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Everyone say "hi" to my fishes!

Molly and Maggie story coming soon

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The Hunt for Dusk: the lame ending

sorry yall but im not doing a ending really, Bridget gets her money and all is good and happy, the end. why am i not doing an ending, i hear you ask. well, i have a new story all ready to type. are yall asking for spoilers now? im going to pretend that was a "yes!". the story is all about Maggie and Molly, Valkyrie's twin girls that she hides her magic from, but Maggie and Molly find out about magic and go on to have an adventure. i think that im going to having a MASSIVE fight scene in it so if you want your OC in the fight then tell me in the comments, only problem, i dont have a head bad-guy for them to fight. tell me if you have an idea in the comments. i will quit pounding on the key-board like a drunk monkey now and bid yall good day: Good Day!

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The Hunt for Dusk part 4


Dusk walked in the shadows of Big Ben, waiting till all the people cleared out so he could face Springhealed Jack. He had about 15 minutes till sunset; he would scope out the area and find the best place to fight. Suddenly he heard feet, slapping on the pavement as they ran towards him, he spun, but even his Vampire reflexes couldn’t save him from a punch to the jaw and a booted foot slamming into his shin. He growled and lunged at the girl who had kicked him, but she dodged aside, laughing. She kicked, missed, and when she was off balance, Dusk through a punch that snapped her head back. She snarled and her eyes turned a deep, bloody, red. The punches and kicks that followed were to fast for a human to see clearly, the vampires were fighting so fast that they blurred. Bone and Anarchy where watching from a “borrowed” car, seeing Bridget fighting that way was really quite scary, but then it got down right terrifying. Dusk hissed at the itching burn that was spreading over his skin, he pulled a needle out of his pocket and jabbed it in his arm, looking up to see that the girl was doing the same thing, only to her leg. He dropped the syringe and lunged again. Two unchanged vampires at night, fighting, was terrifying, they punched and kicked, but also snapped and clawed at each other. It was like watching animals fight. Dusk shoved Bridget against a wall and punched at her with all his might, she slid away at the last second and Dusk’s knuckles slammed on the wall, he hissed in pain and while he was distracted, Bridget bit him. Her sharpened teeth sliced easily through his arm and Dusk howled in pain, her shook her off, but the damage had been done, the poison in Bridget’s teeth burned through his veins and made him fall to his knees in agony. Bridget opened her little black case and stuck the needle with the pale red liquid in Dusk’s neck, he went limp within seconds.

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The Hunt for Dusk part 3


A tall, thin figure darted across the rooftops, so quickly you could mistake it for a figment of your imagination. Springhealed Jack frowned, the rooftops of London were his turf, so he’d half to scare of any infringers, either that or kill them. Rather liking the second option more than the first, Jack set off after the figure. It was fast and nimble, the figure was, but Jack had been made for this sort of thing and he quickly caught up to the figure, he was a mere 2 yards away when it dropped into an alleyway and out of site. He followed, dropping down into the alleyway, were he was quickly surrounded by a small group of formidable looking girls.
“Well, well, well” he said looking around at them “what do we have here?” he peered at Bridget “another vamp? That’s 2 in one week” Bridget nodded
“Thank you Jack, you’ve told me all I need to know” Jack looked confused
“You just told me that Dusk was here within this week, and, judging from that lovely gash on your arm, you two fought. Since you got away with only a scratch, I’m guessing that Dusk will want revenge.” She turned to Anarchy “See, this is way I never go to London; it turns me into Sherlock Holmes!”
“We’re hunting for Dusk; do you have any information that might help us?” Jack looked closer at Bridget
“Are you the girl who put Billy-Ray in a cell?” he asked and Bridget shrugged
“I had lot of help” she said modestly
“Then I’ll do you all a favor, since you did me one. Dusk was fighting me two nights ago and when I won-” He puffed out his chest a little “Dusk said he wanted a rematch at Big Ben in three days time” he tipped his hat and leaped out of the alleyway.
“That was helpful” said Anarchy sarcastically; glaring at the spot that Jack had occupied a moment before
“Actually, it was.” Bone said “we know were Dusk is going to be, we know when he’s going to be there and we have plenty of time to think up a plan” Bridget smiled suddenly
“Ladies, I have a plan.” She ginned a quite evil grin.


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The Hunt for Dusk part 2


Bridget flew around her room like a tornado, gathering up all the things she would need for hunting Dusk. Bone was re-packing a smaller bag from all the stuff she brought from N.Y.C and Anarchy was re-filling her hip-flask full of vodka.
“Do we know were to start looking for Dusk?” Bone asked the room at large, tossing a pair of jeans in her bag
“We’re going to visit Billy-Ray Sanguine,” said Bridget “once he sees you again, Bone, I think he’ll want to talk” Bridget checked her syringes and then said; “let’s go”. They all piled into Bridget’s black Chevy Cobra and they were off. Once they where in the car, Anarchy asked;
“What do we do once we catch Dusk?” Bone held up a syringe full of pale red liquid
“I’ll shoot him up with this, it will keep him out cold till I shoot him full of the reverse stimulant” she showed them a syringe full of pale blue liquid. Once in the sanctuary, the threesome walked to the gaol and got permission to visit Billy-Ray, Bone waited out side the cell as Anarchy and Bridget went in to see if Billy-Ray would talk without torture.
“Billy,” started Bridget, but he cut her off
“I ain’t going to tell you any-thing so don’t even try asking, I won’t tell” Bridget clicked her fingers and Bone walked in and towards Billy-Ray.
“I changed my mind,” he said hurriedly “what do y’all want to know?”
“Where is Dusk?” asked Bone, Billy-Ray shrugged
“Last I saw him, he was in London, said some thing about a grudge to settle” Bridget nodded
“That’s all I need to know” said Bridget, walking out with Anarchy and Bone following her. She slammed the door of Billy’s cell and turned to her friends,
“Next stop, London. And from there we try to find Springhealed Jack” Bone, jogging to keep up with Bridget’s long-legged stride, asked
“How do you figure that we need to find Jack?”
“Everyone knows that Dusk and Jack fight regularly, if we can find Jack, he can tell us were Dusk might be heading, or maybe Dusk is still in London.” Anarchy shrugged
“as good a plan as any, lets go!”

sorry this is sorta short, ill post more soon. ciao

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The Hunt for Dusk part 1

Three girls sat together in a café in the heart of Dublin, sipping their drinks and drawing odd looks from the passersby
“When is he supposed to be here?” asked the girl with violently colored hair, looking around the café, trying to spot him.
“He said he’d be here at 3” said a cheerful looking girl with curly red hair and bright green eyes
“Bone, wake up, it is 3” said the last member of the group. She had green eyes like the one called bone, but there was a difference, her eyes were cold, hard, and steely.
“If he has the nerve to call us all together and then not show up…” the girl with violent hair started, but the girl with cold eyes cut off her threat
“Shut up, Anarchy” she was eyeing a man with black hair and odd colored eyes,
“Is that him, Bridget?” asked Bone, noticing Bridget’s stare and looking over at him.
“That’s him” Bridget confirmed looking back towards the table, a minute later the man with golden eyes came up to them
“Ladies” he said pulling a chair up to their table and sitting down, “I’m Archibald Sway, and I’ve called you here for a special reason” her gave them a moment to say something, introduce themselves perhaps, they didn’t. “I believe that the Irish sanctuary is, lacking, in terms of-“ Anarchy cut him off
“If you called use here just to tell us what you believe in then we might as well leave.”
Archibald gave a thin smile
“Not the ones for preliminary’s I see, well, I need you to find someone for me-”
“Done, there’s someone” Bone smiled and pointed to a teen doing his home-work at a table, this time, Archibald’s smile was a tad forced
“How amusing, no, I want you three to find and capture a vampire called Dusk. I requested that this vampire,” her gestured to Bridget “be part of this group because it can get information maybe only a vampire can get.” Bridget pulled a pair of sun-glasses out of her bag and put them on so the mortal people in the café wouldn’t see her eyes burning a deep crimson.
“Never call me vampire or it again if you are fond of all your limbs” she said, smoothly and dangerously. Archibald paled, Anarchy noticed that.
“Someone’s a little vamp-phobic” she said with an evil smile
“Shut up Anarchy. What’s in it for us?” Bone asked
“Three million US dollars with a thousand removed every week he’s still free”
“Dead or alive?” Archibald seamed surprised at that question coming from a cheerful, smiling girl such as Bone
“Alive” Bone looked around the table, Anarchy nodded and Bridget stuck out her hand
“You have a deal” she told him and when he hesitated to shake her hand she rolled her eyes “I won’t rip off your arm” she told him and finally he shook her hand.
The hunt had begun

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It's a big 'un!

Sup y'all! the next story is going to be a large MASSIVE story about how skulduggery died, its called "The Forgotten Years" and the first draft is about 15 hand-written pages long. I'll start typing it soon, maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow.
lots of people (me included) have been whining about how they don't have any ideas for fanfics, a quick fix for that is go on and type "Skulduggery Pleasant" into the search bar. if you go through enough pages then you'll yet to some truly awesome fanfics, Link.
im thinking about typing up a bio form, because when i was doing my fanfic i found that so of the bio were a tad bit, how do you say? skimpy. i couldn't really get the personality right and i had to guess. its going to be very big and sorta odd, but what isn't odd? that is all that is on my mind, Ciao!

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Bloger Fanfic part 5: The Ending

Bridget walked in, fully human, and everyone turned to her.
“Bridget, do you have a plan?” asked Skylara, and Bridget shrugged
“Its not really a plan, but still we need to get Billy-Ray back to the sanctuary-” Sarthacus interrupted
“What, are we going to put him in the gaol? He can tunnel out of there.” Bridget continued like she hadn’t heard him
“I’ve had my cousin, Bone, prepare a special cell with China Sorrow’s help” she grinned “that was an interesting meeting. Anyway if we can get Billy-Ray back to the sanctuary then he will finally be in jail”
“How long have you known about Billy’s cell?” asked Nicolette, hurt that they’re friend hadn’t confided in them.
“Bone called me two nights ago to say that it was finished, I was going to tell you but I didn’t get a chance to with all the fighting and being kidnapped and stuff. Israel, which way is out?” he closed his eyes and after a minute said; “come on!” and started down a passage way. After reaching the exit mostly scratch free, Bridget looked around.
“We can’t carry a passed out Billy-Ray all the way to the sanctuary, we need a ride” she looked around and spotted a van parked next to a sporty Chevy Cobra
Wunderbar” said Sarthacus starting towards the Cobra, but Bridget hauled him back
“We have seven people, Bolt, we can’t all fit in the Cobra” she looked at the car again
“Aww, who am I kidding, that’s a nice car” she let go of Sarthacus and he ran to the car and started hot-wiring it, Israel hopped in the passenger seat and grinning crazy-like. Rolling her eyes, Bridget through, literally, Billy-Ray in back of the van and everyone else piled in. the drive to the wax works museum took a little over an hour and Bridget only had to bonk Billy-Ray one more time. Bridget’s cousin was waiting for them outside the back doors that lead to the gaol. Bone was tall, rounded and looked like an Irish poster-girl, with curly red hair, green eyes and an easy smile.
“Hey Bone,” said Bridget, climbing out of the back of the van, with Billy-Ray slung over her shoulder.
“Hi!” said Bones happily “I got the cell all finished, come on!” she lead the way to a small cell that looked exactly like all the other cells in the gaol
“In here” she pointed to the bed and Bridget flopped Billy-Ray onto it, Bone put a small leaf in Billy’s mouth and a second later he groaned and sat up. He looked around the cell and laughed
“Very amusing” he said “but y’all should know better then most what happens when you put Billy-Ray In a cell” he stood shakily and put his feet together. Nothing happened.
“What did you do to me?!?!” he yelled, seeing Kitty’s look of amusement, but it was Bone who answered;
“Nothing; on the other hand this cell is treated specialty for you. You can’t break in, you can’t break out.” Billy-Ray growled and lunged at Bone. She neatly grabbed his wild punch and her eyes started to glow, Billy-Ray screamed in agony and right before everyone’s eyes the flesh on his hand started to peal away, leaving nothing but clean, white, bone. Bone let go a second later and Billy slumped to the floor, cradling his hand as the flesh started to grow back, slowly covering his hand again.
“He’ll be fine in a half an hour” said Bone, ignoring all there terrified looks and walking out of the cell. After that, they all parted ways, Bone had to go back to her lab in N.Y.C, and Kitty wanted to go pack because she was moving into the house with all the others. Nicolette had to go clean to make way for another bed in her room and Sarthacus clamed he would die soon if he didn’t eat something soon. So it was a happily ever after, bad guy caught, reward money colleted, and a hole lotta vendettas satisfied.

 Man, i stink at endings, thanks for reading! i think ill be doing a separate story with Bone as a main character.


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Blogger Fanfic part 4

Sarthacus closed his eyes and… SHING! His chains fell away, sliced ever so neatly by Vampire in front of him. Mouth open in shock Sarthacus watched as Bridget/vampire cut everyone’s chains.
“Impressive” said Nicolette as she rubbed her wrists “is that one of the experimental serums that you were working on?” Bridget/vampire nodded and suddenly rushed at the cage door and with a BANG she busted through it. Bridget/vampire jerked her head in the direction of the corridor and started towards it, every-one followed and soon they came to a T-junction.
“Israel, which way do we go?” asked Skylara and Israel’s brow furrowed in concentration.
“If we go this way” he pointed to the east fork “we’ll run into a couple of guards, but they’re guarding our weapons.” He frowned “Billy-Ray is also down that way. But this way” he pointed to the west fork “gets us out of here”. As one the entire party turned to the east and started towards the guard room. Getting their weapons back was quite simple, if you where suddenly charged with a rampaging vampire how would you react?
“Nice job Bridget” said Nicolette, peeking into the room to see if it was all clear, Kitty, on the other hand, ran straight into the room and wrenched open the cabinets, looking for her sword.
“A part of me is complete now” she said when she found it and Israel gave a cough that sounded like; “drama queen”. Rolling her eyes Kitty distributed all the weapons,
“Here” she said thrusting Bridget’s whip into Sarthacus’s hands
“Why me?” he asked, eye the whip with dislike
“Because I said so” was her ever so snappy comeback and she moved on to give Israel back his shotgun. Once everyone was properly armed, they started walking towards the room that Israel said that Billy-Ray was in. Billy-Ray was sitting with his back to the door, looking out the window into the night when he saw a reflection in the glass, he didn’t even have time to turn before Bridget’s fist clashed down on his head and every thing went black.
“Now what?” asked Skylara, looking down at Billy-Ray’s prone form and Bridget/vampire tapped a claw to the side of her bald head
“You have a plan?” guessed kitty and Bridget/vampire nodded, and then pointed a clawed finger at the wall clock
“We have to wait till dawn to hear your plan?” guessed Israel and Bridget/Vampire nodded again
“Great, I just love waiting” said Sarthacus sarcastically and Bridget/vampire growled at him. The night passed slowly, with Bridget standing guard and occasionally bonking Billy-Ray again to keep him knocked out and everyone else in varying states of boredom and sleepiness. Kitty watched through the window as dawn appeared over the hills and a minute later, Bridget walked in, fully human again.

oh, phew, bolt is OK. sorry this one is sorta short but i need to think up whats going to happen next. COMMENT OR DIE!

Blogger Fanfic part 3

Bridget awoke to find herself in a steel cage. Her hands were bound to the wall above her head with a heavy chain that even her enhanced strength couldn’t break. All of her friends were in the cage to, similarly bound, but with thinner chains.
“Where are we?” asked Nicolette, rattling her chains
“Apparently we’re in a jail” said Israel
“Thank you captain duh-man” said Skylara sarcastically, a second later she spoke again, “I can’t change; my chains are bound”. Sarthacus frowned and conjured a small flame into his hand
“My chains aren’t bound” he said, and Kitty could summon a flame too.
“It’s probably so I can’t change into a bug or something and slip out of my chains” said Skylara wisely.
“But how do we get out off here?” Nicolette asked and the question had them all stumped for a minute, then Bridget, who had been quite till now, said;
“Guys, we have a bigger problem.” everyone looked at her
“What?” asked Kitty
“Sunset. I’ll be able to tare through these chains soon and…well it won’t be pretty”
“Don’t you have a serum?” Kitty wanted to know
“The serum is in my case and, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a little tied up right now” she was quite again. Suddenly she asked;
“Bolt, do you think you can un-zipper my case and get the green needle into my leg?”
Sarthacus frowned,
“I think I could do it, my movement is limited though.” He started to move his hands and the case was un-zippered using only the air. Sarthacus frowned again and a needle floated out of the case and jabbed into Bridget’s leg. In the same moment Sarthacus sent a blast off air that pushed the plunger down, Bridget let out terrifying growl. She snapped the chains like they weren’t even there, and in one smooth movement, shucked off her skin. The beast that used to be Bridget looked at Sarthacus with its coal black eyes and then walked strait up to him, claws clicking on the stone floor. Sarthacus stared at the beast with terrified eyes, trying to maintain eye contact and keep it from attacking. The beast razed a hugely clawed hand and…

Mawhahahaha! cliff hanger! part 4 coming soon. comment or die

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Blogger Fanfic part 2

Bridget Whiplash laughed and tossed the double barreled shotgun back to Israel Elysium
“Come on!” yelled Nicolette Croga, throwing a knife into a henchman that was getting too close to Kitty’s prone form. Bridget moved so fast that she became a blur, running over and pulling Kitty’s limp form over her shoulder and darting back to her convertible. “Come on! Let’s go!” yelled Nicolette, breaking of from throwing her daggers and sliding down behind the wheel
“Hang on a sec, I just want to go grab Billy-Ray” said Bridget, laying Kitty out on the back street and starting to turn.
“Don’t bother, Bridget, I just saw him tunnel away” said Israel, shooting at the henchmen one last time before sliding down into the passenger seat. Bridget hesitated, then jumped into the back
“How? That shockwave to the face should have knocked him out for at least a day”
“Apparently they have an adept healer in the henchmen” Bridget eye flashed red, and then returned to there normal green-gray, she said;
“Let’s get Kitty back home”


Kitty awoke to find herself in a very small room; it was more like a closet than anything. She was lying on a lumpy bed and a girl with brown hair and blond highlights was leaning over her busted leg.
“Ahh, you’re awake” said the girl “how are you feeling?” Kitty shrugged, then winced
“Sore and hungry” she said and the girl nodded
“Understandable, I think you got a little blow back from Israel’s shockwave, you’ve been out for nearly two hours” she finished tying a thick bandage around Kitty’s leg “If you want I can help you into the next room so you can talk with Bridget while I get you something to eat”
“That would be great. I’m Kitty Barlow, by the way”
“I’m Nicolette Croga, come one.” Nicolette hauled Kitty up and helped her into the next room were a bunch of people were lounging around. Nicolette helped her to a couch and then disappeared through another doorway.
“How ya’ feeling?” asked Bridget and Kitty sighed dramatically
“I feel like I’ve been run over with a truck” she said and Bridget grinned, showing off her pointy teeth.
“Are you ready to take me up on my offer of help yet? It still stands.”
“I don’t really have I choice in this, do I? You lot have already rescued me from Billy-Ray once and if he’s got so many ‘friends’ then it makes a lot more sense to group up”
“Wonderful!” said Bridget “Everyone this is Kitty Barlow. Kitty this is Israel Elysium” she pointed to a dude with black hair who was cleaning a sawn-off shotgun in the corner, he gave a little wave. “Sarthacus Bolt” a guy very blue eyes and very dark hair nodded at her “and Skylara Wolfbane” Bridget indicated a brown tabby lounging on the floor in a sun spot. The tabby shivered and a girl was lounging on the floor with her hands behind her head.
“Cheers!” she said happily before turning back into a cat, whose fur was the exactly the same color as Skylara’s hair.
“Oh, and you met Nicky” Nicolette came back into the room, holding a ham sandwich and a glass of grape juice, which she handed to Kitty. Happily tearing into her food, Kitty watched as Bridget lit a tall white pillar candle and placed it on the table Israel was cleaning his gun on. Then from an inside pocket she drew her whip, it was easily 12 feet long and was made out of dark colored leather. She razed the whip and cracked it suddenly, causing Skylara/tabby to streak under the couch at the sudden noise, with another crack the candle on the table wasn’t lit any more.
“Stop it, Bridget” said Sarthacus “you’re going to hit one of us” Bridget rolled her eyes, but tucked the whip back into is secret pocket. Kitty was just chugging down the rest of her juice when she herd a smashing noise from the kitchen, she whipped her head around to see what looked like a small bomb roll into the room. Before any one could do any thing the bomb hissed, releasing a cloud of gas into the room. Everything went black.

DONE, don't ask for part 3 yet because me fingers are so mangled and bloody that i can't type for awhile. hm, i think i was typing the fastest I've ever typed before. im off to soak my fingers, caio!

Blogger Fanfic part one

Kitty Barlow looked up at the old abandoned warehouse, it was dark, it was dank, and it was most likely a trap. But she didn’t care; she would do anything to avenge her parent’s deaths, no matter what the cost. She walked in, conjuring a fire-ball to light the way deeper into the dark warehouse. A rattling noise made her look up; a dark figure was crouched on a cat-walk almost 30 feet above her head. As if realizing that it had been spotted, the figure straightened up and dropped to the warehouse floor, it landed hard, chipping the cement floor. Now that Kitty could see her clearly, she could tell that the figure was a girl with long brown hair, steely green eyes and when she smiled Kitty could see that her teeth had been filed into points.
“’ello” she said cheerfully and Kitty frowned
“Who are you? And what are you doing here?” she demanded.
“I’m Bridget Whiplash, and I should be asking the same of you” Kitty’s frown deepened
“I’m looking for Billy-Ray Sanguine” she said, putting a hand on the hilt of her sword, just in case she was a henchman of Bill-Ray’s
“Well, need some help?”
“Why would you help me?”
“Me and my friends have a bone to pick with dear old Billy. He killed one of our friends, the son of a-” Bridget’s curse was cut off by a gasp of pain. One hand went to her stomach and her hand flew to the small, black case that hung from her hip, with fumbling fingers she pulled a syringe out and proceeded to jam it into her arm. She pushed the plunger down and her breathing became easier.
“Sorry ‘bout that” she said replacing the syringe in the case and rolling her shoulders “what were we talking about?”
“You’re a vampire” breathed Kitty and Bridget rolled her eyes
“What gave it away?” she asked sarcastically “but that’s not what we where talking about. Do you want to come with me and my friends? We can probably fit one more cot in the headquarters.”
“No thanks” said Kitty, as she turned and walked out of the dark warehouse “but I need to do this on my own.” Billy-Ray obviously hadn’t been there in a while if the annoying vampire girl hadn’t caught him. Next stop, America, to see if she could find out were Billy-Ray lived when not abroad.


Kitty was thrown up against a brick wall by a grinning henchman, she managed to kick him a way, but her broken leg was unable to support her weight and she fell. Billy-Ray strolled over to where she was slumped against the wall and hunkered down so that they were eye to eye socket.
“You have some nerve coming after me alone, kid” he dodged the clumsy punch from her. Grabbing her arm and twisting it till tears formed in her eyes, he continued “I, unlike you, have the best friends money can buy” he lifted the straight razor that had killed her parents and grinned evilly.
“Time to die, little girl. Die knowing that you failed to avenge your parent’s deaths”
The straight razor started to come down. A bullet whizzed by Bill-Rays head, missing him by millimeters, the blue shock wave that followed the bullet did not miss, however, and Billy-Ray got it straight in the face. With a groan he slumped to the street, unconscious.

everyone else is in the next part, which im typing up tomorrow. COMMENT!!!!!

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hey yall! im doing a story with the readers of the blog in it. if you want to be part of the story give me a bio in the comments below and ill see how many people a can fit in.


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Why Anarchy Rose CAN'T go to Switzerland

Valkyrie sat in her living room, her arm had been broken the day before so she had the day off to make sure not to break it again. Fletcher had given her a box of chocolates and she was eating them while watching some stupid TV show. Anarchy rose wandered into the room and flopped down on the couch next to Valkyrie. She peered at the chocolate box and then suddenly knocked the chocolate out of Valkyrie’s hand.
            “Don’t eat those!” she half yelled at a bewildered Valkyrie
            “Why not?” asked Valkyrie mournfully, looking at the half a box of chocolate on the floor.
            “These chocolates are Swiss chocolates” said Anarchy, like that explained every-thing.
            “And what’s wrong with that?” Valkyrie wanted to know
            “Swiss people are evil; they have me on the most wanted list at the sanctuary for six years straight.”
            “Something about blowing up a ski resort, nonsense really”
            “You… blew up… a SKI RESORT?!? Yelled Valkyrie
            “Well, it was in self defense. You see…” Valkyrie cut her off
            “I don’t want to know”
            “No, you probably don’t.” agreed Anarchy cheerfully, walking out of the room.

Anarchy Rose is so awesome! she is my favorite OC.

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Anarchy Rose bio

NAME: Anarchy Rose
AGE: 354 years old, looks about 16
HEIGHT/WIGHT: average/ skinny
EYES: blue
HAIR: black w/ neon colors streaked through
MAGIC TYPE: necromancer
OTHER WEAPONS: any kind of knife
ADDRESS: nomad, lives in hotels and China's apartment
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: a sweet purple bike
CURRENT OCCUPATION: free as a bird!
ENEMY(S): anyone who warships the faceless ones, authority, social workers, Switzerland
DESCRIPTION OF TYPICAL OUTFIT: black skinny jeans, t-shirts, anything army surplus
HATES: peppy people, pink, boys who stare
LIKES: black, gore, making people do stuff she wants, playing video games
NOTE: she is nicer then this makes her sound!

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New story soon! (hopfully)

Hey yall, im going to be writing a new story about Anarchy Rose (because everyone seems to love her!) soon, hopefully, as soon as my brain cells kick back into to gear. i hit the start of the school year and, BAM, my brain is dead, does it happen all over or am i just odd? if anyone has any ideas on what Anarchy can do, comment!