Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fear 7 : Meanwhile

The twins ran through the eerily quite halls of the sanctuary, hurrying to tell the others that it was starting. They rounded the corner to find Israel’s sawn off shotgun pointed at their faces.
“Sorry,” he whispered once he saw who it was
“It’s starting” hissed Aoife and he nodded
“Did you hear that, Tanya?” he called softly and Tanya, who was sitting cross-legged on the ceiling, nodded. The twins ran off towards the gaol. Leo and Mary sat leaning up against the door, talking quietly
“Where’s Florence? The attack is starting” said Scathach once they were level with the door
“She’s inside the gaol, in her own words ‘all that despair is to good to miss’” said Mary, standing up and pulling out some kunai while Leo went inside the gaol to get Florence. The twins didn’t stop to chat, just ran on to the repository, Jodi was playing a card game with Kallista and Necros and you could tell that she was winning by a large margin.
“Want to play?” asked Jodi
“No, it’s starting” Aoife and Scathach didn’t even stop as they ran by, they had heard Gustavo’s scream of pain and wanted to get to Anarchy and the others, fast. Anarchy was sitting completely relaxed on the floor, not caring that Sarthacus and Skylara were on high alert because they had heard the scream.
“Has it started?” Asked Skylara and the twins were so out of breath they just nodded
“Good,” Said Anarchy, standing up and rolling her shoulders “I’m bored” they waited in tense silence for a few moments, then a face peered around the corner; it was a henchman with a Glock 357 magnum. Before anyone could do anything, Anarchy was running down the corridor, the henchman fired, point blank, into her face but the shadows that where trailing down from her bracelet rose up and shielded her. With a whoop she crashed into the henchman she ripped the gun from his hand, then bonked him on the temple and he slumped to the ground, unconscious. Skylara transformed into a tiger and clawed at the faces of the henchmen that came around the corner next, Anarchy grabbed another gun from a henchman that was to busy being mauled by Skylara/tiger to notice anything and tossed both guns to the twins.
“Its like a camera” she said “point and shoot” and Aoife did exactly that, shooting a golem that had slipped past Valkyrie, Caelan and Bridget. The round hit it in the chest and it jerked back, but kept coming, Sarthacus through a fireball at it and the paper caught on fire, the paper symbol turned to ashes and the golem fell to the ground, little more than a lump of clay.

Sorry this is so short, but mum wants the computer so she can type her novel


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