Saturday, September 4, 2010

Anarchy Rose bio

NAME: Anarchy Rose
AGE: 354 years old, looks about 16
HEIGHT/WIGHT: average/ skinny
EYES: blue
HAIR: black w/ neon colors streaked through
MAGIC TYPE: necromancer
OTHER WEAPONS: any kind of knife
ADDRESS: nomad, lives in hotels and China's apartment
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: a sweet purple bike
CURRENT OCCUPATION: free as a bird!
ENEMY(S): anyone who warships the faceless ones, authority, social workers, Switzerland
DESCRIPTION OF TYPICAL OUTFIT: black skinny jeans, t-shirts, anything army surplus
HATES: peppy people, pink, boys who stare
LIKES: black, gore, making people do stuff she wants, playing video games
NOTE: she is nicer then this makes her sound!


  1. LAIR she sound brilliant reminds me of me lol i despise pink and people who smile all the time and boy who stare can go die

  2. Anarchy Rose sounds fun. I wonder why Switzerland is her enemy. I bet there is a cool story about that. :)

  3. I got my name I am officially no longer littlepsychobunny I am Evangeline Crow