Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 5

Before anyone could answer the startled and slightly sick looking twins, a creaking, groaning nose made them look at the burning building. In a fantastic shower of sparks and flames, the building collapsed, trapping whoever was still inside in a cage of burning beams.
“Ooo…” An Asian looking girl with very brightly colored hair winced “That’ll leave a mark” She started to run towards the building and the twins eyes widened even farther (if possible) as tentacles and whips of a shadowy material grew out of the silver bracelet on the girl’s arm.
“What the hell is going on!?” Molly cried, staggering to her feet and pulling her twin up
“We demand an explanation!” Maggie said as firmly as possible.
“You’ll get one, later.” Bridget said, eyes never leaving the burning ruins. “Right now you need to help.”
“Wait, what? You want us to help with that?” Maggie gestured wildly to the ruin “We ain’t firefighters!”
“You are teleporters, so go get ‘em” Bridget jogged off
“What…?” Maggie and Molly looked completely lost, but the woman they had saved from the building took pity.
“Just teleport in there and pull people out, it’s a relatively safe job” she said kindly, a smile on her soot streaked face.
“But we don’t know how!” wailed Molly “What we did was kinda, an accident”
“Your accident saved our lives” the tall, slightly imposing man said, “so go help Bridget and the others” Molly and Maggie looked at each other helplessly. Ruben was still pale and shaking from his vision, but he still managed to flash them an encouraging smile.
“Fine” they said at the same time, turning and walking briskly towards the building, steps betraying none of the uncertainty they were feeling.
“What the hell do we do?” Molly wondered softly
“Wing it” muttered Maggie as they circled uncertainly around the edges of the ruins. A faint cry was heard and they looked closer. A woman was trapped under a fallen beam.
“Aw hell” muttered Molly, taking a few steps forwards and focusing. It took a few second, but the black gate appeared and she stepped through till she was next to the woman. The heat hit her like a fist, but she managed to grab the woman’s arm, they were out of the horrible heat in less then a second and standing beside Maggie. The woman bent over and panted a few times before looking at Molly, flipping her dreadlocks out of her face.
“Merci,” she said thankfully, nodding slightly “would you like help?” she had a French accent that the twins found very cool.
“Yeah, I guess” Maggie shrugged and looked uncertainly at her twin.
“Very good” the woman cracked her neck back and forth, then lifted her face to the air, sniffing slightly. More then a little freaked out at that odd behavior, the twins started to edge away, but then the woman’s eyes flew open and she darted off over a pile of smoldering rubble.
“Why us?” muttered Maggie , following the odd woman and her twin. She stopped as she stopped a person in the flames.
“Don’t bother” the woman called causally over her shoulder “that one’s dead” the twins stared at the body through the flames. The word suddenly had gotten a lot larger and a lot scarier.


  1. Fantastic! What a shock it would be to suddenly have powers and have to use them when you don't really know how!

  2. Freakin' Epica, Lizzy. Can't wait for teh next part.

    Who's the slightly imposing, tall man again? Sarthacus Bolt?

  3. nope, i'm not sure if Sarthacus is going to survive the cut, because there is really WAY to many OC in this story for me to keep track of :/