Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fanfic 7

Bill-Ray and Tanith sat together at an outside café. They had just finished dinner where relaxing in the pleasantly cool air. Billy-Ray leaned his chair back on two legs and put his heads behind his head. Something made him casually glance over to the other side of the street. All the calm left him in one big rush and his chair leg thudded back to the ground.
“What is it honey bunny?” Tanith asked worriedly seeing him tense up, she followed Billy-Ray’s gaze and saw the couple walking on the other side of the street. The girl was petite, only coming up the guy’s shoulder and had blonde hair that was almost silver in color was held back in a long braid. The guy had dark brown hair and was looking down and talking to the girl. They both had on jeans and the guy had on a coat that fell to his knees. They where almost at the corner of the block when the girl looked over her shoulder at them and blew a kiss at Billy-Ray. They turned the corner before Billy or Tanith could do anything.
“Who was that?” asked Tanith. Billy-Ray clenched his fist slowly and sighed
“We got to get out of here”
“Who are they?”
“Tanya Espionage, I don’t know who the guy is”
“Why do we have to leave? Why can’t we kill them?” Billy-Ray looked over at Tanith
“How come you’re blonde, but brilliant?”
“How come we’re standing here?” Tanith smiled and stated walking toward where Tanya and the other guy had had disappeared around the corner. Billy-Ray followed behind her. Tanith rounded the blind corner boldly, not checking to see if anyone was there, in hindsight, that was very stupid. Tanya was pointing Bridget’s AK-47 at Tanith’s face, Israel was standing next to her with his shotgun pointed at Billy-Ray. Dragona stood at their left side, twin swords gleaming in the fading sunlight. At their right side was a brick wall on top of which Bridget was crouched. Anarchy and Sarthacus walked up behind them, Anarchy’s shadows swirling around her and a fireball already blazing in Sarthacus’s hand.
“Surprise” said Tanya



  2. yeah, i know its short, but i wanted to leave y'all hanging with the cliff hanger :)


    I LOVE IT!!!!
    Brilliantly written Lizzy. XDDDD

    Thanks for posting.

  4. EPICA!

    damn...i have to go to a place without internet for the next week...I HAVE TO WAIT THAT LONG BEFORE I CAN READ YOUR STORY AGAIN!

    ): sigh