Sunday, March 6, 2011

*headdesk headdesk headdesk* (also part 13)

Oh my god! I'm so evil for making y'all wait so long for fanfic *headdesk* I've got a bit of writers block, so i'm going to be switching stories for a bit, here's how its going to go. I want to re-write Fear, because i totally HATE how it came out and i have a slightly modified plot line with more action and more awesome. I'm going to be adding in some new bits to Fear, which will tie in with another story line that i've been planing for a while, but those ties will also be tied in with the current fanfic *brain explodes* So basically I'm going to be writing three fanfic's at the same time, and they'll all tie in with each other. Now you can see why the title is *headdesk*?
On to the fanfic!

Bone dropped down into the little valley between boulders and the little group looked around at her.
“Move it” she ordered. The guys laughed, the vampire rolled its eyes, and the girl ignored them. Bone sighed,
“Get outa here” she said again “I like this shirt and I don’t want your blood all over it” The guys laughed again, Bone did not make a very menacing sight in her faded jeans, white blouse and without her heels she was only about five feet tall. She sighed and let the bone plates that protected her face slide down. Skulduggery had to admit that it created a rather horrific effect to have the bone erupt from her face and slide into place, replacing her cheerful face with a blank mask. The guys jumped back slightly, but then recovered and charged Bone. The first one’s punch hit her square in the nose and his knuckles shattered on the hard bone plates. Bone drew back her own fist and bone plates reinforced it as she slammed it into the guys stomach. He fell to the ground, gasping for air and the second guy hung back warily. The bone plates slid away from Bone’s mouth so the second guy could see her smile.
“Last chance” she said sweetly. The guy frowned and clicked his fingers, but before he could throw a fireball, Bone charged him. She slammed her elbow into his neck and he dropped to the ground, gasping and choking. A rock slammed into the back of Bone’s head and would have killed her if not for the bone plates covering her head. The vampire dropped the rock and skipped back as Bone took a clumsy swipe at him. The vampire darted in again and kicked Bone in the stomach, she doubled over gasping and the vampire kicked her again. Bone fell to the ground, curled up tightly and the vampire grinned and advanced on her still form. Skulduggery was just about to jump down and help her, but he had the feeling that two kicks from a superhumanly strong being wasn’t enough to floor Bone, so he watched, still ready to jump in. The vampire picked Bone up by the neck and hauled her up so her feet were a few inches off the ground. She reached out a hand feebly and gently touched the vampires chest. He jerked like he had been hit with a brick and dropped her back to the ground, holding his hands to his ribs. Bone smiled and fingered the little rip in her glove, turning as she did so to the girl that was left. The girl sighed and stood up, rolling her neck a bit and stretching her arms out.
“I make this quick, ja?” said the girl in a German accent
“Whatever, princess-” Bone stopped and stared at the girl. Skulduggery stared too, because really there was no other option. The girl’s skin seemed to ripple and shiver as extra arms sprouted from her back, lifting her off the ground. Armored plates to rival Bone’s covered her body and her jaw elongated to become pinchers. The huge spider glared down at Bone with it’s many eyes.
“Oh hell” Bone dodged to the side as the huge spider spat darkness at her. The shadows turned into a bunch of tiny spiders that chased Bone as she started to run. She ran and dodged, trying to pull off one of her gloves as the rapidly growing mass of spiders followed close behind her. One spider jumped and landed in her out of control mass of red hair. Bone shrieked and stanched the spider out of her hair, throwing it against a rock. She got her gloves off and spun to face the writhing mass of spiders. The spider at the very front of the mass jumped and she snatched it out of the air, holding it for a brief second then dropping it back into the mob that was almost on top of her. The spider brushed up against another spider and both spiders ruptured, sending green blood everywhere. The green blood hit another spider and it ruptured and the blood of THAT spider hit another and it all turned into one big, messy chain reaction. The spider that had once been the German girl shrieked and chattered angrily at Bone, scuttling across the small space to loom over her.
“Oi,” she muttered, looking up at the giant spider “I know I’m short, don’t rub it in.” the spider hissed and slashed at her with its leg. She dodged to the side and backed up till her back was pressed against the canon wall. The spider hissed again and slammed its leg into Bone’s face.


  1. AWESOME LIZZY! I don't see why you hate the other one, I thought it was epic!

  2. thanks, but i still hate it and think i could have done so much better

  3. AWSOME Can't wait for the next part i thought the old fan fic was amazingondo (new word)

  4. This is so amazing. Love Bone. She is my favourite OC!!!!!!

  5. Awesome.

    *singsong voice* I know who the spider is, i know who the spider is!


    Epica...and i want mooaaarr!!!

  6. WOW! EPIC Lizzy! Fantastic writing and great action! Bones IS an epic oc. But so is Bridget.


    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! Love the photos Lizzy. Love the bit with the tree men cleaning the rifle! LOL
    Great job! I can't tell you how much I am in awe of you. I am so seriously impressed! :O

    *apllaudes Lizzy*