Monday, October 4, 2010

Fear 5 : Surprise

They were ready. Everyone in the house had spent the last two days preparing themselves for the coming battle, Florence and Anarchy had stayed over night in a graveyard and now they where brimming with dark energy. Leo had shorted out the house twice when he charged himself, and Bridget and Caelan had spent a night “out” and came back with a conspicuous amount of blood all over their clothes. The knives and swords had been sharpened till they sung as they were drawn across the stone and all the guns had been inspected and cleaned. The twins had crammed, and crammed hard, so now they had a very limited amount of magic at their disposal. Bridget tucked her whip into its secret pocket and strapped a hunting knife to her thigh, she then looked up and surveyed the room, everyone was quite and focused (even Anarchy!) on their preparations. Israel shoved the last shot gun shell into the ammo bandoleer Tanya had lent him and stood up,
“I’m going to get my van” he said to Bridget, he went out the backdoor and everyone started to pack up, shoving knifes into scabbards and guns into holsters. Bridget’s phone buzzed once and she answered; knowing it would be Valkyrie telling her that everyone was out of the sanctuary. After a brief conversation, she hung up and said;
“Everyone’s clear, lets roll” Sarthacus cracked his knuckles and said
“Finally, we’ve been waiting for to long”
“We had to so that Skulduggery and the rest could get the sanctuary clear, you don’t want to have to worry about civilians when you’re fighting” replied Bridget as she jammed a small knife into her boot
“You sound like you’ve done this before”
“I’ve been around a while”
“How old are you then?”
“All right everyone!” Bridget said loudly, ignoring Sarthacus’s question “load up and hit the road, I’ll tell you all the game plan on the way”. Jodi led the way out to where Israel’s van sat idling in the driveway and claimed shotgun as everyone else piled into the back. It was pretty crowded, so Skylara turned into a cat and sat very far way from Florence on Scathach’s lap. Mary, Leo and Anarchy got on their bikes and zoomed off, followed by the van. Bridget started to tell them what to do once they got there.
“When we get to the sanctuary, I want people spit up into groups of three that will guard the places that the golems might try to attack; the gaol, the repository, that sorta thing. Tanya,” the Russian mercenary looked up “I want you and Israel to set up a gunnery post that you can shoot at the golems from, go for the head and try to get the paper symbol. If anyone gets into trouble send some sort of signal and someone will help you, watch your back, watch the others backs and don’t be a hero, any questions?”
“Yup” muttered Sarthacus “She’s done this before all right”
Valkyrie met them at the back door of the waxworks museum were the others already where waiting for them. Everyone got out of the van and hurried into the museum and toward the sanctuary entrance. The foyer rang with their hurried foot steps as they broke into groups and ran off to their positions. Florence, Mary and Leo went off to the gaol. Kallista, Necros, and Jodi hurried to the repository and Sarthacus, Skylara and Anarchy headed off to guard the Grand Mage’s office and all the important papers and stuff that were in it. Bridget, Caelan, Valkyrie and the Twins stayed in the foyer, hidden at Bridget’s orders behind the administrator’s desk. Five minutes passed, then ten, it was a full 45 minutes later that Bridget and Caelan both cocked their heads like the heard something. All of a sudden, banging noise reached Valkyrie’s less sensitive ears, Bridget turned to the twins
“Go tell the others that it’s starting, and then stay with Anarchy, ok?” the twin’s nodded “stick together!” Valkyrie hissed after them as they ran quietly off. With a splintering noise, the hidden door was chopped open and a few things stepped through the hole. They where the color of terracotta and were very loosely based on a humans form, they left behind oozy footprints behind as they walked and some carried swords and clubs. About thirty came through followed by some actual humans, not cheap imitations. last through the hole was a tall man, with salt and pepper hair and a tightly cropped gray beard. Bridget sucked in a breath
“Change of plans” she whispered “stay here and stay quite” she moved so fast and so quietly it was as if she vanished. A few moments later, her foot steps rang out as walked in from a corridor, some of the human henchman pointed guns at her, but she kept walking till she was about 8 feet away from the man with a beard. She gave a little bow and said
“Gustavo, it has been to long” she spoke with an odd and formal ascent that she hadn’t had before. The man, Gustavo, razed his eyebrows, then said;
“Helen Nightshade?”
“The one and only”


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  3. Oooooooooooh!!!!!!!! Helen Nightshade! Me thinks there is more to Bridget then meets the eye!!!!!!!! This keeps on getting better and better! I'm waitning not so patiently for the next part! Lol
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