Thursday, September 9, 2010


hey yall! im doing a story with the readers of the blog in it. if you want to be part of the story give me a bio in the comments below and ill see how many people a can fit in.



  1. this is me;

    NAME:Bridget Whiplash
    AGE:looks to be about 15, true age 153 years old
    HAIR COLOR:Brown
    EYE COLOR:Gray-green most of the time, red when angry
    PERSONALITY:Tall and with a presence Bridget is probably the most ruthless person out side the gaol, be glad she's a good guy.
    POWERS: Vampire, uses serums to control the "bad behavior"
    OTHER WEAPONS:uses a bull whip most of the time but likes guns and can make a bomb out of ANY-THING
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:tall and powerfully built, nails are long and sharp as are her teeth. loves green and purple and wears them together
    sometimes, most often wears black.

  2. Name: Kitty Barlow
    Age: Unknown
    Power: fire
    Bio: At the age of 6 her parents were killed she consoled her grief by perfecting her skills in sword fighting
    and the manipulation of fire, she now hunts down her parents killer
    Description: tall long dark hair and eyes she wears a black tank-top
    and leather jeans tucked into nee-high black lace-up boots and a black leather bikers jacket
    Weapons of choice: sword and daggers

  3. Name: Skylara Wolfbane
    Age: Unknown
    Power: Shapeshifter- can turn into any animal or person.
    Personality: Witty,often sarcastic,nice
    hair colour: Brown

  4. done. you're in. hmmm im thinking, who was the killer? can it be Billy-ray?

  5. Name: Nicolette Croga

    Age: looks still in early teens really 27

    Skills: is a great elemental good with a gun good with swords but absoloutly amazing with her daggers she never misses a single throw

    Personality: nice anfd funny only gets aggresive when angered or attacked

    Physical description: brown hair just past her sholders with copper red and blode highlights hazel eyes and a soft pretty face thin figure wears the cloths in my profile picture :]

  6. WHOOT WHOOT great i sound like a train aw well i dont care WHOOT WHOOT!!

  7. I don't know, I have drunk to bottles of cola today, so that might have something to do with it

  8. yay! caffeine! it make you go crazy!

  9. i was born crazy, caffeine just makes me dangerous lol

  10. im too late, but lol, amen.

    can i quote that evangeline?

    Israel Elysium, and i am a skilled fighter. one of the great perks of my (adept) magic is that i control my future, by being able to see all of the different outcomes of the next few minutes. i could choose the exact right way to do it, and not get killed. also, by placing my hand on the shoulder of a friend, i could see the next few minutes of their future, and tell them exactly what to do. i carry two long blades and a bea-utiful sawn off, double barrel shot gun ( engraved with symbols of a kind never seen before. every bullet is accompanied by a wave of blue energy, smashing into the target at an increased rate.

    XD please include me!!

  11. Name: Sarthacus Bolt
    Age 175 looks like 19
    Hair colour: very dark brown but not the one that looks like black
    Eye colour: Bright pale blue
    Good/evil: Good
    Height: 1 metre 73 cm
    Body type: extrmely thin
    Cloathes: Black trench coat, black fedora hat (Not always, nin fact, very little) black boots, black trousers, all made by Ghastly Bespoke.
    Accent and Nationanaly: Scottish
    Magic type: still manages to go between magic: Elemental, leaping (He's related to Springheeled Jack)
    Agility: Extreme.

  12. wonderbar! i like the springheeled jack bit!

  13. ok, the first part is drafted all i need to do is type it up :)

  14. is it to late for me to post? :)
    Name: Jodi Harte
    Bio: Father taught her elemental magic, and showed her how to con people. Both parents died when Jodi was 16 in a car accident.
    Age: 91 but looks about 18/19
    Hair colour: Black. Styled as a layered bob - with fringe. usually with small bows or rainbow clips in.
    Eye colour: Ocean blue
    Occupation: Con artist. Fights on the good side, but cons everyone, bad and good.
    Height... 5ft 4 ? sounds normal
    Clothes: While con-ing... white skinny trousers and colourful blouse with white 3 inch heels. Fighting: Lace up brown leather boots, demin jeans. Casual: anything with a scarf or stylish hat or converses xD
    London-er accent
    Magic type: Elemental
    Very sarcastic, rolls her eyes often and will be mean to stupid people
    Preferred weapon: Sai Swords (google it. you'll know what i mean)
    Overview... kicks ass!
    sorry if it's a bit late... x

  15. sorry Lenka, its to late for another caricature, but ill put you in the next story if im doing one

  16. okay, that's fine x

  17. Wow all these charaters are so cool. I can't wait to see how you will use them, Lizzy.
    I wanted to be in your story too but have not been able to come up with any specifics for my charater, Kallista Pendragon. Arrgggg! (I sound like a pirate)Lol
    Anyways, it seems like I have been so busy lately I can't even think! Your pretty creative, Lizzy. You have any suggestions for me? :)

  18. hmmm, well if you think up a bio form like this


    and then fill it in. it helps me give my caricatures more body and history