Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fear 12 : Explosion!

(This is from Bridget’s P.O.V)

Every step I took hurt like hell, but I kept walking, thinking about how odd it was that my little rescue team hadn’t encountered anyone. I sifted through memories that I hadn’t needed in three thousand year, trying to remember which was the best way to get out. Memories of me drinking, memories of me killing, and memories of me sneaking around, memories that weren’t helpful, at least not right now. Just then, I remembered, the Fears weren’t around tonight because tonight was the full moon. Every month at the full moon everyone gathered in the catacombs and a calf was sacrificed at Gustavo’s orders. Weird, yes, but really quite good luck for my little rescue team. They had reached a broken window and everyone was climbing through, but when I lifted my leg to put through the window, the pain was so bad I nearly cried. Huh, I hadn’t cried since… I don’t know when, a long time I guess.
“Need help?” Caelan’s voice was so soft only a vampire could hear it
“No” I hissed at him, swinging my other leg through the window and muffing my cry of pain. He just sort of smiled at me and climbed out after me. All the other were already outside and getting on there snowmobiles.
“You can ride with me” Caelan said and I shelved my pride and sat behind him. It was easier than sitting behind a human and being temped to bite them for the entire ride back.
“Hey, Bridget! Catch!” Anarchy tossed a little remote to me and I snagged it out of the air
“What’s this?” I asked
“If you push the little button, the castle goes BOOM” I stared at the little remote for a few seconds, then looked around at then all.
“What, I don’t get a count down?” Aoife and Scathach grinned crazy-like and started counting, well, more like bellowing numbers at the tops of their lungs.
ONE!” I allowed myself a small grin and pushed the button. The castle exploded with such force that I felt myself being pushed backwards. It was quite for a second or two, and then Anarchy started laughing so hard she fell into a snow bank, which made her laugh harder.
“What the hell was in that thing?” asked Jodi, staring at the flaming place where the castle used to be. Anarchy shrugged
“A bit of C4, some plastic explosives… and a little something else”
“What’s the ‘something else’?”
“Ask me no questions and I shall tell you no lies”
“MOVE!” yelled Israel suddenly and a second later a rumbling noise started. Everyone got on their snowmobiles and the sudden roar of the engines starting was deafening. As we zoomed away, I looked back and saw something odd. It looked like the ground was disappearing, then I got it. The catacombs where collapsing!


  1. Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh! Sooooooo AWESOME! I'm liking the character of Bridget more and more! This is excellent writing, Lizzy! And I love the action!!!!!!
    *gives happy sigh*
    Thanks for posting this, Lizzy! it made my day brighter!
    Now write more! :D

  2. YES! You created an excellent character! I can't stand to see her hurt though, thats why in my fanfic everyone brings her to K. to get fixed up! To bad if he has a phobia! Lol

  3. the bomb probably had thermobaric explosives in it.



    Awesome work, Bridget. I like the explosion...

  5. I'd laugh if that 'something else' was caramel. You can just see it: "Well, i ran out of super glue, and i needed SOMETHING to glue to bloody thing together!" xD

    But WOW! love it love it love it! Keep writing! I want to know what happens next! xxxxxxxxxD

  6. Lenka never reads MY stories!!!! *pouts in corner*
    Ok. Just teasing. I think Lenka is a very busy girl. So is Miss Lizzy.....but I don't care!!!!
    I want more fanfics!!!!!

  7. hey hellboy,come to derek landys blog.

  8. ahhh, theres a problem with the "more fanfic" thing i have writers block:P

  9. It's probably cause all the war going on at the other blog!

  10. Hmmmm....wonder if they are still fighting.....

  11. I should be working on my story too. But I feel stuck. So I'll just wait a bit....

  12. I think Bridget and Jodi hart are some of the best female characters on Bio rama.

  13. They are different and more exciting then the usual kick @$$ chicks out there!

  14. yeah, im having fun making up Bridget's dark past. but ill need to update her bio after im finished with Fear

  15. I like that.....the uniquness of those characters. I've lived with good, but very boring people all my life, so my imagination has to come from other sourses.

  16. Yeah, having a character like that makes it more fun to write! :D
    I want to do something unique with Jodi's character but am stuck on that. I already have plans for Bridget......*grins wickedly*

  17. arggg, my dad just kicked me off, he says i have to go outside and "play" byeeeeee!

  18. Yeah....I think it'll be good stuff.....I'm hoping.....

  19. LOL, OK, Byyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!