Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Dead Men tales: part 1

 Ghastly walked in between the rows of tents, hurrying to the command tent at the other end of camp, He was joined by Anton Shudder, who asked;
“Any idea what Corrival has cooked up for us now?”
“Unfortunately, no, but I hope it’s interesting”
“Has there ever been an un-interesting Dead Men mission?”
“You have a point…” they had reached the big tent that was the command center for the Dead Men and Anton pushed aside the flap that served as a door. Skulduggery, Erskine and Dexter where already there, along with Corrival, who was showing them some maps
“Ahh, Ghastly, Anton, its good that you’re here. I need you lot to infiltrate Castle Bancrook…”
“That’s it? Boring” interrupted Dexter and Corrival shot him a glare
“That’s not all; you need to infiltrate Bancrook while protecting a charming young lady by the name of Bone. She is going to see if she can find evidence of the so called ‘super weapon’ the Barron Vengeance is said to be designing.” A girl pushed her way through the door and smiled at them all
“Sorry I’m late” she said cheerfully “I’m Bone” she had wide green eyes, freckles, a mass of curly red hair and looked young, only about thirteen or fourteen. Dexter took one look at her and then turned to Corrival with a pained expression.
“Can’t you just tell us what we’re looking for? Then we can sneak in and out without anyone noticing us.”
“You can’t do that,” said Bone, still cheerful “I’m the smartest person in camp right now, only I know what to look for”
“At least you’re modest about it” muttered Skulduggery and she glared at him
“Simply repeating facts, Mr. Pleasant” she said haughtily “now I suggest we get a move on” Three hours later, the Dead Men plus Bone where hiding in a clump of trees, discussing how to get into the castle.
“I say take out the guards at the front gate and head in that way” Said Dexter, cracking his knuckles
“You heard Corrival, the front guards are very powerful long range adepts, they would take us use before we got into range to through fireballs” said Erskine
“Then what do you suggest?”
“I’m sorry, gentlemen, but our hand has been forced” Skulduggery said and everyone looked up. While the men folk had been talking about how to get in, Bone had slipped away and was now walking boldly up the path to the castle. The guards saw her and held out their hands, but then lowered them as the saw it was only one, unarmed girl.
“What the hell is she doing?” whispered Anton to Ghastly, who shrugged. Bone had reached the top of the small hill castle Bancrook was set on and walked up to the gates. The guards stepped so they where standing shoulder to shoulder, blocking her way.
“What gives?” she asked, looking up at the two much taller men
“Who are you and what is your business here?” asked the guard on the right and Bone smiled. All the Dead Men winced as the guards skulls cracked together, Bone leaned down and pulled the keys off one guy’s belt, then she jingled them in the direction of the slightly astonished men.
“Show off” Erskine said, taking the keys from Bone and proceeding to unlock the gates
“It’s all in the way you act, if you act like you belong, people will think you belong.” Dexter examined the guards, then looked up at Bone, rather shocked
“They’re dead, you shattered they’re skulls completely”
“Oh did I now?” Bone sounded slightly bemused at Dexter’s astonishment “well, better them then me”
“You are a very dangerous young lady” said Anton, shaking his head
“Compliments will get you nowhere” the gates clicked open and Erskine gestured them in,
“Stop talking, start walking” he ordered

Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Pictures!

 Tada! random pictures that i did. i want honest opinion on the drawings please.

 Yay! it's Bridget and Anarchy. Anarchy just exploded something and is unaware that
her life span just shortened by three years.

 Doodle of Anarchy, i messed up her nose and had to use whiteout on it

 it's Italy from Hetilia! he has is tomato and is very happy not to be yelled at by Germany.
Google "Hetilia" it if you have no idea what im talking about.

 More Hetilia fanart! it's the things that Russia loves; sunflowers, Vodka, and his pipe thingy

 this is a concept sketch of a non Skulduggery OC i thought up. her name is Lilith and she's a vampire hunter

 Behold the awesomeness of my notebook! i printed the picture of the Skulduggery web site in black and white and then colored it with my watercolor pencils

 cool pic of the trees by my house

cute pic of my dog Gambit (those are my legs btw)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fear 15: The Pointless End

This is the pointless end of Fear, i wanted to do something nice for Bridget because she was tortured so much during the story. thanks for reading!
PS see if you can guess who Rueben's dad is (hint: skul-man!)

Valkyrie sighed, the twins being away was bittersweet; she was constantly worrying about them and whether or not they where okay, or even alive. On the other hand she had the house to herself and Fletcher. A roar razed her from her thoughts and she ran outside to see the plane landing in the back yard. The engines cut, the doors opened, and Jodi fell out of the doors and landed on her face.
“I hate planes” she muttered as Leo helped her to her feet. Kallista, Mary, Tanya and Anarchy where all laughing so hard they fell out too, then Skylara transformed into a tabby and sat on top of the pile of giggling girls (with Leo on the bottom).
“Hi mom, we’re home” Aoife said in a tone that suggested she had just gotten off the bus from school, not a plane from Russia. The twins hopped down and maneuvered their way around the giggle pile so they could hug Valkyrie. Sarthacus and Israel were laughing at Leo and Necros was actually smiling. Florence descended from the plane in the most dignified manner yet, making a set of stairs out of shadows and walking down those. Caelan helped Bridget down and they all walked into the house, well, Bridget limped, everyone else walked.
“What happened?” asked Valkyrie once everyone was seated in the kitchen
“mumph-aruugga KA-FOOM” Anarchy explained around a mouthful of a sandwich she had found in the fridge, ducking crumbs, Tanya translated:
“The castle went ka-boom”
“What?! How?!” Anarchy swallowed
“I blew it up with a bomb. It was wonderful” she said
“So pretty” agreed Aoife
“Much better then fireworks” said Scathach.
“And the Brie cannon” finished Aoife, slapping Anarchy a high-five. Valkyrie looked at her watch,
“You two are both going to school tomorrow, get to bed now or the jet lag will kill you.” The twins looked at her like she had three arms and two heads
“Can you make us reflections?” asked Scathach
“No, tough it out till summer break” Valkyrie gestured and a gust of air sent the twins skidding across the floor and into the hall “good-night” she said pointedly.

(The next day)

Aoife and Scathach (or should I say Molly and Maggie?) walked across the quad on the way toward the bus stop. Today at school had been terrible and the twins where very tiered.
“Hey Moll! Hey Mags!” Rueben waved at them and jogged over “hey, I haven’t seen you two trouble makers in a while, where ya been?” Scathach shrugged
“Family troubles, you know the deal” the lie came easy
“I most certainly do, what with Sharon divorcing my dad and all, and the custody battle because she said that a tattoo parlor wasn’t the best place for a kid to grow up and then-” Aoife cut him off
“You’ve told us many, many”
“Many!” interjected Scathach
“Many times” finished Aoife. they had crossed the quad and where making there way to the bus stop when Rueben said
“Whoa, who is that” the twins looked to where he was pointing.
“That, my dear Rueben,” said Scathach, unable to contain the grin that was spreading across her face “is our ride” Tanya sat on the hood of her lovely blue Mustang convertible, smiling and waving at all the year 12 guys that where staring at the car
“Hey guys” she smiled and hopped of the hood as they approached “I was in the area and I wanted to stop by and give you a ride”
“Translation; you wanted to show off your car” Scathach said as she slipped into the front seat
“Maybe a little bit of that to, you want a ride?” the last was said to Rueben
“Naw, I like walking, thanks though. See you two tomorrow” said Rueben, turning away
“Don’t remind me!” called Aoife from the backseat and he laughed
“Learn anything about Russia today?” asked Tanya as she leaned on the horn to make all the fan boys move
“NO, is that all that interests you?”
“Yes. Hmm, it would all be lies any ways, lies I tell you lies!”
“Lay off the sugar Tanya” said Aoife
“Humph, fine, I shut up and drive” fifteen minutes later they pulled up outside the mansion
“Where are all the cars?” asked Scathach, only a few cars where still left in the driveway.
“Everyone left; the only people still here are Mary, Leo and Florence ” Said Tanya, slamming the door to her car and walking into the house. The twins followed, lugging their book bags along behind them, they dumped their books on the kitchen table and started to walk upstairs.
“If you finish your homework I’ll show you how to fire my Dragonov” Tanya called and instantly the twins where sitting at the table with pens in hand. Tanya smirked and popped open a Coke. Five minutes later, Aoife asked
“Do you know any German, Tanya?” Tanya looked up from spiking her Coke with Anarchy’s vodka
Ja, ich weiß ein bisschen
"Come again?" 
"Yes, I know a bit"
"Translate this part please"  Scathach held up her world language worksheet
"I didn't say I could read it, I said I could speak it. Go ask Bridget"
"So much help," Muttered Aoife, jogging up the stairs after Scathach, to the guest room Bridget was using.
"Hey Bridget!" Scathach slammed open the doors "we need- whoa" Bridget and Caelan stood by the window, wrapped around each other so completely that they hadn't heard the twins storming up the stairs. Bridget pulled away and glared at them with eyes a color that was normally reserved for fire-engines
"You have two seconds" she said in a terrible whisper and the twins ran, half screaming and half laughing, from the room.

Fear 14 : Dreams

(You guessed it; this is still Bridget’s P.O.V)

My leg was all stitched up now, and the bruises on my face where fading fast thanks to the sweet smelling cream that I had put on them. We still had an hour left to fly to get back to Ireland, so I reclined my seat and closed my eyes. When a vampire dreams, they see things that have happened to them before, memories, so as Bridget drifted off, her mind kicked into high gear. She was standing on a battle field, with the dead and wounded all around her. She heard a noise and turned to see Alexander, her little brother lying on the ground. She picked him up and held him, and as she did she saw the wound on his the back of his head. She rocked him back and forth, humming.
“Do you want me to sing for you?” I asked him quietly and his eyes lit up
“I will sing your favorite song” I whispered to him
“Little soldier boy,
Marching by,
Little soldier boy,
You’re going to die.”

“The war is long,
Ten thousand gone,
Still you march,
On and on” she saw his eyes slowly start to close, but kept singing.

“Snow and ice,
Sleet and hail,
Still you march,
Towards the hills.”

“The battle’s started,
Fire those guns,
Fight for your life,
And those you love.” He looked up at me and smiled slightly, then closed his eyes and went limp, I choked back a sob and keep singing, softly.

“Soldier boy fires,
Something goes wrong,
His gun explodes,
Soldier boy’s gone.” I unwrapped the scarf from around my neck and draped it over Alexander’s peaceful face. I stood for a moment over him, and then started to run. If Alexander was here, then mum would be close by, I jumped over a wounded man and then stumbled and fell. I was lying in the dirt next to a dead man with a something clutched in his fingers. I pried his still warm fingers off the necklace that my dad had giving my mum, just a simple gold chain with a cross hanging from it. Mum never took it off. I got up and ran,
“Isabelle, Isabelle!” the only person who new my real name was mum, I veered towards the sound of her voice. I found her, almost cut in half with a sword and delirious.
“There you are, where’s Alexander? And your father?”
“You’ll see them soon mum” I was close to breaking down and sobbing, but I held on. I sat on the earth stained with her blood and pillowed her head on my lap.
“Here mum, I found this” I fixed the necklace around her neck
“Thank you honey, oh! I see them! It’s your dad and Alexander on the other side of the field!” she smiled a little smile “there coming for me. Now remember, I will always love my little girl” the spark faded from her eyes. I stood over the body of one of my family for the second time today. I reached down and slid mum eyelids down, then pulled the sword out of her stomach.
“Rest in peace, my family…” I said
“Bridget!” the voice was far away and faint “Bridget! Hey, Bridget wake up!” some one was shaking me “are you awake now?”
“No” I muttered, but I sat up and glared at Kallista
“We’re going to be landing soon, buckle up” I sighed and pulled the belt over my lap.
“Wow, you’re grumpier then usual, did I wake you up from a good dream?” I thought about the battle field
“No” I said softly “it wasn’t a dream”

the song is by me, its called "The Soldier Boy's Lament". you sing it very slow and sad

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fear 13 : Past

(Still from Bridget’s P.O.V)

We stood by the pit that used to be the castle and the surrounding catacombs, watching for any sine of life.
“Flo?” I asked gesturing to the pit “anyone still alive?”
“Yes, one person is still- never mind.”
“How many dead?”
“Fourteen” I quickly did a count in my head, 5 Fears, at least 7 servants, maybe 2 prisoners…
“Fifteen” make that 3 prisoners.
“Good god, Anarchy” Skylara stared down in the pit “Good god” she said it again because there was really nothing more she could say.
“Come on, we need to move now” I grabbed the twins by their shoulders and steered them towards the snowmobiles, everyone mounted their snowmobiles and we took off. After about an hour we reached a small shack at the edges of Moscow. Tanya returned the snowmobiles and then led the way to the landing strip that the plane was waiting on. It was close to midnight now, and the best inside me wanted to get out and hunt, with so many humans so close by, the smell was mouth watering. No one saw us as we got a board the plane and prepared for takeoff. I took Tanya’s first aide kit and retreated to the back corner of the plane, I put a leaf in my mouth and the numbness spread quickly so I could stitch up my wounds without any more pain. My broken arm would haft to wait till we where on the ground, but I could take care of the slash on my thigh now. I carefully pulled the flaps of skin together with my good arm, then started to stitch them closed with a black needle. Leo walked over cautiously and sat on the seat across from her
“Bridget,” he said “don’t take this the wrong way but, are you evil?” I stared at him, so naïve.
“There is no such thing as good and evil,” he stared to protest but I cut him off “you think good and evil are equal forces, marching against each other on a level playing field? You think that one side is all white and the other is all black? There so no such thing. The battle field has potholes and chasms and mountains to climb and there are many groups all fighting, not just good and evil.”
“But all those people you killed…”
“What do you think I should do something to gain redemption?” the thought was so funny I threw back my head and laughed
“Well, yes” Leo said very quietly
“I have done what the Christians call ‘purgatory’ ten thousand times over. I sang to my little 5 year old brother as he fell into an eternal sleep. I comforted my mother as she died for a hole as big as your head in her stomach. I…” I bit my lip to keep from saying anything more and tasted blood. Once I had gained control and I wouldn’t go spilling out my live story to everyone, I continued;
“You can’t live for over three thousand years without killing, you would never last. It’s a survival of the fittest world we live in, even if you haven’t noticed. Actually, I was surprised that anyone came for me, you where so lucky that the Fears where away. If it had been any other day you would have been killed before the castle even came into sight.” Ignoring the stares of everyone that had been listening in, I went back to stitching.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fear 12 : Explosion!

(This is from Bridget’s P.O.V)

Every step I took hurt like hell, but I kept walking, thinking about how odd it was that my little rescue team hadn’t encountered anyone. I sifted through memories that I hadn’t needed in three thousand year, trying to remember which was the best way to get out. Memories of me drinking, memories of me killing, and memories of me sneaking around, memories that weren’t helpful, at least not right now. Just then, I remembered, the Fears weren’t around tonight because tonight was the full moon. Every month at the full moon everyone gathered in the catacombs and a calf was sacrificed at Gustavo’s orders. Weird, yes, but really quite good luck for my little rescue team. They had reached a broken window and everyone was climbing through, but when I lifted my leg to put through the window, the pain was so bad I nearly cried. Huh, I hadn’t cried since… I don’t know when, a long time I guess.
“Need help?” Caelan’s voice was so soft only a vampire could hear it
“No” I hissed at him, swinging my other leg through the window and muffing my cry of pain. He just sort of smiled at me and climbed out after me. All the other were already outside and getting on there snowmobiles.
“You can ride with me” Caelan said and I shelved my pride and sat behind him. It was easier than sitting behind a human and being temped to bite them for the entire ride back.
“Hey, Bridget! Catch!” Anarchy tossed a little remote to me and I snagged it out of the air
“What’s this?” I asked
“If you push the little button, the castle goes BOOM” I stared at the little remote for a few seconds, then looked around at then all.
“What, I don’t get a count down?” Aoife and Scathach grinned crazy-like and started counting, well, more like bellowing numbers at the tops of their lungs.
ONE!” I allowed myself a small grin and pushed the button. The castle exploded with such force that I felt myself being pushed backwards. It was quite for a second or two, and then Anarchy started laughing so hard she fell into a snow bank, which made her laugh harder.
“What the hell was in that thing?” asked Jodi, staring at the flaming place where the castle used to be. Anarchy shrugged
“A bit of C4, some plastic explosives… and a little something else”
“What’s the ‘something else’?”
“Ask me no questions and I shall tell you no lies”
“MOVE!” yelled Israel suddenly and a second later a rumbling noise started. Everyone got on their snowmobiles and the sudden roar of the engines starting was deafening. As we zoomed away, I looked back and saw something odd. It looked like the ground was disappearing, then I got it. The catacombs where collapsing!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fear 11.5

Bridget limped out of the throne room, supported by Caelan, and led the way down the halls.
“Israel, is this way safe?” she demanded and he shook his head
“10 or 15 golems are that way”
“It’s the fastest way out, anyone up for a fight?” no one had any problems with dispatching a few golems and so they went down that way, with knives drawn and guns at the ready. They turned the corner and saw a group of golems guarding a door and Bridget suddenly paled, making all her bruises stick out even more
“Back up, back up, back up!” she hissed and they all retreated around the corner “this way is better,” she pointed to a different corridor “ that way leads to where everyone sleeps and we do not want to wake up anyone”
“I thought you would know your way around” muttered Leo, but Bridget heard him and gave him a withering glare
“I haven’t been here in about three thousand years, give me a break” she continued limping along, ignoring everyone staring at her
“Three thousand years?” Skylara said
“That’s what I said”
“Good God Bridget!” Said Sarthacus, staring at her
“Yes, I’m old, get over it and move!” everyone got moving again, except for Anarchy, who was hanging behind.
“Come on” said Scathach and Anarchy ran a little to catch up. No one noticed the little black box she left behind, a tiny light on the box started to flash red.

yes, this part is tiny. but i really wanted to leave you hanging  with the little black box :D i call it 11.5 because its so small

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fear 11 : Memories

Leo awoke from the blackness to find himself in the same room, but in a different time. The throne room was dark and empty, except for one person. Leo gasped as he recognized Bridget. She and had on a white dress that was smeared with blood, a black crown of thorns rested on her elaborately styled hair and in her hand she held a glass of red wine. She looked only about 10 years old! Leo then noticed something different, although her skin was pale, it wasn’t a vampire’s usual complexion, she hadn’t been turned yet. A man with long black hair and a nose that reminded Leo of a beak walked in from the hallway and passed right through Leo’s ghostly image.
“Vile,” said Bridget, nodding at him
“Helen, I see you took care of our guests” Lord Vile gestured at the blood stains on Bridget’s dress
“So simple, so easy, it was almost a shame to do it so quickly. But I did get a new addition to my collection” Leo looked closely at the thick golden necklace she was rolling between her fingers, and then recoiled. The necklace was made of wedding bands; two of which were still dripping blood. Vile stared at the necklace
“You would have made a great necromancer, almost as great as me.” he said
“Don’t flatter yourself” Bridget took a long swig form her wineglass “I’ve been thinking,” she said “that you have, outlived, your usefulness” she set down the wine glass and stood up.
“You can’t fight me child, you will die” Vile was smirking at the little girl that stood before him, he gathered shadows in his hands and blasted them at her. She leaped over them and sent a ball of blue energy at him, he dodged to the side and sent a wave of shadows at her. It smacked her into her face and she tumbled back, Vile approached the still form of Bridget and razed a hand above his head to bring the shadows smashing down on her. A ball of blue energy smashed into his exposed chest and he fell back with a shriek of pain, Bridget pulled a long, wickedly sharp dagger from an ankle holster and it glowed with blue light. Vile rolled out of the way at the last second and the dagger chipped the stone floor where he had been. He hooked her foot with some shadows and Vile was up and Bridget was down, he tried to smash the shadows into her, but she dodged and sent the dagger spinning into Vile’s chest. He couldn’t block in time and the dagger slid easily between his ribs. Bridget clicked her fingers and the knife slid out of Vile’s chest and flew back to her hand, she lunged again and plunged the knife into his heart. Vile died screaming. Bridget clicked her fingers again and the knife came to her, she whipped it on the stained dress she wore and slumped into her throne, she had only taken a few sips of wine before a vampire entered the room. She was tall and had blond hair and blue eyes,
“Master?” she said when she saw Vile laying on the floor “Master?” she spotted Bridget in her stained dress “you killed him!” she shrieked and Bridget stood up
“Leave, Mary-Anna, you never saw this” Bridget’s hand drifted to her dagger, but Mary-Anna would not stand down. Leo saw Bridget weighting her options, she was hurt and sundown was fast coming, she couldn’t fight now, she would lose. Bridget tried to walk out, but Mary-Anna blocked her way. Bridget growled ant sent a marble sized ball of energy into Mary-Anna’s chest, she was blasted back and Bridget walked out.

Leo surfaced from the memory with a gasp and looked around; everyone was gathered around him with worried expressions, but he only looked at Bridget.
“How old where you when you killed Vile?” he demanded, ignoring everyone’s gasps.
“It was my eleventh birthday” she said in a weary tone
“Good God Bridget! The rings!” Bridget looked very tried and sad
“I know” was all she’d say. Leo started to rant about the memories he saw, but Israel stopped him,
“We need to leave before the guards get us. You can tell her off later” Leo glared at Bridget then walked past her and out of the throne room, walking over the spot were Lord Vile breathed his last.


It's my puppy! this is a sort of comic relive from the Fear storys, besides everyone else is posting videos.

Fear 10 : Rodvich

The plane trip was quite, or as quite as a group of warriors all stuck together in a flying aluminum cigar could be for 6 hours straight. They landed in Moscow at around 2pm and Tanya led them straight to a small shack on the outskirts the city and ushered them inside
“Snowmobiles or cross country skis?” asked Tanya, “Do we want stealth or speed?”
“We are about as subtle as a hand grenade in a bowl of oatmeal,” said Anarchy “I vote snowmobiles”
“I second that, cross country skis are a lot of work” said Jodi and everyone else voted too. The finial vote was 10 to 2 in snowmobiles favor and soon they were all zooming along the barren landscape. After a little more than an hour of following Tanya through a maze only she could see, the group saw a light up ahead in the rapidly fading dusk.
“Castle Rodvich” Tanya announced and everyone stopped the engines and climbed off the snowmobiles stiffly.
“Whoa,” said Israel “gothic much?” the castle was on the small side, but made up for it with tall towers and stone that was so weathered it was black. The gargoyles leered down at them as they crossed the snowy court yard to a window
“What are you doing?” asked Tanya as Caelan wrapped his fist in his coat, he answered by slamming his fist through the window
“As subtle as a hand grenade in a bowl of oatmeal,” Tanya repeated “I see what you mean” Jodi rolled her eyes and checked her watch, she then said:
“We’d better move now, unless you want to be vamp chow” no one did so they all clambered through the busted window and into an old stone hallway. Israel, stood still for a minute, then led the way through the halls, steering them away from the guards that seemed to be placed only at the entrances
“Any chance she’d be in the highest room of the tallest tower?” asked Sarthacus as they sneaked along
“That’s only for princesses; no, she’s in the throne room” said Israel
“Throne room?”
“It’s a big room with thrones in, what can I say?”
“They don’t think much of themselves do they? Do they have crowns too?”
“I wouldn’t know. Aw, hell” Israel muttered the last part as he saw something in the future. The sun was setting so Caelan jammed a syringe into his arm, but Bridget had no such luxury apparently, few seconds later the sound of a very angry vampire filled the hallways.
“We must be close for her to be so loud” said Mary, trying to look on the bright side
“You’re optimism annoys me” said Anarchy as they jogged through the corridors towards the noise. They emerged in a dark and, facing them was a semicircle of 7 thrones, all looking like they had been cared out of black ice. A screech made them turn towards the corner. A large steel cage that currently held one very grumpy vampire and several bleached white skulls was sitting there, and buzzing with electricity.
“Pu-lu-eaz…” said Leo, walking towards the cage, but Skylara stopped him
“Maybe we should make sure Bridget wont rip through the cage bars and eat us first” It was a very real possibility, as the vampire that used to be Bridget went crazy the second that they had stepped in the room, growling and hissing at the promise of fresh blood.
“Here,” said Scathach, holding up Bridget’s black case, she had found it in a pile that consisted of Bridget’s knives and badly charred whip
“Give it here” said Jodi and she pulled a syringe out of the case. With a very fine piece of elemental magic, Jodi managed to get the syringe into Bridget/vampire’s neck, a blast of air pushed down the plunger and Bridget/vampire let out a high pitched moan. Her bones crackled as she shrunk back down to human size, it was rather disturbing to see her change back, but in a minute she was back to her human self.
“What the bloody hell took you so long?” she asked angrily, but everyone just stared at her. She was standing hunched up like it hurt to stand straight and her left arm was held limply at her side, most likely broken. Her right eye was swollen completely shut and her pale skin was mottled with deep bruises. Anarchy recovered first
“God, we leave you alone for, what, not even two days? And you manage to run yourself through a meat grinder, jeez”
“It’s a skill” Bridget said in a rough voice “now get me out of here”
“I’m on it” said Leo, walking up to the bars and placing his hands on them. There was a loud ZAP and he flew back through the air, narrowly missing a delicate looking glass globe that sat on a metal pedestal
“Ow,” he said, sitting up and shaking his head “try the bars now Bridget” he stood up, using the metal pedestal for support. The glass globe, teetered, then smashed to the floor
“Oh hell” he managed before the black gas that was housed in the globe shot into his mouth and every thing went black.

no, its not a remnant 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fear 9 : Trip

“Castle Rodvich?” Valkyrie wondered aloud “where’s that?”
“Someplace in Russia” said Scathach and everyone looked at her
“What? The guy had a Russian accent, and tell me ‘Castle Rodvich’ doesn’t sound Russian to you.”
“Let’s ask Tanya” said Aoife “TAN-YA!” she bellowed
“More than you know” said Tanya, limping slightly as she walked in (that happens when you fall from a 9 foot ceiling) “what’s up?”
“Do you know were castle Rodvich is?” asked Scathach
“We think it’s in Russia” added Aoife
“And that Bridget is being held there” finished Scathach
“Hmmm,” said Tanya “Castle Rodvich is much hidden by Russian sanctuary, but I know way in” her Russian accent grew more pronounced as she got excited “I can get ride for many of you, if we going?”
“Of course we’re going” said Caelan, who had remained quite up till now. Tanya gave him a smug smile and picked up the house phone “Go pack” She ordered as she punched in a number
“Who are you calling?” asked Kallista
“I’m calling some favors” she said before the person on the end of the line picked up and she started jabbering away in Russian, it sounded mostly like threats. Everyone dispersed to pack, but met within the hour at the kitchen table. Valkyrie surveyed the table, Tanya was teaching Aoife and Scathach Russian swear words (Придурки! Рывок! Ублюдок!). Anarchy was making cherry bombs and Israel and Necros both were cleaning there guns. Valkyrie wondered what she would be doing if she was normal, maybe making dinner, or helping the twins with their homework. Instead she was going on a rescue mission to save a vampire that was one of the 7 Fears, and most normal people don’t have husbands that step out of thin air.
“Hey Fletcher, how are things at the sanctuary?”
“The doctors can’t get the unconscious ones to wake up, they’re comatose” Valkyrie groaned
“What did Bridget do?” she said
“Ask her how to wake them up”
“Can’t” Valkyrie filled in Fletcher on the current situation
“Are you going?” he asked
“No, I don’t like Russia”
“Excuse me?” said Tanya “I hear someone say they don’t like Russia”
“The last time I was in Russia I was trying to get Skulduggery’s head. I nearly died! Sorry, but that leaves a lasting impression” Valkyrie shook her head
“Well, it good thing you not going, now we have 8 seats on plane” said Tanya “we meet pilot in half hour”
“Let’s get going!” said Anarchy, screwing the last fuse on her cherry bomb into place and stood up. She was out the door and at her bike before she realized she was alone, she frowned and the shadows swirled around her, then she was standing backing the kitchen
“Hellooo? Are we going?” she asked
“Yes” was Tanya’s simple reply
“Then we need to go to the airport” a rumbling suddenly shook the house and Skylara, who was in tabby from on top of the fridge, suddenly transformed back into her human form
“Wasn’t me” she said “it sounded like a plane” her eyes widened suddenly and she ran outside fallowed closely by everyone except Tanya, who moseyed out after the rush. A small plane was landing in the back yard
“What the hell?” yelled Valkyrie over the roar of the engines. Tanya smiled her smug little smile
“There is very few things that money can’t buy, blackmail gets you even farther. Everyone on!”

you have no idea how hard it is to type in a Russian accent

Fear 8 : Taken

Valkyrie clicked her fingers and the magic poured out from her center and into her finger tips, sparks flew, and then turned into flames, which grew into a fire ball that she hurled at a golem, it started to dry out and within seconds it was just a large clay statue. Caelan had gotten hold of one of the golems swords and was swinging it in a way that made it clear that he had never handled a sword in his life and Bridget… Well, Bridget was being Bridget, wheeling her still flaming whip in one hand and her foot long hunting knife in the other, she was cutting down the golems with such speed and precision that it was terrifying. But however many the three-some destroyed, more took its place, and to make things worse some of the henchmen where returning to the foyer and joining the fight. It was almost thirty golems and henchmen against two vampires and one human, things weren’t looking good. Bridget realized that to,
“Cover for me!” she yelled at Caelan, then she put down her flaming whip and shoved her knife in its holder. “Please work” she whispered as she stretched out her hand in front of her and the little blue spark appeared in her hand. She concentrated, and the dime sized spark grew to quarter size, then it was the size of a half dollar, her head felt like it was being chopped in half with a flaming ax, but she kept feeding the spark with her energy and it grew to baseball size.
“get down!” she meant to yell, but she could only whisper “down” Caelan heard her and pulled Valkyrie to the ground, a second later, Bridget released the energy that she was holding and it dissipated into the air
That should do it” she whispered before collapsing. Nothing happened for maybe two seconds, and then the air exploded! A rush of blue energies passed over Valkyrie and Caelan’s heads and smacked into the advancing golems and henchmen. There was a sound like a thousand crystal wine glasses smashing and all the golems froze, turned to stone by the energy and the henchmen all fell to the ground, unconscious, just like Bridget. A few golems came in from the hallways were the energy didn’t reach, but Valkyrie and Caelan dealt with them quickly. Valkyrie chucked another fireball at a golem, but while she was detracted, a barely conscious henchman pushed at the air and she went flying. Valkyrie smashed up against a wall and lay there, eyes un-focused and taking shallow breaths. Caelan came up behind the henchman and smashed his fist against his temple, then moved inhumanly fast to take out the next golem. Valkyrie sat up and shook her head, then stood up slowly on shaky legs, her eyes returned to normal and she ran back towards the fight, only to find the fight was no more. Caelan was dealing with the last golem, but other then that, only the unconscious henchmen left.
“They just, left” said Caelan “I looked up and they were all, gone” Aoife and Scathach ran up then, eyeing the chaos that was the foyer
“Were did you get the guns?” asked Valkyrie and Aoife shrugged
“Anarchy, what did you expect?”
“I can never really tell with Anarchy. Come on, we need to see if the others are okay” A few minutes later they were all gathered in the foyer again. Everyone was still alive (which was lucky) and their wounds weren’t life threatening (which was even luckier), Valkyrie stepped aside to give Skulduggery a status report and to call in the cleavers to take care of the unconscious henchmen and the stone golems.
“Where’s Bridget?” Scathach asked and Caelan swore, he spun around, but she wasn’t were he had last seen her slumped on the ground
“She was right there” he said, looking around wildly “Maybe she was captured, if the Fears get a hold of her-” Valkyrie snapped her phone shut and cut him off
“If the Fears get a hold of her then she is back were she belongs” everyone gave her confused looks
“I found a piece of paper in one of Gordon’s old notebooks, apparently our dear friend Bridget is living a double life” Valkyrie went on to explain her theory that Bridget was Chaos of the seven Fears.
“Impossible!” said Caelan, shaking his head but before Valkyrie could argue, Jodi interrupted
“Hello! Can we talk about this when I’m not bleeding to death, please?” Valkyrie gave Caelan a “this isn’t over” look and went to help Jodi with the cut on her arm. Everyone plied into the van again and left just as the cleavers pulled up. Back at the mansion, the kitchen turned into a first aide room and everyone that was hurt when in there. Aoife, Scathach, Kallista, Necros and Caelan where relatively unscratched, so they sat with Valkyrie in the living room. They where all still a tad bit twitchy from the leftover adrenaline, so when a phone started buzzing, they all jumped about a mile,
“Whose phone is that?” Valkyrie asked, looking over at were it sat on a side table
“Bridget’s, I think” Said Caelan, looking at it like it was a rabid chipmunk
“Got it!” said Scathach snagging the phone and flipping it open “Hello?” her eyes widened and she quickly put it on speakerphone.
“Look, girly” the voice on the other end was gruff and had a slight Russian accent “I know you aren’t Bridget, but I’m going to do you a favor because Bridget is a good boss and if she dies, my salary goes with her. They’re keeping her at castle Rodvich.” The line disconnected.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tis up to you

I have writers block. i can't think up a bloody thing to write, even though i have the later parts all planed out. so it is up to you, dear readers, to vote.

A) stop whining and  write the parts already! (WARNING: if you pick this one the parts will most likely be crappy and/or really short)

B) skip the parts i cant think up and get on with the story (nothing to important will be missed)

C) blow this and go eat a lollipop

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fear 7 : Meanwhile

The twins ran through the eerily quite halls of the sanctuary, hurrying to tell the others that it was starting. They rounded the corner to find Israel’s sawn off shotgun pointed at their faces.
“Sorry,” he whispered once he saw who it was
“It’s starting” hissed Aoife and he nodded
“Did you hear that, Tanya?” he called softly and Tanya, who was sitting cross-legged on the ceiling, nodded. The twins ran off towards the gaol. Leo and Mary sat leaning up against the door, talking quietly
“Where’s Florence? The attack is starting” said Scathach once they were level with the door
“She’s inside the gaol, in her own words ‘all that despair is to good to miss’” said Mary, standing up and pulling out some kunai while Leo went inside the gaol to get Florence. The twins didn’t stop to chat, just ran on to the repository, Jodi was playing a card game with Kallista and Necros and you could tell that she was winning by a large margin.
“Want to play?” asked Jodi
“No, it’s starting” Aoife and Scathach didn’t even stop as they ran by, they had heard Gustavo’s scream of pain and wanted to get to Anarchy and the others, fast. Anarchy was sitting completely relaxed on the floor, not caring that Sarthacus and Skylara were on high alert because they had heard the scream.
“Has it started?” Asked Skylara and the twins were so out of breath they just nodded
“Good,” Said Anarchy, standing up and rolling her shoulders “I’m bored” they waited in tense silence for a few moments, then a face peered around the corner; it was a henchman with a Glock 357 magnum. Before anyone could do anything, Anarchy was running down the corridor, the henchman fired, point blank, into her face but the shadows that where trailing down from her bracelet rose up and shielded her. With a whoop she crashed into the henchman she ripped the gun from his hand, then bonked him on the temple and he slumped to the ground, unconscious. Skylara transformed into a tiger and clawed at the faces of the henchmen that came around the corner next, Anarchy grabbed another gun from a henchman that was to busy being mauled by Skylara/tiger to notice anything and tossed both guns to the twins.
“Its like a camera” she said “point and shoot” and Aoife did exactly that, shooting a golem that had slipped past Valkyrie, Caelan and Bridget. The round hit it in the chest and it jerked back, but kept coming, Sarthacus through a fireball at it and the paper caught on fire, the paper symbol turned to ashes and the golem fell to the ground, little more than a lump of clay.

Sorry this is so short, but mum wants the computer so she can type her novel

Fear 6 : Fight

Valkyire felt like she had recently been bonked on the head with one of the golems clubs. Bridget was one of the 7 Fears? Impossible! "Well," said a little voice in her head "she does know an awful lot about the Fears, and she has information that only an insider would know" "Shut up!" Valkyrie thought to herself. While Valkyrie was arguing with herself, Bridget (or was she Helen?) was talking to Gustavo,
"Helen, my dear girl, what in the world happened to you?" he asked
"Many things, all dangerous, but if what you're referring to the fact that I'm not human, well, that's a story for another time and place"
"Speaking of places, what are you doing here?"
"A little bird told me that someone wanted to clean out the sanctuary, it sounded like a opportunity to make a little chaos"
"Your powers still work? Well, you where very powerful" Bridget lifted an eyebrow
"where is the key word, my dear Gustavo" she held out her hand palm up. a tiny blue spark about the size of a dime appeared in her palm, then fizzled out.
"Hmm," said Gustavo, looking at the place the spark had been "Well anyways, it looks like you did the job thoroughly, I'll just check" his eyes started to glow "Come to me" he said and Valkyrie's mind went blank, she stood and Caelan did too. Why had they been hiding? Gustavo was actually really nice "Fight it!"  screamed the little voice in her head, but she hadn't listened to it before, why should she now? Valkyrie and Caelan walked dream-like out from behind the administrator's desk and went to stand in front of Gustavo as he watched them critically. While Gustavo was looking at Valkyrie and Caelan, Bridget pulled her whip silently out of it's pocket. One of the henchmen notced and said
"Hey, what are you- argggg!" the last was said as the whip snaked out and put out one of his eyes. Gustavo half turned and half ducked, but the whip still caught him around the neck and his cry of "Attack!" was cut off  by lack of air. With Gustavo's attention off of them, Valkyrie and Caelan found that they could think for themselves again and wasted no time in beating off the first few golems and henchmen. Valkyrie quickly found out that golem plus water equals a golem that was so structurally weak it couldn't even hold up its weapon, let alone fight, which made it easy for Caelan to move in and snatch the paper symbols away. Meanwhile, Bridget was strangling Gustavo with her whip, he had gotten a hold of the end was slowly loosening it from around his neck when Bridget made her decision. She dipped her hand into her coat pocket and pulled out a silver lighter, she flicked it and held the little wavering flame to the whip. The oils that she used to keep the whip supple caught on fire instantly and quickly made there way down the leather of the whip, towards Gustavo, who fought even harder to get the whip away, but then the flames reached his neck and he screamed! A golem smashed Bridget in the back so hard that the wooden club snapped in half and she staggered away taking the whip with her and away from Gustavo. The smell of burning flesh and hair assaulted Valkyrie's noise as she pushed away a golem, she turned to find that while she and Caelan had been fighting off the golems, the henchmen had slipped past them and and gotten into the main part of sanctuary.
"Well," she muttered, pushing the air so a golem's sword missed her be a handsbreth "the others will just have to deal with it" just then a shot rang out, followed by a whoop
"They seem to be managing" said Caelan

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fear 5 : Surprise

They were ready. Everyone in the house had spent the last two days preparing themselves for the coming battle, Florence and Anarchy had stayed over night in a graveyard and now they where brimming with dark energy. Leo had shorted out the house twice when he charged himself, and Bridget and Caelan had spent a night “out” and came back with a conspicuous amount of blood all over their clothes. The knives and swords had been sharpened till they sung as they were drawn across the stone and all the guns had been inspected and cleaned. The twins had crammed, and crammed hard, so now they had a very limited amount of magic at their disposal. Bridget tucked her whip into its secret pocket and strapped a hunting knife to her thigh, she then looked up and surveyed the room, everyone was quite and focused (even Anarchy!) on their preparations. Israel shoved the last shot gun shell into the ammo bandoleer Tanya had lent him and stood up,
“I’m going to get my van” he said to Bridget, he went out the backdoor and everyone started to pack up, shoving knifes into scabbards and guns into holsters. Bridget’s phone buzzed once and she answered; knowing it would be Valkyrie telling her that everyone was out of the sanctuary. After a brief conversation, she hung up and said;
“Everyone’s clear, lets roll” Sarthacus cracked his knuckles and said
“Finally, we’ve been waiting for to long”
“We had to so that Skulduggery and the rest could get the sanctuary clear, you don’t want to have to worry about civilians when you’re fighting” replied Bridget as she jammed a small knife into her boot
“You sound like you’ve done this before”
“I’ve been around a while”
“How old are you then?”
“All right everyone!” Bridget said loudly, ignoring Sarthacus’s question “load up and hit the road, I’ll tell you all the game plan on the way”. Jodi led the way out to where Israel’s van sat idling in the driveway and claimed shotgun as everyone else piled into the back. It was pretty crowded, so Skylara turned into a cat and sat very far way from Florence on Scathach’s lap. Mary, Leo and Anarchy got on their bikes and zoomed off, followed by the van. Bridget started to tell them what to do once they got there.
“When we get to the sanctuary, I want people spit up into groups of three that will guard the places that the golems might try to attack; the gaol, the repository, that sorta thing. Tanya,” the Russian mercenary looked up “I want you and Israel to set up a gunnery post that you can shoot at the golems from, go for the head and try to get the paper symbol. If anyone gets into trouble send some sort of signal and someone will help you, watch your back, watch the others backs and don’t be a hero, any questions?”
“Yup” muttered Sarthacus “She’s done this before all right”
Valkyrie met them at the back door of the waxworks museum were the others already where waiting for them. Everyone got out of the van and hurried into the museum and toward the sanctuary entrance. The foyer rang with their hurried foot steps as they broke into groups and ran off to their positions. Florence, Mary and Leo went off to the gaol. Kallista, Necros, and Jodi hurried to the repository and Sarthacus, Skylara and Anarchy headed off to guard the Grand Mage’s office and all the important papers and stuff that were in it. Bridget, Caelan, Valkyrie and the Twins stayed in the foyer, hidden at Bridget’s orders behind the administrator’s desk. Five minutes passed, then ten, it was a full 45 minutes later that Bridget and Caelan both cocked their heads like the heard something. All of a sudden, banging noise reached Valkyrie’s less sensitive ears, Bridget turned to the twins
“Go tell the others that it’s starting, and then stay with Anarchy, ok?” the twin’s nodded “stick together!” Valkyrie hissed after them as they ran quietly off. With a splintering noise, the hidden door was chopped open and a few things stepped through the hole. They where the color of terracotta and were very loosely based on a humans form, they left behind oozy footprints behind as they walked and some carried swords and clubs. About thirty came through followed by some actual humans, not cheap imitations. last through the hole was a tall man, with salt and pepper hair and a tightly cropped gray beard. Bridget sucked in a breath
“Change of plans” she whispered “stay here and stay quite” she moved so fast and so quietly it was as if she vanished. A few moments later, her foot steps rang out as walked in from a corridor, some of the human henchman pointed guns at her, but she kept walking till she was about 8 feet away from the man with a beard. She gave a little bow and said
“Gustavo, it has been to long” she spoke with an odd and formal ascent that she hadn’t had before. The man, Gustavo, razed his eyebrows, then said;
“Helen Nightshade?”
“The one and only”

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fear 4 : Names

Valkyrie yawned and sat up in bed, it was a sunny morning with puffy white clouds, beautiful. BOOM! A large explosion from the backyard got her out of bed and down the stairs in a heartbeat. A garbage can in the backyard was smoking and Anarchy Rose was on her knees, laughing so hard she was crying. The twins weren’t in much better shape, but at least they were still standing.
“What the hell?” asked Valkyrie glaring at them. Molly tried (and failed) to regain some composure
“Rose said she’d show us how to make a canon” she said and Valkyrie groaned,
“New rule; no explosions before I’m dressed” Fletcher appeared suddenly
“What is that?” he asked                                  
“A canon, we’re shooting a wheel of Brie next” Maggie explained
“No you aren’t!” Valkyrie held put her hand and Fletcher teleported her up to her bed. She flopped down and pulled a pillow over her head, the pillow deadened some sounds, but Valkyrie could still here the muffed cries from the back yard;
“Load the cheese!”
“Brie loaded!
“Fire on my mark… MARK!” BOOM! Valkyrie rolled out of bed and got dressed to the sounds of hysterical laughter. In the kitchen, Leo was talking to Sarthacus Bolt about their powers and Bridget and Caelan were talking together so fast that only a vampire could make sense of what they were saying. Valkyrie took a step towards the fridge and bumped into someone that wasn’t there,
“Sorry” said Marry Hiashi, a ninja with long black hair and crimson eyes that had showed up last night at really-late-o’clock stepped out of her way. It was still only 7:30 on a Sunday morning, but soon people started to trickle into the kitchen. Jodi Harte and Israel Elysium each grabbed a handful of fruit and went out back to were the twins and Anarchy were sitting around a mound of white cheese on the ground, apparently they where having a breakfast picnic of melted canon cheese and fruit. Valkyrie shook her head and made herself a cup of tea, then she walked upstairs to the study. She closed the door and went over to the book shelf that held the entrance to the secret room,
“Hello my dear” said echo-Gordon as she came in
“Hey Gordon, I need some help. Have you ever heard of the 7 Fears?” echo-Gordon’s eyes widened
“Please tell me that this is just random curiosity”
“Then it’s a good thing I’m dead. I don’t know much about the 7 Fears, although I did track down their chosen names for some reference, it’s in a notebook over there.” He gestured towards a towering pile of books and notebooks.
“Could you narrow it down a little bit?” asked Valkyrie
“Fine” echo-Gordon walked over and pointed to a notebook
“Thanks” Valkyrie carefully pulled the notebook out of the stack and flipped through it, a loose leaf fluttered out and landed on the floor. She picked it up and found that it had names on it, copied out from somewhere in Gordon’s untidy scrawl.

The 7 Fears
Panic- Gustavo Rook
Chaos- Helen Nightshade
Shadows- Lord Vile (deceased)
Hunger- Harith Blackthorn
Murder- Coralee Strife
Destruction Yavani Phobos
Desolation- Yalana Phobos

Valkyrie pocked the paper and said to echo-Gordon;
“You’re very welcome, one little thing though” Valkyrie looked back at him
“Stay alive” he advised before fading away. Valkyrie went back down the stairs and found the twins at the bottom, ready to pounce,
“Mum, we thought up our taken names” said Molly with Maggie nodding solemnly beside her. What their taken names would be had been a constant subject of debate over the last few days, Valkyrie was glad it was over.
“Aoife Renn” said Molly proudly, milliseconds behind her, Maggie said
“Scathach Renn” when Valkyrie looked confused, they elaborated
“Aoife and Scathach are the warrior twins of Irish legend” Valkyrie nodded and moved aside so Necros could get by.
“Well done you two” Valkyrie said wondering were they got this stuff. Just then Bridget yelled
Everyone! Get in the kitchen! Tactical meeting, NOW!” Within five minutes everyone was in the rather crowded kitchen
“I got some information on when and where the attack is going to be and who is going to be attacking.” Bridget said, there was no room for her pace so she was taping her foot, fast. “Panic is going to be attacking with golems in two days time at the sanctuary’s main entrance. We need to clear everyone out of the sanctuary so we can fight with out having to worry about civilians.”
“What’s a golem?” asked Kallista
“It’s a creature made out of clay and animated with a symbol made of paper in its mouth. To kill it you need to destroy the paper, you can burn it, or you can tear it, or you can shoot a hole in it” Bridget nodded towards the Russian girl named Tanya. “and you two,” Bridget looked over at Aoife and Scathach “need to learn at least some magic.”

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fear 3 : Friends

The next morning dawned with gray clouds and a rainy sky, a knock brought Valkyrie to the door and she opened it to find familiar face.
“Anarchy Rose! Hey!”
“Hi” Anarchy looked the same as when Valkyrie had last seen her, with her black tattered clothes and her irrepressibly colored hair.
“Bridget called me last night to explain the situation about the 7 Fears” she continued, barging past Valkyrie to get inside the house, “same old Anarchy” thought Valkyrie as she followed her to the kitchen where the twins were eating. Valkyrie had explained the whole magic deal to the twins last night and they where loving it, their breakfast time conversation was about what their chosen name would be.
“Hello” Anarchy said cheerfully to the twins as they stared at her
“Hi” said Maggie at the same time Molly said “Awesome hair!”
“I know” said Anarchy. Rolling her eyes, Valkyrie when off in search of Bridget, she was out back, talking on her tiny cell phone.
“I don’t care how you get the information, just get it! I need to know where the attack is going to start and when. Good-bye.” Bridget snapped her phone shut and turned to Valkyrie, who asked
“Why is Anarchy Rose in my kitchen?”
“Have the cleaver ranks ever replenished?” not seeing how those two questions connected Valkyrie replied
“No, but-”
“So you’re planning to fight the biggest threat in the word by yourself? Forget it, so I’m calling in some friends, it’s a big house anyway, and you won’t be able to tell that they are there” Valkyrie looked up at the mansion that Gordon had left her and sighed
“I’m right and you know it” said Bridget smugly
“Shut up” Valkyrie said going back to the kitchen. Three seconds after she had sat down with her cup of tea and the paper, the door bell rang, with a groan Valkyrie got up and let a guy named Leo Sparks in. He shook some rain water out of his bright red hair and asked;
“Where should I put-” Valkyrie cut him off
“Go find Bridget, apparently I’m not in charge here” he shrugged and wandered into the kitchen, Valkyrie sighed and leaned on the door frame,
“What’s wrong?” asked Fletcher form behind her, causing her to yelp in sunrise
“Bridget is turning the house into a warrior hotel”
“Don’t ask” said Valkyrie. Over the next few days people started to trickle in from all over the place; Australia, England, Scotland, even a girl with a giant sniper rifle from Russia. But mostly they where Irish, people defending there country and all the people in it, knowing that they would never be thanked, or given a medal. They did it because it was the right thing to do.

Fear 2 : Takeover

Skulduggery, Ghastly, Valkyrie, and Fletcher sat in the living room talking about various things, from the best way to kill monsters to why hairless dogs looked like rats. The front door opened and Tanith came in she slammed the door behind her, walked over, and plopped down on the love seat next to Ghastly, who looked rather pleased about that and put his arm around her.
“Where are the twins?” she asked “I thought I was late for their birthday dinner”
“You are late” Valkyrie said “but the twins are off doing god knows what”
“They get that part from their mother” said Skulduggery wisely and Valkyrie scowled at him
“What did I say?” he asked with a little grin (he and Ghastly both were using façade tattoos) Valkyrie just rolled her eyes. Just then the door opened and Molly and Maggie ran in, they stopped in front of Valkyrie and said at the exact same time
“You lied to us” they turned to the room “you all lied to us”
“Molly, Maggie, what are you talking about?” Valkyrie said, but with a sinking feeling, she already knew
“Magic!” exclaimed Molly and Maggie nodded “And now the 7 Fears are back!”
“What?!?” yelped Skulduggery
“I’m missing something aren’t I?” asked Fletcher looking at Skulduggery, who seemed almost, frightened. The door busted open for the third time that night and Bridget and Caelan walked in, Valkyrie’s eyes widened slightly when she saw Caelan, she hadn’t seen him since the twins had been born.
“Caelan and I ran just ran down from the northern part of Ireland,” said Bridget, starting to pace back and forth, ignoring the fact that everyone was in various states of shock and surprise. “I’ve heard some rumors lately, but it was just confirmed that the 5 remaining Fears are on the move, I came to Dublin to warn the sanctuary, but we ran into Molly and Maggie when Caelan was taking a break.” She paused,
“I’m still missing something here” said Fletcher, looking at Bridget’s grim face, she sighed and explained.
“The 7 Fears are a group of very powerful sorcerers that are committed to making human live miserable; every pandemic, flood, earthquake and fire since the 1600’s or so has been because of them. The fears are Panic, Hunger, Murder, Destruction and Desolation.”
“That’s only five” said Fletcher, frowning
“Shadows and Chaos are dead, well, at least Shadows is.”
“Why are they coming to Ireland?” asked Ghastly
“Because they want the island”
The 7 fears want to takeover Ireland!?
“That just about sums it up”

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fear 1: Magic

Valkyrie watched as the twins got ready for school, matching their uniforms precisely so it was like they where copies of them selves. Some times, Valkyrie felt bad about hiding magic from Maggie and Molly, but then she got in a fight and afterward thanked her lucky stars that the twins lived a safe, yet boring, life.

Maggie and Molly waited till there dad’s car was out of site, then they turned away from the school bus stop and walked towards the mall, today was there 13th birthdays, and they sure as hell weren’t going to spend it learning. Hidden in their school bags, the girls each had an outfit all ready to go and a quick stop in the mall bathroom got rid of the dorky uniforms they had to wear to school, they still were exact copies of them selves, but in a good way, with matching black t-shirts and jeans. The twins then went on to wander through the almost empty mall, people watching and blowing their allowances on lattes from the Starbucks. It was getting late by the time the twins left the mall, with the darkness growing over head, the girls walked towards the bus stop, but then stopped as they heard voices coming from an alleyway.
“Damn, Caelan! We need get moving, now!” Molly and Maggie looked at each other, then peered into the alley, a tall girl that looked about three years older then them was standing over a guy with black hair who was sitting on the ground in the alley(yuck).
“You’ve had us run all the way from the other side of Ireland! And I haven’t fed in weeks! I need a break, Bridget; we can’t all be machines like you” the girl called Bridget didn’t answer; she just cocked her head to one side. All of a sudden the world around Molly and Maggie spun and they were dangling by their ankles in front of the one called Caelan, who viewed them with mild interest.
“What are you two doing here?” he asked in voice that made no sense, it was like he knew them, even though they had never met. The twins just stared at him
“Bridget, you can put them down, it’s just Valkyrie’s kids” Bridget shrugged and let go of their ankles, the twins thudded to the ground
“Who are you people?” demanded Maggie as she scrambled to her feet, she and Molly started backing away from the two odd people. Caelan frowned
“I’m Caelan and this is Bridget, maybe you don’t remember us?” he said but Bridget’s eyes widened suddenly as she looked at the twin’s scared faces, they where still backing away slowly.
“Caelan! They don’t know, Valkyrie never told them about magic” she said and the twins paused in there backing away
“Magic?” asked Molly looking back and forth between them
“I can’t believe she didn’t tell you” Caelan said, almost to himself, then he said; “Come on, you need to know”
“Know what?” asked Maggie
“About magic”

all the OC's show up around part 3-4