Monday, October 11, 2010

Fear 11 : Memories

Leo awoke from the blackness to find himself in the same room, but in a different time. The throne room was dark and empty, except for one person. Leo gasped as he recognized Bridget. She and had on a white dress that was smeared with blood, a black crown of thorns rested on her elaborately styled hair and in her hand she held a glass of red wine. She looked only about 10 years old! Leo then noticed something different, although her skin was pale, it wasn’t a vampire’s usual complexion, she hadn’t been turned yet. A man with long black hair and a nose that reminded Leo of a beak walked in from the hallway and passed right through Leo’s ghostly image.
“Vile,” said Bridget, nodding at him
“Helen, I see you took care of our guests” Lord Vile gestured at the blood stains on Bridget’s dress
“So simple, so easy, it was almost a shame to do it so quickly. But I did get a new addition to my collection” Leo looked closely at the thick golden necklace she was rolling between her fingers, and then recoiled. The necklace was made of wedding bands; two of which were still dripping blood. Vile stared at the necklace
“You would have made a great necromancer, almost as great as me.” he said
“Don’t flatter yourself” Bridget took a long swig form her wineglass “I’ve been thinking,” she said “that you have, outlived, your usefulness” she set down the wine glass and stood up.
“You can’t fight me child, you will die” Vile was smirking at the little girl that stood before him, he gathered shadows in his hands and blasted them at her. She leaped over them and sent a ball of blue energy at him, he dodged to the side and sent a wave of shadows at her. It smacked her into her face and she tumbled back, Vile approached the still form of Bridget and razed a hand above his head to bring the shadows smashing down on her. A ball of blue energy smashed into his exposed chest and he fell back with a shriek of pain, Bridget pulled a long, wickedly sharp dagger from an ankle holster and it glowed with blue light. Vile rolled out of the way at the last second and the dagger chipped the stone floor where he had been. He hooked her foot with some shadows and Vile was up and Bridget was down, he tried to smash the shadows into her, but she dodged and sent the dagger spinning into Vile’s chest. He couldn’t block in time and the dagger slid easily between his ribs. Bridget clicked her fingers and the knife slid out of Vile’s chest and flew back to her hand, she lunged again and plunged the knife into his heart. Vile died screaming. Bridget clicked her fingers again and the knife came to her, she whipped it on the stained dress she wore and slumped into her throne, she had only taken a few sips of wine before a vampire entered the room. She was tall and had blond hair and blue eyes,
“Master?” she said when she saw Vile laying on the floor “Master?” she spotted Bridget in her stained dress “you killed him!” she shrieked and Bridget stood up
“Leave, Mary-Anna, you never saw this” Bridget’s hand drifted to her dagger, but Mary-Anna would not stand down. Leo saw Bridget weighting her options, she was hurt and sundown was fast coming, she couldn’t fight now, she would lose. Bridget tried to walk out, but Mary-Anna blocked her way. Bridget growled ant sent a marble sized ball of energy into Mary-Anna’s chest, she was blasted back and Bridget walked out.

Leo surfaced from the memory with a gasp and looked around; everyone was gathered around him with worried expressions, but he only looked at Bridget.
“How old where you when you killed Vile?” he demanded, ignoring everyone’s gasps.
“It was my eleventh birthday” she said in a weary tone
“Good God Bridget! The rings!” Bridget looked very tried and sad
“I know” was all she’d say. Leo started to rant about the memories he saw, but Israel stopped him,
“We need to leave before the guards get us. You can tell her off later” Leo glared at Bridget then walked past her and out of the throne room, walking over the spot were Lord Vile breathed his last.


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! This was spellbinding!!!!! Absolutly brilliant!!!! I feel like I'm there watching it all unfold. You are sooooo gifted!
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  6. @Donkey shooter, sorry cant have any more OC's in it, i have way to many already

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