Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fanfic 6, You Decide

Bridget took a quick look around Tanya’s old room then walked pack to the kitchen, Dragona and Sarthacus followed her, but Anarchy and Israel stayed with Tanya.
“Billy-Ray obviously isn’t here” said Dragona as the walked down the hall “The question is where is he?”
“And also do we wait here for him and Tanith to come back? Or do we go track him down?” added Sarthacus. Bridget shrugged and sniffed a few times
“He’s been here recently, Tanith too. They where here… Maybe an hour ago? Two hours?”
“That’s impressive slash creepy” said Sarthacus looking at Bridget who shrugged again.
“If they have been here recently, then maybe they just left to get food or something?” suggested Dragona
“That’s a possibility,” said Tanya, walking over from her old room with Israel “Billy-Ray’s a horrible cook”
“Anarchy?” Bridget called out randomly
“What happened to being quiet?” she called back, a second later her head popped around the door frame of Tanya’s room.
“Just making sure you weren’t stealing anything” said Bridget, eyeing Anarchy’s messenger bag, which was bulging slightly. Anarchy surreptitiously hid the bag behind her back and put on her “I am innocent” face.
“What are we doing now?” she asked innocently
“I don’t know” admitted Bridget “We could either set a trap here, or go track Bill-Ray down where ever he is.”
“The nearest town is about three miles away,” said Tanya “Bill-Ray used to get food and stuff from there”
“So we can lay a trap here, or go track Bill-Ray and Tanith in the town” said Bridget

Hey Y'all! For a bit of fun, I'm having YOU (yes you) vote on what is going to happen in the next part. Either the crew heads into town and tracks Billy and Tanith down (this option will be longer) or they set a trap in Bill-Ray's underground house.
You decide!


  1. AWESOME!!!!
    What a treat to be able to read another one of your fanfics so soon! I LOVE IT!!!
    Brilliant writing as usual, Lizzy!

    As to my vote....hmmm....
    Both otions seem exciting. But I vote them going into town!
    That's my vote!!!

  2. Yep, going into town. Because parkour/roof jumping/ epic chases are epica.

    :D cant wait for new post!

  3. Town easy because it shall be more of your epic fanfic!

  4. looks like town is going to win... thats good because i like it better :)