Monday, December 13, 2010

Whatever, I'll just call it fanfic

Sorry I'm taking so long between posts guys, I've been going crazy with all the stuff I have to do. I got really lazy at the end, again, sorry.

Bridget was pacing. She had been pacing for the last five minutes as Eloise hacked into the airport records, trying to find out where Tanith was going.
“Knock it off Bridget” whined Anarchy “You’re making me motion sick” Bridget rolled her eyes and plopped down on the couch for all of three second before she was up and pacing so fast she was just a blur.
“Bridgetttttttt” moaned Anarchy, looking a tad bit green.
“Bridget, this is going to take another few minutes while this program runs” said Eloise “So for the sake of Anarchy’s stomach and your couch’s cleanliness, go pace somewhere else.” Bridget gave Eloise the evil eye, but sat back down. The laptop beeped once and Eloise turned back to it, with Bridget looking over her shoulder to see what it said.
“Dallas, Texas” Bridget read aloud. “That’s it? Nothing else?” she glared at the screen like it had done her personal wrong.
“What’s wrong with Dallas?” asked Sarthacus
“The Dallas airport is huge” said Bridget, she sighed and walked over to a door that everyone assumed was a closet. She opened the door and went through, Anarchy following curiously behind her.
“Wow…” Anarchy craned her neck and looked around at all the weapons that lined the walls of the little room. Everyone crowded into the small room, except for Eloise, who was still typing at astonishing pace.
“Wow…” echoed Dragona, looking at the knives and swords that cluttered the walls. Bridget ignored them and picked out her twin hunting knives, almost a foot long each, from the left hand wall.
“What happened to your whip?” asked Israel, who was examining a Winchester 1897 Shotgun.
“It got burned, and I haven’t gotten around to making another one yet” she shrugged ruefully
“How do you make a whip?” wondered Dragona
“With leather” Bridget replied shortly, strapping her holstered knives to her thighs and sliding another one into her boot.
“Let’s go” she said. Everyone followed her out of the weapons room, expect for Tanya, who stayed behind
“Come on Tanya” said Israel, even though he too was a bit reluctant to leave the room and all its magnificent guns, Tanya didn’t move. Bridget sighed and turned to glare at her.
“Tanya, you are not getting one of my guns so move it”
“But I didn’t bring my sniper rifle,” Tanya made her eyes big and watery “Are you going to let me go defenseless against one of the best fighters in the world?”
“You’re an assassin Tanya, how many knives do you have on you right now” Bridget’s eyes where slowly turning red.
“Only fourteen” Israel razed his eyebrows, Tanya was wearing semi-fitted jeans, a baby doll t-shirt and sneakers, there was no was she was hiding even one knife.
“Tanya, we don’t have time for this” Bridget’s eyes where bright red “We have all of Texas to search”
“Not necessarily” Tanya sounded very smug “If you let me borrow your AK-47 then I’ll lead you to right to where Billy-Ray’s house is” Everyone started backing away from Bridget, who looked like she was about to explode. She stewed for a minute, trying to find a way to make Tanya tell without getting blood on her floor
“Fine” she spat glaring at Tanya, who smiled and picked the AK-47 off the wall and rummaged around for ammo.
“If you scratch it you’re vamp chow”
“Whatever, lets go!” Tanya walked past a livid Bridget towards the hall door.
“Hold down the fort Eloise” Bridget ordered before leaving. Once they where all outside Dragona pointed his keychain at his Porsche and pushed a button. The car transformed into plane that looked very fast.
“Everyone on” he said with a grin


  1. LOL
    AWESOME Lizzy!
    Love that part with Tanya and Bridget and the weapons!!!!!
    Thanks for posting this.
    Your a gifted writer!