Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!

I hope Y'all are having a great day and that you haven't gotten too many socks (and if you did get socks I hope they're epic toe socks)

I've been thinking of ways to explain Christmas to a person who doesn't celebrate it, I'm not doing a very good job.
"Well, the whole point of Christmas is we're celebrating the birth of a kid who was literally born in a barn. And the way we celebrate is a fat stalker dude breaks into your house and eats your food before then leaving you lots of stuff under the dead tree that was cut back in November. The stalker dude watches you all year long (creepy!) and wears dead animals furs and drives a sled driven by reindeer (talk about bad mileage). We also celebrate by eating twice our weight in delicious fatty cookies and visiting people we may, or may not, want to visit (most of the time its not)." 

After I'm finished talking most people will back away slowly with a fake smile plastered on.

i find this funny

Merry Christmas Everyone, God Bless.

I'm writing this beforehand so all I need to do is get on the computer for five seconds and hit the post button.
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Blind Ravens, part 2

The next morning, Leander woke to overcast skies and a rumble of thunder in the distance. He dressed quickly and headed down the hall to the main of the inn for some breakfast, hoping Mea hadn’t left yet. The main room was unfortunately empty of blind girls, so Leander took his breakfast to the table that they had sat at last night, so he’d be able to see Mea if she came in. He want to see if she was going to La Ruse, she seamed to know a lot about the post and it would be nice to have a guide. Leander smiled into his porridge, a blind girl as a city guide, that was… unusual. A gleam from under the table caught his eye, he reached out and snagged the gleaming thing, and he now saw it was a necklace. The necklace had leather thong and from it hung a silver disk with a stylized raven cut into the metal, he looked closer and saw the small raven had an even smaller blindfold on it. Leander recognized the necklace; he had seen Mea wearing it last night, but hadn’t mentioned it. He slid the necklace into his pocket, maybe he could find someone to give it to her in the port, but he would never get there if he just sat in the inn all day long. Leander picked up his rucksack and walked out of the inn, heading along the southerly road that led to the port of La Ruse. After a few hours of peaceful walking it started to get dark, the clouds that had threatened rain all day finally opened up and the rain started to pour down by the bucketful. Leander sighed and jogged over to covered spot under a tree, hopefully this would be a quick rain storm and he would be able start walking again soon, the port was still a half a day of steady walking ahead of him. He heard voices then, coming from the thicket of trees behind him. He tried looking through the thicket, but it was… well… thick and he couldn’t see who was talking. He moved closer, trying to see who was speaking. Leander peeked his head around a tree trunk and saw first and foremost all the weapons that they carried, there were only two of them, but the each had at least three times the amount of weapons a normal traveler would be carrying. He ducked his head back be hind the tree before they saw him, they probably weren’t the kind of people to take kindly to others spying on them. The two young men looked very much the same, they where most likely twins, both with black wavy hair and blue eyes. They where talking quietly, heads bent over a map in the shelter of a huge pine tree. Leander heard a noise behind him and started to turn, but something smashed into the side of his head and he blacked out. A few minutes later he came to. He was tied hand and foot, with his back resting against the huge pine tree. Three people, two boys and one girl, stood looming over him, faces identical masks of distrust and suspicion. In fact, it looked like they where triplets, all three of them with black hair and blue eyes.
“Who are you?” demanded the girl in a thick Scottish accent “What do you want?” leaning against her leg was a heavy tree branch, the object Leander suspected was responsible for his pounding headache.
“Who are you?” the girl demanded again, razing the tree branch threateningly, but one of her brothers put a hand on her arm and stopped her
“Lorna…” he said warningly, the girl called Lorna rolled her eyes and dropped the branch, but then whipped a knife out of her boot.
“If you are fond of your ears, then you will tell me who you are!” Leander tried, but his throat was dry and constricted and he could only make a little choking sound. The girl called Lorna scowled at him and said something in rapid-fire Scottish to her heavily armed brothers. They advanced towards Leander and hauled him up by his elbows. Lorna approached, pulling a little bottle out of an inner pocket, she held the bottle under Leander’s nose, but he held his breath.
“You’ll need air eventually” she said “And I could stand here all day” Already Leander’s lungs where starting to burn. He couldn’t last much longer. “Just a quick breath” he thought, but as he gasped in a breath, the evil Scot girl practically shoved the little bottle up his nose. Leander had the impression of falling down a dark tunnel, and everything when black.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Whatever, I'll just call it fanfic

Sorry I'm taking so long between posts guys, I've been going crazy with all the stuff I have to do. I got really lazy at the end, again, sorry.

Bridget was pacing. She had been pacing for the last five minutes as Eloise hacked into the airport records, trying to find out where Tanith was going.
“Knock it off Bridget” whined Anarchy “You’re making me motion sick” Bridget rolled her eyes and plopped down on the couch for all of three second before she was up and pacing so fast she was just a blur.
“Bridgetttttttt” moaned Anarchy, looking a tad bit green.
“Bridget, this is going to take another few minutes while this program runs” said Eloise “So for the sake of Anarchy’s stomach and your couch’s cleanliness, go pace somewhere else.” Bridget gave Eloise the evil eye, but sat back down. The laptop beeped once and Eloise turned back to it, with Bridget looking over her shoulder to see what it said.
“Dallas, Texas” Bridget read aloud. “That’s it? Nothing else?” she glared at the screen like it had done her personal wrong.
“What’s wrong with Dallas?” asked Sarthacus
“The Dallas airport is huge” said Bridget, she sighed and walked over to a door that everyone assumed was a closet. She opened the door and went through, Anarchy following curiously behind her.
“Wow…” Anarchy craned her neck and looked around at all the weapons that lined the walls of the little room. Everyone crowded into the small room, except for Eloise, who was still typing at astonishing pace.
“Wow…” echoed Dragona, looking at the knives and swords that cluttered the walls. Bridget ignored them and picked out her twin hunting knives, almost a foot long each, from the left hand wall.
“What happened to your whip?” asked Israel, who was examining a Winchester 1897 Shotgun.
“It got burned, and I haven’t gotten around to making another one yet” she shrugged ruefully
“How do you make a whip?” wondered Dragona
“With leather” Bridget replied shortly, strapping her holstered knives to her thighs and sliding another one into her boot.
“Let’s go” she said. Everyone followed her out of the weapons room, expect for Tanya, who stayed behind
“Come on Tanya” said Israel, even though he too was a bit reluctant to leave the room and all its magnificent guns, Tanya didn’t move. Bridget sighed and turned to glare at her.
“Tanya, you are not getting one of my guns so move it”
“But I didn’t bring my sniper rifle,” Tanya made her eyes big and watery “Are you going to let me go defenseless against one of the best fighters in the world?”
“You’re an assassin Tanya, how many knives do you have on you right now” Bridget’s eyes where slowly turning red.
“Only fourteen” Israel razed his eyebrows, Tanya was wearing semi-fitted jeans, a baby doll t-shirt and sneakers, there was no was she was hiding even one knife.
“Tanya, we don’t have time for this” Bridget’s eyes where bright red “We have all of Texas to search”
“Not necessarily” Tanya sounded very smug “If you let me borrow your AK-47 then I’ll lead you to right to where Billy-Ray’s house is” Everyone started backing away from Bridget, who looked like she was about to explode. She stewed for a minute, trying to find a way to make Tanya tell without getting blood on her floor
“Fine” she spat glaring at Tanya, who smiled and picked the AK-47 off the wall and rummaged around for ammo.
“If you scratch it you’re vamp chow”
“Whatever, lets go!” Tanya walked past a livid Bridget towards the hall door.
“Hold down the fort Eloise” Bridget ordered before leaving. Once they where all outside Dragona pointed his keychain at his Porsche and pushed a button. The car transformed into plane that looked very fast.
“Everyone on” he said with a grin

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still no idea what to call this

 Hey y'all, I'm continuing this story line [link] in addition to Mea and Leander's story. sorry y'all had to wait so long for this.

Dragona parked and climbed out of his Porsche, looking suspiciously at the crumbling building before him. It was an old motel, straight out of the fifties with peeling paint, rotting wood and a group of vampires out front. That’s right; a group of four vampires where lounging on the crumbling stairs, smoking cigarettes and watching him with what Dragona hoped wasn’t hunger. He had parked his precious car outside the vampire inn, the number two place that never, ever wanted to go (hell was first on the list), he sighed and walked up the steps, being very careful to stay as far away from the vamps as possible. He had gotten a text from Bridget; saying that he was going to help her cousin hunt down Tanith and un-remnant her, or else, so here he was. Dragona tugged on the rusted metal handle to the door, but it wouldn’t budge, he heard giggling from behind him and turned to glare at the vampires on the steps.
“What?” he asked grumpily, which made them laugh harder
“What are you lot smoking?” asked a gruff voice from behind him “If the human wants to get in then the human can get in” Dragona looked around but here was no one behind him.
“Down here” said the gruff voice and Dragona looked down at the speaker who was a… cement frog.
“Bridget said a bunch of humans would want to get in today, you one of them?” the frog looked suspiciously up at him with its green glass eyes
“Yes…” said Dragona, not quite sure how else to answer to a talking cement frog
“Works for me” the doors clicked and opened an inch or two
“Umm, thanks…” Dragona pulled the doors open all the way and walked in. The inside of the vampire inn was neat, clean and tastefully furnished; no blood on the walls or spider webs or corpses hanging from the ceiling like he had imagined. He walked cautiously down the hall, wondering where Bridget was and how soon he could get out of here. A vampire girl poked her head out of a doorway in front of him
“I thought I smelled a human,” she said, thoroughly creeping Dragona out “Are you here to see Bridget?”
“Yes...” the vampire girl really looked very odd; she was short, but very thin and her eyes where different colors, one was blue and the other was a very light green. Her eyes added to her eccentric appearance, long black dreadlocks, a flowing green dress that fell to her ankles and bare feet.
“Oh good, Bridget and the others are in her room, Come on, I’ll show ya’” she darted off down the hall, Dragona following.
“Here’s Bridget’s room” the vampire announced pointing to a door that had a “enter and die” sign on it
“Thanks” he said but the odd vampire had already gone. Shaking his head, Dragona knocked twice on the door, then opened it carefully; he wouldn’t put it past Bridget to booby-trap her door.
"God" said a familiar Boston accent "What took you so long?" Dragona glared at the speaker, the ever annoying Anarchy Rose.
"Filthy hypocrite" said Bridget from her position sitting on the ottoman "You got here barely a minute ago"
"Shut up the two of you" said Sarthacus "Hey Dragona"
"Hey" he said absently, surveying his surroundings. Sarthacus was lounging on Bridget's beat up sofa, next to Bone, who Dragona had only met once before. Israel was sitting on the floor, resting his back against Bridget's ottoman and Anarchy was flopped in the hammock that was strung up in a the corner.
"Boo!" Dragona jumped slightly and looked up to where the voice had come from, Tanya waved at him from the ceiling.
"Ok," said Bone "I saw Tanith at the La Guardia airport, in New York. She has dyed her hair black, but still wears the same outfits, you know, the leather."
"So we know where Tanith has been, but how does that help? One doesn't go to the airport to just to admire the scenery, Tanith was going somewhere, most likely out of the county" Israel pointed out
"True," admitted Bone "But Bridget said she knew someone who could help" everyone looked at Bridget, who was picking her teeth, not caring about what everyone was saying. 
"Bridget, " prompted Tanya "you said you knew someone who could help us"
"Did I?" Bridget sounded bemused "Well then I was lying" everyone stared at he. Their one little lead had just vanished so now they had nowhere to start, and no idea how to start. After a second of enjoying their faces, which ranged from astonished to outrage, Bridget relented
"Just seeing if you lot where on your toes" she said, corners of her mouth pulling up "ELOISE!" she yelled suddenly. Barley a second had passed before the odd vampire girl stood in the doorway
"You bellowed, ma'am" she said sarcastically and Bridget rolled her eyes and pointed at her laptop, which was balancing on a teetering pile of papers. Unlike the rest of the Vampire Inn, Bridget's room was not neat, or clean or anything even resembling organized. The odd vampire, Eloise,  manged to get the laptop without knocking any papers down as Bridget explained what she wanted her to do.
"I need you to get into the security cameras in the La Guardia airport and show us the footage from..." Bridget looked at Bone expectantly
"Saturday" Bone said
"Yeah, so show us the footage from Saturday" Bridget then explained to the group the Eloise was one of the most talented hackers in the world, and that she'd been hacking into computers since they had been invented.
"Got it" said Eloise, she had been typing for less then a minute, but when they looked at the screen, they saw a color image of Tanith. As they watched, the Tanith on screen fliped her black hair over her shoulder and smiled and waved at someone off screen. The person came into view then, a familiar figure with blond hair and sunglasses.
"Oh, god..." said Tanya glaring at the person on screen, who was none other then everyone's favorite Texan assassin, Billy-Ray Sangiune.
"Well, " said Dragona, "That complicates things"