Monday, March 28, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 6

Sorry y'all, this part is a bit of a filler. I really wanted to write a bit about the relationship between Eloise, Victor, and Bridget. I'll get to the action soon though ;)

“Maggie?! Molly?!” their mother’s voice cut through their stupor of seeing the burning body. They spun and saw Stephanie standing about 50 yard away.
“Mum!” they cried together, starting towards their soot streaked mother. The black doorway opened up and they stepped through, ending up less then a foot away from her. Stephanie gasped in shock as the twins disappeared and reappeared, closing the distance in a blink to crush her a hug.
“What are you doing here?!” Stephanie said, in complete shock
“Bridget came to-”
“Get Ruben-”
“He had a vision, a bad one-”
“And we tagged along-”
“And we came here and saved two people!-”
“Bridget calls it teleporting and told-”
“Us to go find more people-”
“WHOA!” Stephanie’s head started to spin from the twins speaking in tandem, not to mention the fact that they had crossed 50 yards in a second.
“How do you learn to teleport?” The twins shrugged
“It just… happened” Maggie said as they started to walk towards Bridget’s car. Stephanie sighed and rubbed her temples.
“Aye?” The twins yelped and spun to glare at Bridget, who was standing behind them. Stephanie turned slowly and gave Bridget a look that told her quite clearly that hell was going down.
“Why did you bring the twins here?” Stephanie asked in a tone that the twins had last heard when they dyed the cat purple. Bridget shrugged, unconcerned.
“What else was I supposed to do?”
“Stay the hell away from my family, that’s what!” Stephanie looked furious as she did her best to loom over Bridget, something she managed fairly well considering they were both the same height.
“So that some day a complete stranger could come to your house someday and say ‘oh, sorry, your mom is dead. By the way she was hiding her entire life from you’? I don‘t think so” Stephanie bit her lip and looked slightly to the side.
“You still had no right to go send them off to try and teleport people out!”
“So we could stand here and watch people die?” Maggie asked softly. Stephanie turned and looked at Maggie, lost for words. Bridget took this time to make her escape and walked off to where the girl with the dreadlocks was. She smiled faintly as the little family started to argue, really, it was just too cute. Why didn’t Valkyrie just deal with the fact that the twins were going to find out sometime or other, she had just…helped… the process along a bit.
“What’d you do?” Eloise asked, flipping her dreadlocks over her shoulder and hooking her thumb over at the arguing family.
“Nuttin’” Bridget smiled innocently and headed over to the smoldering pile of rubble. She smelled something dead. She shifted rubble and beams of the prone figure sprawled on the ground as the yelling behind her increased, Fletcher had joined the group and was now trying to calm his wife and daughters down without getting a limb chopped off or something. The dead thing beneath the rubble shifted and Bridget kicked him sharply in the ribs.
“Ooow… Bridget…” The dead man whined, pushing his long hair out of his eyes and squinting up at her.
“Get up, maggot” she said, scowling affectionately down at the vampire. He reached his hands up and pulled himself up using the hem of her vintage Pink Floyd t-shirt, something she wasn’t happy about.
“Hands off Victor!” she swatted his hands away and he shrugged, throwing an arm around her shoulders instead.
“What’s going on over there?” he asked, looking over at the family. They had quieted down a bit, but still there was some major tension in the air.
“While you were passed out under ze rubble, Bridget decided to screw up someone’s life again” Eloise explained, her French accent flowing thick and fast
“She bit someone?!”
“Do you really think so poorly of your girlfriend? Non, she was just being her normal charming self” Eloise rolled her eyes
“I’m still here, you realize” Bridget said, glaring daggers at Eloise. Ignorant of her impending doom, Eloise smiled.
“You’re here, but for how long?”

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 5

Before anyone could answer the startled and slightly sick looking twins, a creaking, groaning nose made them look at the burning building. In a fantastic shower of sparks and flames, the building collapsed, trapping whoever was still inside in a cage of burning beams.
“Ooo…” An Asian looking girl with very brightly colored hair winced “That’ll leave a mark” She started to run towards the building and the twins eyes widened even farther (if possible) as tentacles and whips of a shadowy material grew out of the silver bracelet on the girl’s arm.
“What the hell is going on!?” Molly cried, staggering to her feet and pulling her twin up
“We demand an explanation!” Maggie said as firmly as possible.
“You’ll get one, later.” Bridget said, eyes never leaving the burning ruins. “Right now you need to help.”
“Wait, what? You want us to help with that?” Maggie gestured wildly to the ruin “We ain’t firefighters!”
“You are teleporters, so go get ‘em” Bridget jogged off
“What…?” Maggie and Molly looked completely lost, but the woman they had saved from the building took pity.
“Just teleport in there and pull people out, it’s a relatively safe job” she said kindly, a smile on her soot streaked face.
“But we don’t know how!” wailed Molly “What we did was kinda, an accident”
“Your accident saved our lives” the tall, slightly imposing man said, “so go help Bridget and the others” Molly and Maggie looked at each other helplessly. Ruben was still pale and shaking from his vision, but he still managed to flash them an encouraging smile.
“Fine” they said at the same time, turning and walking briskly towards the building, steps betraying none of the uncertainty they were feeling.
“What the hell do we do?” Molly wondered softly
“Wing it” muttered Maggie as they circled uncertainly around the edges of the ruins. A faint cry was heard and they looked closer. A woman was trapped under a fallen beam.
“Aw hell” muttered Molly, taking a few steps forwards and focusing. It took a few second, but the black gate appeared and she stepped through till she was next to the woman. The heat hit her like a fist, but she managed to grab the woman’s arm, they were out of the horrible heat in less then a second and standing beside Maggie. The woman bent over and panted a few times before looking at Molly, flipping her dreadlocks out of her face.
“Merci,” she said thankfully, nodding slightly “would you like help?” she had a French accent that the twins found very cool.
“Yeah, I guess” Maggie shrugged and looked uncertainly at her twin.
“Very good” the woman cracked her neck back and forth, then lifted her face to the air, sniffing slightly. More then a little freaked out at that odd behavior, the twins started to edge away, but then the woman’s eyes flew open and she darted off over a pile of smoldering rubble.
“Why us?” muttered Maggie , following the odd woman and her twin. She stopped as she stopped a person in the flames.
“Don’t bother” the woman called causally over her shoulder “that one’s dead” the twins stared at the body through the flames. The word suddenly had gotten a lot larger and a lot scarier.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oneshot! Bridget's Nightmare

'ello people! I just wanted to post this little one shot before going back to focusing on Fear Saga, enjoy and please comment!

The girl walked calmly, stoically, through the mudroom and out the backdoor into the soggy heat of summer. She leapt off the small wooden porch and broke into a sprint, bare feet slapping as she ran up a logging road into the woods. Gnarled roots jutted out of the path at random spots, but she avoided them skillfully and with a repetitive ease. She took a left at the top of the trail, panting slightly from the sharp uphill run. Never slowing pace, she darted across a small clearing and skirted around a bed of ferns, knowing the thorn bushes that lurked in the lush greenery. Running past the small wooden shack, the girl vaulted the stone wall and was in the forest for earnest now. Avoiding the rusted barbed wire someone (herself) had seen fit to spray paint hot pink, her bare feet picked out a path, seemingly on their own. Her not-so dainty feet were almost completely silent on the loam of rotting leaves as her pace slowed to a leisurely stroll, meandering un-hurriedly. The crackling of dry twigs and leaves made the girl look up from watching her own feet. Casually slipping her hand into her pocket to touch the knife that always resided there the girl slipped into a crouch, taking cover behind a lumpy-shaped rock. Before her was a small dip in the ground, about ten feet across, and filled with leaves and pine needles, providing a soft bed for the person the crouched there. It was a woman, hunched over tightly with her back to the girl. The girl could see the ridges of the woman’s spine through her thin, raggedy t-shirt and felt a twitch of pity of someone so thin. The woman uncurled slightly from her tightly hunched position and the girl clapped a hand to her mouth to keep the gasp from escaping. Something had torn the woman’s arm apart in long, narrow gashes and blood was oozing lazily from the cuts. It looked like someone had taken a knife and tried to peel away the woman’s skin. The breeze shifted and the girl’s long fringe blew across her face. The woman stiffened and stood, slowly uncurling her lanky body and turning to look at the girl. She frowned, most likely at being found out, and the girl frowned too, but for a different reason. The woman was tall and very pale and thin, with brown hair and cold, cruel eyes. Those eyes were a pale pink at the moment, showing the woman’s displeasure at being found in a moment of weakness. The girl smiled wolfishly, she had found her.
“Bridget” She said, it wasn’t a question. The woman’s eye’s cleared, leaving them a piercing green that were just as terrifying as the pink eyes. The woman’s mouth opened slightly in shock and the girl could see her sharpened teeth jutting out slightly.
“You are Bridget Whiplash” the girl said, smirking lightly at some un-heard joke. Bridget recovered quickly from her shock at not only being found by a human girl, but being called by name by said human.
“And who are you?” She asked, voice laden with sweet poison.
“Like hell I’ll tell you that” she girl smirked wider and Bridget advanced a bit more, slipping slightly on her own blood. The girl involuntary twitched her hand to her knife at the movement and it was Bridget’s turn to smirk, like that little toothpick would do anything against her own knife, which was securely strapped to her leg.
“I need medical, supplies, you will help me.” Bridget stated, she would not take no for an answer with her deep, almost black, colored blood spilling over the forest floor. The girl raised her eyebrows, and turned, beckoning Bridget to follow her. The girl ran off swiftly, leaving Bridget to follow at her own pace, which was a bit slower then normal due to blood loss. Bridget followed the girl’s sent thought the trees, thinking as she walked. She had a plan. She would let the girl bandage her up, then ask her about how she had learned her name. Then she would kill the girl and find the person that had cut up her arms and kill them also. It was a good plan, Bridget liked it.. Following the girl past a beat up little shack and down a steep hill, a large yellow house came into view. Kicking aside a few chickens that came to peck curiously at her leather boots, Bridget followed the girl’s sent up the small wooden porch and to the back door. Bridget paused for a second before entering, goose bumps erupting because of the chilly air conditioning. The girl had already set up the supplies on the kitchen table and Bridget walked over, swaying slightly as she tried to keep from dripping blood on the kitchen floor.
“Sit” the girl ordered and Bridget jumped up on the table, holding her arm out to the girl, all the while watching to make sure she didn’t poison the wounds or something. The girl ran a little piece of gauze under the kitchen tap and dabbed at Bridget’s cuts, clearing away the little bits of crud that had found their way into the slashes. Switching pieces of gauze, the girl dabbed a bit of a stinging liquid to the cuts.
“How do you know my name?” Bridget asked as the girl worked. The smirk the had been gracing the girl’s face since Bridget had first seen her grew wider as she contemplated the question
“No comment” she said smugly. Bridget waited patiently till the girl had finished wrapping the slashes in a white bandage till she jumped off the counter and pinned the girl’s head against a cabinet.
“No comment?” she growled softly
“No comment, Isabella” Bridget let go, stunned. No one, I repeat, no one knew Bridget’s given name. She had given it up at age six and there were no records of it, she had made sure of that. No one that knew her name was still alive. The girl slipped away form Bridget’s choking hands and pointed to her shirt.
“I’ll get you a replacement, I don’t want to clean blood off the floors” Bridget, still in a bit of shock, shrugged causing a few drips of blood to fall to the wood floors. The girl sighed, not pleased, and walked up the stairs. Bridget didn’t bother following her up the stairs and instead resumed her seat on the kitchen table. A notebook was sitting next to her on the table and she picked it up idly, flicking thought the pages filled with messy pencil scrawl. The handwriting was awful and the spelling even worse, but still Bridget’s name jumped out at her. She skimmed over the page quickly, eyes growing wide.
“It’s not polite to snoop” The girl was back and holding a deep red t-shirt. The color of human blood, how appropriate.
“Family?” Bridget asked briskly
“Out” the girl matched her cool, calm tone
“Nu-uh, nice try”
“Anything keeping me from killing you as a stand?” The girl smiled disturbingly
“It’s creepy, ain’t it?” she said, ignoring the question and pulling the notebook from Bridget’s hands “Someone being able to control your every more, your every twitch just by putting pencil to paper” The girl’s smile never faltered has she pulled a pencil out of her pony tail and started to write. The edges of Bridget’s vision grew dim and she found her self slipping into a tunnel of darkness.
Bridget sat up quickly, her hammock swinging gently with the sudden movement. She was in her darkened room at the Vampire Inn, sitting in her hammock that served double purpose as a bed and a comfy place to watch TV. Bridget sighed and rolled over, pulling her blankets to her shoulder. It wasn’t often she had a dream that she found disturbing. when you lived as long as she had, you learned to shake off the horrors of dreams quickly so you could focus on the horrors of the real world. She rolled over, hammock swinging gently again as she drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

Somewhere, a notebook closed.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 4

 Hehehe, i'm on a roll! with butter! Here is the first major plot change from the old story line, enjoy!

Bridget’s car was black. And shiny. And that’s pretty much all Molly could tell from it. Her and her twin weren’t exactly into cars. Ruben was already seated in the passenger seat, so the twins crawled into the back. They didn’t know where they where going, but they knew that Ruben wasn’t exactly the kind of person who could handle himself. They would tag along and see what would happen. Bridget slid in behind the drivers wheel and started the engine, it’s steady purr filling the car. She pulled smoothly away from the curb and turned onto the road that would take them to the tattoo parlor/apartment where Ruben lived with his dad. Bridget was just opening her mouth to say something when her phone beeped once. She flipped it open to listen to what was being said for a few seconds before cursing and hanging up. Muttering darkly, she pulled a U-turn and hit the gas, speeding in the opposite direction.
“Where are we going?” Ruben asked nervously
“The sanctuary is burning, your little prediction came true, kid”
“The sanctuary? What do you mean?” Bridget gave Ruben an odd look
“The sanctuary in Roarhaven, the place where their-” Bridget jerked her thumb at the twins in the backseat “parents work”
“Wait, what? What about mum and dad?” Molly asked quickly
“They haven’t told you anything, have they…” Bridget muttered almost to herself, ignoring the question and pressing down harder on the gas. The next five minutes was spent (unsuccessfully) trying to coax more information out of Bridget, who remained silent and frowning, her face like a mask the betrayed nothing. Finally the car lapsed into an un-comfortable silence, with the young teens staring out at the scenery that was blurring past the car. Suddenly Maggie pointed out the window
“Look at all the smoke!” she gasped, reaching out a hand for her twin. Molly grabbed it, squeezing tightly. Some how, they both knew that their lives were changing, for the better or the worst was yet to be determined. Bridget turned the corner, accelerating slightly so the back wheels fishtailed a little bit, and the burning building into view. A few little groups of people were clustered around the fiercely burning building and Bridget pulled straight up the largest group.
“Come on, seer” Bridget opened the door and climbed out, Ruben clamoring out after her. The twins sat awkwardly in the backseat for a few seconds before they spotted someone. Their mother jogged across the small parking lot to the gathering by the car. Her hair was tied back and her jacket had all sorts of burns and soot on it, but there was no mistaking her. A few seconds passed before the twins brain’s kicked back into gear, bloody hell! What was their mum doing here? And, as the twins looked closer they spotted Fletcher and a man with his back to them, the suit was un-mistakable however and they knew it was Skulduggery.
“What the hell?” muttered Maggie, but maybe she hadn’t even said it out loud. The twins climbed out of Bridget’s car and stood quietly next to Ruben, one on either side. He put a protective arm around each of their waists and for once they didn’t gripe, it was nice to have their hug loving friend there to tie them to reality.
“So,” said the handsome man that seemed to be in charge “Ruben I know this is odd but can you tell me everything you saw in your vision. For example, did you see anyone lighting the fire or something like that?
“Arson? No, no, I saw nothing like that. I just saw what’s going on now, for the most part”
“Ah, ok then. What do you mean by, for the most part?” Before Ruben could answer the arms around Maggie and Molly stiffened and the twins caught him just in time as he sunk to the ground, eyes staring blankly at the burning building. The vision was short, only lasting a few seconds before Ruben snapped back to earth.
“S-stop them! He muttered weakly, pointed towards the burning building just as the timbers creaked and groaned. Time slowed. Everyone stared horrified at the two people just inside the entrance of the building, a tall man and a woman with a sword strapped to her back. The flames roared and laughed as the timbers creaked again, falling in slow-motion towards the couple. Molly was moving before she realized it, moving into a little black doorway that appeared before her. Inside the doorway colors blurred and swirled and she was next to the couple with a churning stomach. She felt rather then saw Maggie at her side as she grabbed the tall man’s arm. They stepped back into the doorway as the beam fell, missing them by inches. In less then a second, the twins plus the couple where back at Bridget’s car. Maggie staggered and sat heavily on the curb, next to her twin. They looked up at the wide-eyed grownups, who were staring at them like they had a few extra heads.
“What the hell just happened?” they asked at the same time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 3

Ruben’s eyelids fluttered and he groaned, pushing himself off of Molly’s lap.
“Wazgoingon?” he muttered. He looked down at his notebook and shivered
“Oh hell,” he muttered, pulling out his phone
“Ruben? What’s burning?” Maggie asked hesitantly, handing him a Coke
“I have no idea… I see shadows and flames…” he frowned, knitting his brows together “Someone screaming”
“Where?” Molly wanted to know
“I don’t know… I’m calling someone who can help us” he put his phone to his ear and the twins leaned in close to try and hear what he was saying. The person on the other end picked up almost immediately.
“Yes?” it was a female voice, cold, hard and slightly tinny because it was coming form the phone speakers
“Um, Hi, this is Ruben Wrong. My dad, Finbar Wrong told me to call your number if anything happened and he couldn’t pick up the phone. He’s out in the country side now and I need help”
“What happened.”
“Err, I passed out and when I woke up I had written the words ‘it’s burning’ over and over again”
“Ok, where are you?” the voice sounded a bit interested now, and in the background they could hear a roar, like a car engine starting
“In the cemetery”
Where kid, are you in a cemetery in Cork or in Cavan or what?” the voice sounded annoyed
“Um, the cemetery in Haggard”
“I’ll be there in five” The line went dead.
“Who was that?” asked Maggie, voicing her twins thoughts
“I don’t know” Ruben admitted “It’s just a number my dad gave me if I needed help, or if I had any visions” Ruben didn’t like having visions, they always left him tiered and shaking.
“Come on, lets go wait by the road” Maggie said grabbing one elbow. Molly grabbed the other and between them they hauled Ruben’s skinny frame off the ground. They progressed slowly through the cemetery, Ruben still was a bit shaky from his vision.
“You stay here, we’ll get the food” Maggie said, helping Molly lower him to the curbside. The twins jogged back to the tote of food, quickly throwing the Jaffa cakes and bacon back into the bag. The little hairs on the back of Molly’s neck rose and she stiffened, some primal instinct telling her to oh-my-god-look-behind-you-someone’s-there! She spun at the same time as her sister, turning wide eyed to stare at the figure the was leaning up against a tree. The first irrational thought that ran though her mind was ‘oh look, a ghost’ and indeed the figure was so pale she could have been dead. The woman looked to be about 20 years old, and was so thin she looked anorexic. She was dressed simply enough, in faded jeans and a ragged t-shirt advertising a concert that had happened fifteen years ago.
“W-who are you?” asked Maggie shakily. The woman looked at her with icy green eyes. The eye’s, not to sound cheesy or anything, literally made shivers run up and down the twins backs. They didn’t seem to blink enough and where certainly not human. The woman seemed to conceder the question for a few moments, before answering coldly.
“My name is Bridget.”

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 2

The twins headed out the door into the warm, yet cloudy, day. Maggie was very glad it was cloudy, her and her twin had very pale skin that burned very quickly if you didn’t put enough sun-block on. Their dark hair didn’t help with the paleness of their skin, they had inherited their mother’s dark hair and it always made them look a bit washed out. ‘Maybe I should dye my hair’ Maggie thought, looking at the back of her sister’s head.
“If we were to dye our hair, I would make it red” Molly said and Maggie nodded
“Totally, red hair is so pretty” she said and Molly looked over her shoulder
“I didn’t say anything”
“Oh, sorry” The first time this had happened, they had been eight and had spent hours trying to read each other’s minds. Only when they were about ten did they realize that the rather creepy power of picking thoughts from each other’s minds worked only when they weren’t trying to force it. Often they had entire conversations without even realizing what was going on. As they walked down the driveway, Molly pulled out her cell phone and called their best friend, Ruben. After a brief conversation, Molly hung up and nodded to her twin, Ruben had agreed to meet them ASAP at the cemetery. The girls broke into a jog as they reached the main road and in ten minutes time they were pushing the rusted gate of the cemetery open. The little dirt path was well trodden, so they didn’t notice the foot prints. They didn’t notice their silent watcher as they walked with familiar ease through the grave stones. They stopped for a moment at a grave stone marked ‘Gordon Edgley’
“Hi Gordon…” Muttered Molly “Today’s our birthday” Maggie and Molly much preferred the company of their dead great uncle to the company of their live family. The twins continued on, not aware of the soft footsteps following behind them. They reached the oldest part of the cemetery and sat on a large rock to wait for Ruben. Their silent stalker crept up behind them, stealthy as a cat and silent as a mouse.
“YAAAA!” He yelled, jumping out and tackling the twins to the ground. They both shrieked as they tumbled to the ground, firmly griped in a huge bear hug
“Ruben!” they complained at the same time
“Happy Birthday!” he sang happily before releasing them from the killer hug.
“God Ruben, I think my ribs are cracked” Molly complained as he helped them off the ground
“Its good luck to have cracked ribs” Ruben stated matter-of-factly “That way you stay in bed all day long and there is less chance of getting hurt” yeah… that’s the way Ruben’s brain worked
“So, do you have any plans for today?” Ruben pushed his floppy red hair out of his eyes and looked at them hopefully. Molly shrugged at the same time as Maggie, making their shoulder’s raise and fall in unison.
“I dunno…” Molly said
“We brought bacon…” Added Maggie
“And Coke and Jaffa cakes…”
“So I guess we can just hang out for a bit…” Ruben nodded and dug around in the tote for the Jaffa cakes. He was used to the twins speaking in tandem, heck, he was used to most of the little habits of the twins. Like speaking at the same time and finishing each others sentences and looking eyes for a few seconds before turning away, giggling and blushing like they had just heard a dirty joke.
“Soooo…” He said shoving a Jaffa cake in his mouth “You guys are fifteen now…”
“I know, I feel so old” complained Maggie, popping open a Coke and handing the bacon baggy to her twin just as she was reaching for it.
“But just think about it, it another years time you two will have drivers licenses and will be able to drive me all around the country!”
“Yeah, no.”
“Come on…” he whined. He was only a year older then the twins, but sometimes he could act like a two year old.
“Shut up and eat some bacon” Molly handed the bag to Ruben, who took her advice and shoveled some in. He sat himself down in between the girls, wrapping one arm around each of their necks.
“Oi, hands off” Maggie scowled. Ruben was a hugger, that’s for sure.
“Birthday hugs?” he said hopefully
“Its our birthday, not yours” Molly pointed out, winkling her nose at him
“Fine…” he reached across her to get at the tote bag and the sodas within. With a gasp he collapsed onto Molly’s lap, going limp and motionless.
“Ruben?” Molly pulled him upright as Maggie dug in his coat pockets for the paper and pencils he always carried. She pushed the writing tools into his hand and he started to write instantly, hand sprinting across the paper. Just like Ruben had gotten used to their own little kinks, the twins were more then used to Ruben collapsing like this. He would stay out of it for a minute or so before opening his eyes and wondering why everyone was looking oddly at him and why the heck was he on the floor in the first place? Maggie glanced at the words he was writing and gasped. He was writing the same two words over and over again.
“It’s burning, it’s burning, it’s burning.”

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 1

“OI!” A pillow slammed into the back of Maggie’s head, jerking her out of a peaceful slumber.
“Mhh…wuzgoinon?” she sat up in bed and looked over at her twin
“Morning!” Molly said to her half-dead sister from across the room. Maggie couldn’t understand how her twin could be so perky at 7am, before coffee. Then her brain kicked into gear.
“Happy Birthday to us!” she saluted her twin and crawled out of bed. They got dressed in matching kaki cargo pants, camo patterned belts and black t-shirts. They looked like exact copies of themselves as they walked downstairs to the kitchen. As they entered, they got ambushed by their dad
“Happy Birthdays!” Fletcher cried, wrapping one arm around Maggie and one arm around Molly, they smiled and submitted to the hug for a little bit, before pulling away and going over to the table, which had a plate of the most divine breakfast food ever invented on it. The twins started stuffing their faces with bacon as Stephanie walked in.
“Happy Birthday sweetie’s” she gave them each a kiss on the cheek and stole a piece of bacon.
“Hey Mum” They said at the same time (that was considered normal in the Renn household). Maggie pored maple syrup on her bacon (that was also considered normal) and looked around
“What? No presents?”
“You’ll get the presents later-”
“If we even got you anything” Fletcher interjected
“Later when Skulduggery comes over for tea” Stephanie finished as if Fletcher hadn’t spoken. He smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. Stephanie smiled and leaned back into her husbands arms. All was quiet and peaceful with the only noises coming form the stove and Maggie and Molly chewing their bacon. Suddenly, Stephanie’s phone rung and she frowned, pulling away from Fletcher so she could answer
“Hello?” She frowned as the person on the other end talked for a bit
“What! How did that happen?!” she listened for a bit longer then sighed
“I’ll see what I can do, bye.” She snapped her phone shut and sighed, rubbing her hands over her eyes.
“Work troubles?” Fletcher asked, looking worried
“You can say that…” Stephanie looked over at the twins. She had promised herself that she would NOT go to work on any important days, like their birthdays and Christmas.
“S’ok mum,” Maggie said
“We can hang out with Ruben today,” Molly added
“So you can work, its fine” Maggie finished. The twins knew their mum wouldn’t even consider working on their birthdays if it wasn’t something really big. Stephanie sighed and fished her ring out of her pocket. She always wore the ring when she went to work and the twins couldn’t really understand why… maybe it was a good luck charm or something.
“I’ll be back in a few hours” she said, coming over to kiss Maggie and Molly on the forehead.
“There is plenty of food in the fridge, just don’t eat the cake yet” She grabbed the black jacket she always wore and her car keys.
“Fletcher?” he nodded and they started down the hall, the twins following.
“We’ll be back soon” she said kissing them again before walking out. The twins waved from the doorway as Fletcher pulled the car out of the driveway and drove off. Maggie sighed and turned back to the empty house, her twin following her. Mum’s job had her leaving the house at all hours, sometimes she even had to leave at midnight. The twins had never seen their mum and dad’s work, but they liked to imagine that it was the coolest place in the world, it had to be to keep stealing their parents away from them. Molly stuffed the rest of the bacon from breakfast into a plastic baggy as Maggie grabbed a few soda’s and put them in her tote bag. They threw a box of Jaffa cakes in for good measure and headed out the door.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

*headdesk headdesk headdesk* (also part 13)

Oh my god! I'm so evil for making y'all wait so long for fanfic *headdesk* I've got a bit of writers block, so i'm going to be switching stories for a bit, here's how its going to go. I want to re-write Fear, because i totally HATE how it came out and i have a slightly modified plot line with more action and more awesome. I'm going to be adding in some new bits to Fear, which will tie in with another story line that i've been planing for a while, but those ties will also be tied in with the current fanfic *brain explodes* So basically I'm going to be writing three fanfic's at the same time, and they'll all tie in with each other. Now you can see why the title is *headdesk*?
On to the fanfic!

Bone dropped down into the little valley between boulders and the little group looked around at her.
“Move it” she ordered. The guys laughed, the vampire rolled its eyes, and the girl ignored them. Bone sighed,
“Get outa here” she said again “I like this shirt and I don’t want your blood all over it” The guys laughed again, Bone did not make a very menacing sight in her faded jeans, white blouse and without her heels she was only about five feet tall. She sighed and let the bone plates that protected her face slide down. Skulduggery had to admit that it created a rather horrific effect to have the bone erupt from her face and slide into place, replacing her cheerful face with a blank mask. The guys jumped back slightly, but then recovered and charged Bone. The first one’s punch hit her square in the nose and his knuckles shattered on the hard bone plates. Bone drew back her own fist and bone plates reinforced it as she slammed it into the guys stomach. He fell to the ground, gasping for air and the second guy hung back warily. The bone plates slid away from Bone’s mouth so the second guy could see her smile.
“Last chance” she said sweetly. The guy frowned and clicked his fingers, but before he could throw a fireball, Bone charged him. She slammed her elbow into his neck and he dropped to the ground, gasping and choking. A rock slammed into the back of Bone’s head and would have killed her if not for the bone plates covering her head. The vampire dropped the rock and skipped back as Bone took a clumsy swipe at him. The vampire darted in again and kicked Bone in the stomach, she doubled over gasping and the vampire kicked her again. Bone fell to the ground, curled up tightly and the vampire grinned and advanced on her still form. Skulduggery was just about to jump down and help her, but he had the feeling that two kicks from a superhumanly strong being wasn’t enough to floor Bone, so he watched, still ready to jump in. The vampire picked Bone up by the neck and hauled her up so her feet were a few inches off the ground. She reached out a hand feebly and gently touched the vampires chest. He jerked like he had been hit with a brick and dropped her back to the ground, holding his hands to his ribs. Bone smiled and fingered the little rip in her glove, turning as she did so to the girl that was left. The girl sighed and stood up, rolling her neck a bit and stretching her arms out.
“I make this quick, ja?” said the girl in a German accent
“Whatever, princess-” Bone stopped and stared at the girl. Skulduggery stared too, because really there was no other option. The girl’s skin seemed to ripple and shiver as extra arms sprouted from her back, lifting her off the ground. Armored plates to rival Bone’s covered her body and her jaw elongated to become pinchers. The huge spider glared down at Bone with it’s many eyes.
“Oh hell” Bone dodged to the side as the huge spider spat darkness at her. The shadows turned into a bunch of tiny spiders that chased Bone as she started to run. She ran and dodged, trying to pull off one of her gloves as the rapidly growing mass of spiders followed close behind her. One spider jumped and landed in her out of control mass of red hair. Bone shrieked and stanched the spider out of her hair, throwing it against a rock. She got her gloves off and spun to face the writhing mass of spiders. The spider at the very front of the mass jumped and she snatched it out of the air, holding it for a brief second then dropping it back into the mob that was almost on top of her. The spider brushed up against another spider and both spiders ruptured, sending green blood everywhere. The green blood hit another spider and it ruptured and the blood of THAT spider hit another and it all turned into one big, messy chain reaction. The spider that had once been the German girl shrieked and chattered angrily at Bone, scuttling across the small space to loom over her.
“Oi,” she muttered, looking up at the giant spider “I know I’m short, don’t rub it in.” the spider hissed and slashed at her with its leg. She dodged to the side and backed up till her back was pressed against the canon wall. The spider hissed again and slammed its leg into Bone’s face.