Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fear 3 : Friends

The next morning dawned with gray clouds and a rainy sky, a knock brought Valkyrie to the door and she opened it to find familiar face.
“Anarchy Rose! Hey!”
“Hi” Anarchy looked the same as when Valkyrie had last seen her, with her black tattered clothes and her irrepressibly colored hair.
“Bridget called me last night to explain the situation about the 7 Fears” she continued, barging past Valkyrie to get inside the house, “same old Anarchy” thought Valkyrie as she followed her to the kitchen where the twins were eating. Valkyrie had explained the whole magic deal to the twins last night and they where loving it, their breakfast time conversation was about what their chosen name would be.
“Hello” Anarchy said cheerfully to the twins as they stared at her
“Hi” said Maggie at the same time Molly said “Awesome hair!”
“I know” said Anarchy. Rolling her eyes, Valkyrie when off in search of Bridget, she was out back, talking on her tiny cell phone.
“I don’t care how you get the information, just get it! I need to know where the attack is going to start and when. Good-bye.” Bridget snapped her phone shut and turned to Valkyrie, who asked
“Why is Anarchy Rose in my kitchen?”
“Have the cleaver ranks ever replenished?” not seeing how those two questions connected Valkyrie replied
“No, but-”
“So you’re planning to fight the biggest threat in the word by yourself? Forget it, so I’m calling in some friends, it’s a big house anyway, and you won’t be able to tell that they are there” Valkyrie looked up at the mansion that Gordon had left her and sighed
“I’m right and you know it” said Bridget smugly
“Shut up” Valkyrie said going back to the kitchen. Three seconds after she had sat down with her cup of tea and the paper, the door bell rang, with a groan Valkyrie got up and let a guy named Leo Sparks in. He shook some rain water out of his bright red hair and asked;
“Where should I put-” Valkyrie cut him off
“Go find Bridget, apparently I’m not in charge here” he shrugged and wandered into the kitchen, Valkyrie sighed and leaned on the door frame,
“What’s wrong?” asked Fletcher form behind her, causing her to yelp in sunrise
“Bridget is turning the house into a warrior hotel”
“Don’t ask” said Valkyrie. Over the next few days people started to trickle in from all over the place; Australia, England, Scotland, even a girl with a giant sniper rifle from Russia. But mostly they where Irish, people defending there country and all the people in it, knowing that they would never be thanked, or given a medal. They did it because it was the right thing to do.


  1. DARN YOU SARTHACUS BOLT! At least I'm second....

  2. not really, but there is a vampire inn (thats a spoiler FYI)

  3. This is great, Lizzy! Fun stuff! Very exciting! :D

  4. i really hope that my character is tardy,not missing!! he is so cool! second one down.

  5. being Liz's brother,i can give you secret spoilers!

    go//m's in the fight!

    sorry for the double post.

  6. that's not a spoiler brother, i dont care if you tell every one

  7. HaHaHaHa i'm sooo patriotic!!!!! Love how VALKYRIE got to cut me off!! write more soon !!!!!

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