Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fear 2 : Takeover

Skulduggery, Ghastly, Valkyrie, and Fletcher sat in the living room talking about various things, from the best way to kill monsters to why hairless dogs looked like rats. The front door opened and Tanith came in she slammed the door behind her, walked over, and plopped down on the love seat next to Ghastly, who looked rather pleased about that and put his arm around her.
“Where are the twins?” she asked “I thought I was late for their birthday dinner”
“You are late” Valkyrie said “but the twins are off doing god knows what”
“They get that part from their mother” said Skulduggery wisely and Valkyrie scowled at him
“What did I say?” he asked with a little grin (he and Ghastly both were using fa├žade tattoos) Valkyrie just rolled her eyes. Just then the door opened and Molly and Maggie ran in, they stopped in front of Valkyrie and said at the exact same time
“You lied to us” they turned to the room “you all lied to us”
“Molly, Maggie, what are you talking about?” Valkyrie said, but with a sinking feeling, she already knew
“Magic!” exclaimed Molly and Maggie nodded “And now the 7 Fears are back!”
“What?!?” yelped Skulduggery
“I’m missing something aren’t I?” asked Fletcher looking at Skulduggery, who seemed almost, frightened. The door busted open for the third time that night and Bridget and Caelan walked in, Valkyrie’s eyes widened slightly when she saw Caelan, she hadn’t seen him since the twins had been born.
“Caelan and I ran just ran down from the northern part of Ireland,” said Bridget, starting to pace back and forth, ignoring the fact that everyone was in various states of shock and surprise. “I’ve heard some rumors lately, but it was just confirmed that the 5 remaining Fears are on the move, I came to Dublin to warn the sanctuary, but we ran into Molly and Maggie when Caelan was taking a break.” She paused,
“I’m still missing something here” said Fletcher, looking at Bridget’s grim face, she sighed and explained.
“The 7 Fears are a group of very powerful sorcerers that are committed to making human live miserable; every pandemic, flood, earthquake and fire since the 1600’s or so has been because of them. The fears are Panic, Hunger, Murder, Destruction and Desolation.”
“That’s only five” said Fletcher, frowning
“Shadows and Chaos are dead, well, at least Shadows is.”
“Why are they coming to Ireland?” asked Ghastly
“Because they want the island”
The 7 fears want to takeover Ireland!?
“That just about sums it up”


  1. Awesome! Is the 7 fears something you made up or is it something already used in Mortal Coil, like the remnents? I ask because I havn't read MC yet and so am a little clueless on these things. :P
    I can't wait to read more! Thanks for posting this!

  2. i haven't read MC yet too but the 7 fears are ORIGINAL baby!

  3. WOW! What a great villian(s) you came up with! Very inventive. I always have a hard time thinking of an original bad guy. Lol
    You are one talented person! :)

  4. *laughs crazily* I'm playing with your fish, Lizzy!

  5. is this just a lizzy/kallista chatroom?

    oh yes,the fears are OC must be in this story! please?

  6. Nice i like the idea with the fears, its kinda like the four horsemen but there are seven haha