and the knife whistled over her head, missing her by inches before imbedding itself in a wooden crate. Tanith scooped up the gun as another knife whistled past, actually scraping Tanith’s arm before sticking into a crate. Tanya froze as Tanith brought the gun up and pointed it at her.
“Hmm, you’re faster then I thought you would be…” said Tanya conversationally. Tanith looked at her, head cocked to one side. She studied Tanya for a few seconds, then smiled.
“Little sister!” She said happily.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The one and only...

Hey y'all! I was drawing last night and I thought "Hmmm, why don't I draw something for Kallista?" So I did draw something and that something turned out to be Kallista from the twisted Christmas story XD

Mohawks are really hard to draw...
Enjoy your random picture Kallista :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Draw a Human Eyeball

Hello everyone! Just for laughs, I made a tutorial on how to draw an eye, which is probably the only thing I know how to draw well. Here it is!

How to Draw an Eye

First, gather your materials.
 you will need...
A charcoal pencil that is medium soft (the one in the middle)
A white chalk pencil (the one to the right)
A hard pencil, I used a 5B (the one to the left)
Paper ( regular old, 8 1/2 by 11 works just fine)
A knife for sharpening the pencils and a container to catch the shavings
A mirror so you can look at your own eye for reference (I use a narrow one so i can look at just my eye)

Make sure you have all your stuff at a table or other hard surface that is comfortable to draw at ( I draw on a piece of cardboard as i'm sitting on my bed) Now on to drawing! 

Sharpen the medium pencil to a medium point (not too thin, not too fat, use your good judgment)

Draw a line. This will be the top of the eye.

Add the basic shape of an eye.

Add a triangle sort of shape at the corner and lightly add the line under the eye (too heavy on that line and it will look like your eye needs some sleep)

Smudge the corner and under the eye

 Lightly smudge the top of the eye and then add the round bit (I don't know what its called, lol)

Add the pupil and make sure it's nice and darkly colored

Color in the round part, then smudge. Make sure the pupil is nice and dark.

Blend the edges of the pupil with the round part

Darken the upper part of the eye (this will be the eyelid)

I use the word "smudge" a lot, don't I...

Add that little line thing, then lightly smudge

Soften up all the edges and define the corner of the eye a bit

Now is the time to make some little adjustments, use your judgment so it looks good to you.

Time to start the eyebrow! Draw a line that is roughly the same as the line in the first step.

Darken the line a bit, then smudge

Arch the eyebrow by adding another slightly curved line

Darken the brow by using short little strokes that look like hair, then smudge lightly

Shade all around and under the eye as lightly as you can.  I find that I have usually enough charcoal left on my fingers from all the shading that I really don't have to use the pencil.

Up to this point, I have been using that ^^^ pencil, which is a medium soft pencil, but now...

But now I switch to the 5B pencil, which is harder then the other pencil
  Now add some detail with the 5B pencil to the brow.

Now I switch to my white chalk pencil
With the white pencil I add a little highlight to the eye to make it pop

Add the finishing details. Lighten up what needs to be lightened, darken up what needs to be darkened, smudge what needs to be smudged, you get the idea...

Once everything is just the way you want it, take the hairspray and spray the paper with it so that it won't smudge. Try to hold the bottle of spray about a foot (30 centimeters) away from the paper and spray it in short bursts  (no pictures of this because i needed both hands)

A good way to tell if you sprayed the paper enough is if you hold it up to a bright light. If the eye is mostly covered then you're good. If the paper is dripping with hair spray then you put way too much on.

This is the final step! Once the hairspray is all dry then sign your masterpiece and date the work. I always like to put the date on my work so in a couple of months I can look back and say "Wow! That looks like crap! I'm so much better now!"

I hope this tutorial has not been too confusing and that it help you with your drawings. I'd love to see them if you post them so send me a link please.
Hey Hellboy, do you think you could get your brother to look at this? please?

Byeeeeeeeeeeeee Y'all!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fanfic 9

Sorry i took so long to post this :(

Everyone winced as Bridget put a hand to the fence, but nothing happened and Bridget remained un-fried.
“Did you really think I was that stupid?” She asked, cocking one eyebrow. She started climbing hand over hand up the fence. When she was about three feet away for the razor sharp barbed wire at the top, she pushed off the fence with her feet and let go at just the right moment. Bridget sailed neatly over the barbed wire and hit the ground, coming up in a graceful roll. Tanya looked at Bridget from the other side of the fence.
“That was really stupid actually, you could have hit the landmines and killed us all”
“But I didn’t hit the landmines, and I’m the only one here who’s dead.”
“True, true…” said Anarchy. She whipped shadows out of her silver cuff bracelet and used them to hook onto the fence and pull herself up. Tanya climbed the fence the same way Bridget did, climbing up using her hands then flipping herself over the barbed wire.
“Ummm…” Dragona looked at the girls though the fence “What about the landmines?”
“We girls are naturally graceful,” said Anarchy, nodding wisely
“Oh, ok then. That explains how you fell over when you where standing absolutely still, doing absolutely nothing.”
“Shut up” Anarchy stood up, brushed off her tattered black jeans and fell over again. Dragona rolled his eyes as the air lifted him over the fence, the second his feet touched the ground, her saw the warehouse. It had looked like a barren field from the other side of the fence, but now Dragona saw a huge building. It was made out of cement with a corrugated metal roof and its windows were ugly little squares with thick bars. Once Israel and Sarthacus where over the fence, the group headed for the front doors, which were the kind of door you see on airplane hangers. Bridget wrenched the heavy iron doors open and waved them into the dark, musty warehouse. She rolled the doors shut behind them and then they were in darkness. Sarthacus clicked his fingers and summoned a fireball, and a small circle of wavering light surrounded them.
“Hello” said a voice from the darkness behind Anarchy. She jumped, swore loudly, and spun to see who it was all at the same time and fell over again. The person in the dark laughed and held out a hand to help Anarchy up. She ignored him rather pointedly and stood and went to go stand behind Tanya.
“Hey Victor” said Bridget and the figure stepped into the light. He was tall and had long black hair that was tied back in a tight ponytail. His clothes were not what a guard would normally wear, he had on a deep plum waistcoat over a black shirt and black trousers and boots. A little skull earring dangled from his ear.
“Bridget!” he said happily, giving her a hug “How you doin’ baby?”
“I live, figuratively speaking of course”
“Of course, who are these people?” he gestured around at the others
“Dragona, Israel, Tanya, Sarthacus, Anarchy” Bridget said rapid fire “Do you think you could put the warehouse in lockdown for us?”
“Sure thing” he went over to some rungs on the wall and started to climb up toward a control room. Bridget followed him and the rest followed, rather mystified as to how Bridget knew this person and how he had gotten away with hugging Bridget, the most un-huggable person in the world. Once in the control room Victor walked over to the rows of impressive looking buttons and monitors. He typed on a keyboard for a few seconds, then flipped the glass cover off a large button. He pressed it and there was a loud slamming noise, like a bolt falling into place. He looked around at them.
“No one comes in, nothing goes out.”

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fanfic 8

Tanith’s eyes widened, she and Billy-Ray where compliantly surrounded. She was good with a sword, but a sword would be no good against bullets.
“Hello Tanya” Billy-Ray said casually from behind Tanith “You’re lookin’ well…” Tanya didn’t even blink and the gun was as steady as a rock.
“Ah well…” Billy-Ray lunged forward and tackled Tanith to the ground. Tanya fired, but the bullets whizzed over their heads as the ground cracked and Billy-Ray and Tanith sunk into the ground. Barely a second later, Dragona’s swords sliced at where Billy-Ray’s head had been.
“Damn” he muttered
“This is not a ‘damn’ moment” said Anarchy, leaning against the wall and glaring at the little cracks in the ground “This is a ‘I hate you Billy-Ray and I wish you’d never been born’ moment”
“Mine doesn’t take that long to say”
“Focus” ordered Bridget, dropping down from the top of the wall. They all pretended to focus.
“Now what do we do?” wondered Israel.
“Get something to eat?” Anarchy said hopefully
“No” Anarchy sighed dramatically and slouched up against the wall.
“What do we do?” repeated Israel looking over at Bridget, but she was busy cramming a syringe in her arm.
“I have an idea…” Dragona said slowly. He crouched down and place his palms flat on the ground. He closed his eyes and let his magic reach down in the ground. He heard a movement beside him and knew that Sarthacus was doing the same. After a few second he stood up and brushed off his jeans.
“They went that way” Dragona said, with Sarthacus nodding behind him. The little group walked for about a quarter mile with Sarthacus and Dragona occasionally reading the earth too see where Billy-Ray and Tanith were heading.
“Where are they going?” Tanya wondered aloud “There’s nothing down this way, except for…” Tanya’s eyes widened “aw hell…”
“What?” asked Israel worriedly
“Billy-Ray is trying to hide from us, and he’s found the perfect spot”
“Ooh, ominous…” said Anarchy sarcastically
“I’m serous,” said Tanya “Billy-Ray is most likely going to the warehouse”
“So? Who cares if he’s going to a warehouse”
“The warehouse. It’s a huge storage building with some of the most high tech security in the world. It’s like the vault for stolen goods.”
“Have you broke in?” asked Bridget
“Naturally, but I don’t think I could do it again. I bribed the head of security to let me in, but the old head of security died suddenly. The new head I know nothing about.”
“What’s his name?” asked Israel
“Victor Van Helsing” said Tanya. It was almost full dark by now and was starting to get colder. Anarchy sighed and rubbed her arms
“Lets get moving again” she said and everyone nodded. After another 15 minutes of walking, the group came to a chain link fence that was about 10 feet tall and topped with barbed wire.
“Wow, that’s really high tech” said Sarthacus, rolling his eyes
“If you touch the fence four million volts will fry you instantly” Tanya informed him. “It also projects a field around it so if you walk within 10 feet of it, whoever is in the control room will know you’re there.” Everyone backed up a bit.
“So we go over” said Dragona using the air to start to fly upwards
“The field covers the roof genius” Tanya grabbed Dragona’s foot and pulled him back down.
“So then how do we get in?” asked Dragona once he was back firmly on the ground.
“I dunno…” Tanya trailed off as Bridget started walking towards the fence.
“Bridget!” hissed Tanya as Bridget got within a foot of the fence. There was a little buzzing noise and a camera popped out of the ground, it swiveled and pointed directly at Bridget.
“Hey Victor” she said to the camera “mind if we come in for a bit?” the camera retracted back into the ground. Bridget gave one of her little half smiles and grabbed the fence.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fanfic 7

Bill-Ray and Tanith sat together at an outside café. They had just finished dinner where relaxing in the pleasantly cool air. Billy-Ray leaned his chair back on two legs and put his heads behind his head. Something made him casually glance over to the other side of the street. All the calm left him in one big rush and his chair leg thudded back to the ground.
“What is it honey bunny?” Tanith asked worriedly seeing him tense up, she followed Billy-Ray’s gaze and saw the couple walking on the other side of the street. The girl was petite, only coming up the guy’s shoulder and had blonde hair that was almost silver in color was held back in a long braid. The guy had dark brown hair and was looking down and talking to the girl. They both had on jeans and the guy had on a coat that fell to his knees. They where almost at the corner of the block when the girl looked over her shoulder at them and blew a kiss at Billy-Ray. They turned the corner before Billy or Tanith could do anything.
“Who was that?” asked Tanith. Billy-Ray clenched his fist slowly and sighed
“We got to get out of here”
“Who are they?”
“Tanya Espionage, I don’t know who the guy is”
“Why do we have to leave? Why can’t we kill them?” Billy-Ray looked over at Tanith
“How come you’re blonde, but brilliant?”
“How come we’re standing here?” Tanith smiled and stated walking toward where Tanya and the other guy had had disappeared around the corner. Billy-Ray followed behind her. Tanith rounded the blind corner boldly, not checking to see if anyone was there, in hindsight, that was very stupid. Tanya was pointing Bridget’s AK-47 at Tanith’s face, Israel was standing next to her with his shotgun pointed at Billy-Ray. Dragona stood at their left side, twin swords gleaming in the fading sunlight. At their right side was a brick wall on top of which Bridget was crouched. Anarchy and Sarthacus walked up behind them, Anarchy’s shadows swirling around her and a fireball already blazing in Sarthacus’s hand.
“Surprise” said Tanya

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fanfic 6, You Decide

Bridget took a quick look around Tanya’s old room then walked pack to the kitchen, Dragona and Sarthacus followed her, but Anarchy and Israel stayed with Tanya.
“Billy-Ray obviously isn’t here” said Dragona as the walked down the hall “The question is where is he?”
“And also do we wait here for him and Tanith to come back? Or do we go track him down?” added Sarthacus. Bridget shrugged and sniffed a few times
“He’s been here recently, Tanith too. They where here… Maybe an hour ago? Two hours?”
“That’s impressive slash creepy” said Sarthacus looking at Bridget who shrugged again.
“If they have been here recently, then maybe they just left to get food or something?” suggested Dragona
“That’s a possibility,” said Tanya, walking over from her old room with Israel “Billy-Ray’s a horrible cook”
“Anarchy?” Bridget called out randomly
“What happened to being quiet?” she called back, a second later her head popped around the door frame of Tanya’s room.
“Just making sure you weren’t stealing anything” said Bridget, eyeing Anarchy’s messenger bag, which was bulging slightly. Anarchy surreptitiously hid the bag behind her back and put on her “I am innocent” face.
“What are we doing now?” she asked innocently
“I don’t know” admitted Bridget “We could either set a trap here, or go track Bill-Ray down where ever he is.”
“The nearest town is about three miles away,” said Tanya “Bill-Ray used to get food and stuff from there”
“So we can lay a trap here, or go track Bill-Ray and Tanith in the town” said Bridget

Hey Y'all! For a bit of fun, I'm having YOU (yes you) vote on what is going to happen in the next part. Either the crew heads into town and tracks Billy and Tanith down (this option will be longer) or they set a trap in Bill-Ray's underground house.
You decide!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fanfic 5

Sarthacus watched as Tanya and Anarchy fell, Anarchy screaming with laughter and Tanya screaming in fear. And that is how everyone found out the Russian assassin that had been killing since before she could walk was afraid of heights. At the last second, Anarchy used the shadows stored in her bracelet to create a sphere of shadows around them. The sphere hit the ground and bounced twice before rolling to a stop in a small gully. The shadows constricted, swirled and Anarchy and slightly green looking Tanya stood next to Bridget.
“Oh god,” Tanya fell more then sat on the ground “Necromancer teleportation is worse then heights” she moaned and gave a sickly burp. The girl watched as Dragona landed the plane expertly in a nearby field and once he had cut the engines they walked over.
“Ok Tanya, where is Bill-Ray’s house?” asked Israel looking around at the barren landscape.
“There” said Bridget and Tanya together, pointing at the same small hill. Everyone looked at Bridget, who shrugged
“Billy-Ray stinks” she said matter-of-factly. A short hike up the hill revealed, nothing.
“I thought you said you know where Billy-Ray’s house is” complained Sarthacus
“I do” said Tanya
“Where is it then?”
“You’re standing on it” Sarthacus jumped slightly and looked at his feet
“It’s underground?” Sarthacus thought for a second “ I guess that makes sense…”
“It’s like a bomb shelter!” Anarchy said, sounding thrilled.
“That does not mean you get to make something explode” Bridget said firmly “How do we get in?”
“There are permanent tunnels just below the surface, only a foot or so” Tanya was examining the ground at their feet. “Here” she said, using the toe of her combat boot to scratch a X in the dusty dirt. Sarthacus crouched down next to the X and put his hands flat on the ground. The ground rumbled and a hole appeared in the ground, about three feet in diameter. Bridget stepped forward and dropped into the hole. She found herself in a roundish tunnel, her head almost scraping the ceiling. She walked forwards few feet scouting ahead,
“Anything?” whispered Dragona
“All clear” she whispered back and Dragona dropped down in after her, his feet crunching on the small pile of dirt under the hole. He straitened up and bonked his head on the low ceiling
“Shut up!” hissed Bridget, slapping her hand over Dragona’s mouth to muffle his curses. They waited for a few seconds in silence, then Bridget removed her hand from his mouth.
“Be quiet” she ordered, moving aside to let Anarchy and then Israel drop down. Tanya was last to drop into the tunnel and she crouched in the dirt pile for a second, muttering something.
“What was that?” asked Sarthacus once she had straitened up.
“I cast a spell on the hole, now you can’t see it till you’ve fallen in it.”
“Good thinking” said Israel, as they followed Bridget down the tunnel. The tunnel continued for about 500 feet gently sloping down all the while. Then it widened and opened up into a small tiled room. There where coats hanging on pegs on the walls and boots where strewn randomly across the floor. Bridget slowly poked her head around the door jam. She sniffed once, then motioned for the others
“I can’t smell anyone, but look everywhere, just in case” They swarmed Billy-Ray’s underground house, peeking in corners and under beds. They regrouped in the small, relatively clean kitchen.
“Find anything?” asked Bridget
“He has Halo” announced Anarchy “And Mortal Combat”
“No one cares, anything else?”
“I found a locked door” said Israel
“What was behind it?” asked Bridget
“I don’t know, it was locked”
“Then why didn’t you bust it down?”
“Because you said to be quiet”
“You can break a door down quietly”
“The way I break down doors is with my shotgun, that’s not quiet”
“Why don’t the two of you shut up and I’ll un-lock the door” Tanya suggested. Israel shrugged and led them down the hall to the locked door. Tanya looked at the door, then shook her head.
“There’s nothing important in here” she said sadly.
“That means I’ll have to see whatever’s in there” said Anarchy, producing a set of lock pocks from her black messenger bag and swiftly picking the lock. She pushed the door open and walked into the small room. It was painted sky-blue, with a light green carpet that was covered in a thick layer of dust. A huge Russian flag hung on one wall, over the dusty bed. On the opposite wall were all sorts of pegs and hooks. On one peg a beat-up looking knife hung.
“What’s this room?” wondered Anarchy “It looks like no one’s been in here in a while”
“In almost fifteen years” Tanya said quietly, moving dream-like to stand in the center of the dusty room “I don’t believe he kept it like this”
“Who? Billy-Ray?” asked Anarchy, looking confused. Tanya didn’t answer, she just walked over to the dresser and fingered the little stuffed beanie baby fox on top. Anarchy had a moment or clarity.
“Ohmigod! Is this your old room?” Tanya nodded sadly, still petting the little stuffed fox
“Wow Tanya…” Israel said from where everyone else was still gathered in the doorway.
“Yeah, well…” Tanya headed to the door “Lets go” Everyone trooped to the kitchen again, but Anarchy lingered in Tanya’s old room for a second or two, looking at the sad, dusty little beanie baby on the dresser.
“Anarchy?” called Bridget and Anarchy shook herself out of her sad thoughts
“What happened to being quiet?” she wondered loudly, hurrying out of the dusty room that was full of so many sad memories.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fanfic 4

It took awhile to get everyone situated on the plane. No one wanted to sit next to Bridget, who was still livid that Tanya was actually touching her gun and everyone wanted to ride shotgun next to Dragona, who would be pilot. After about 5 minutes of squabbling Anarchy whipped out tendrils of shadow from her necromancer bracelet, wrapping them around everyone’s waists and forcing people into random seats.
“Quit it!”
“Get it off!”
“Are you coming Bone?” Anarchy asked calmly, ignoring all the protests and the fact that she had shoved Sarthacus upside-down into his seat.
“No… I’m going to check out the receptacle, see if I can figure out how it works that sort of thing.”
“Your choice” Anarchy shrugged and sat down next to the upside-down Sarthacus. Dragona sealed the doors and started the engines, preparing for take-off. The engines roared and they took off, Bone waving at them from the ground. Once they where up in the air, Dragona hit the auto-pilot and swiveled his seat so he was facing the others.
“I set the coarse for the Dallas airport, Where are we going from there?” He asked Tanya, who shrugged.
“Hell if I know, I just wanted the gun.” Behind Tanya’s seat, Bridget rose up silently, knife in hand and eyes bright red.
“Tanya…” warned Israel as he saw the violence in her future. Tanya sighed and stood up, she pushed past Dragona to get at the control panel. She punched a few buttons, then flopped back in her seat. The rest of the trip was un-interesting, well, at least no one died, and in no time the plane was circling high over a seemingly barren stretch of Texas.
“Is this the place?” asked Bridget, peering out the window at the dusty, rocky ground 700 feet below
“Yeah…” Tanya trailed off as Bridget slid the plane door open.
“Coming?” she asked
“After you…” Bridget shrugged and jumped. She fell silently, forming her body so she was shaped like a bullet with her head facing down at the rapidly approaching ground. At the last second, she twisted in midair and hit the ground feet first with enough force the turn a regular person into a messy paste. A cloud of dust obscured the view for a moment, but it was blown away at a gesture from Sarthacus. Bridget was climbing out of a small crater, unharmed.
“Lets go!” cried Anarchy, taking a running start from the other side of the plane and launching herself out of the doors. She grabbed Tanya’s arm on her way out and the two girls plummeted towards ground, Tanya screaming in fear as Anarchy laughed at her. Sarthacus nudged Israel and muttered.
“These chicks are crazy”
“Amen” said Dragona as he lined up for a proper landing.