Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fear 6 : Fight

Valkyire felt like she had recently been bonked on the head with one of the golems clubs. Bridget was one of the 7 Fears? Impossible! "Well," said a little voice in her head "she does know an awful lot about the Fears, and she has information that only an insider would know" "Shut up!" Valkyrie thought to herself. While Valkyrie was arguing with herself, Bridget (or was she Helen?) was talking to Gustavo,
"Helen, my dear girl, what in the world happened to you?" he asked
"Many things, all dangerous, but if what you're referring to the fact that I'm not human, well, that's a story for another time and place"
"Speaking of places, what are you doing here?"
"A little bird told me that someone wanted to clean out the sanctuary, it sounded like a opportunity to make a little chaos"
"Your powers still work? Well, you where very powerful" Bridget lifted an eyebrow
"where is the key word, my dear Gustavo" she held out her hand palm up. a tiny blue spark about the size of a dime appeared in her palm, then fizzled out.
"Hmm," said Gustavo, looking at the place the spark had been "Well anyways, it looks like you did the job thoroughly, I'll just check" his eyes started to glow "Come to me" he said and Valkyrie's mind went blank, she stood and Caelan did too. Why had they been hiding? Gustavo was actually really nice "Fight it!"  screamed the little voice in her head, but she hadn't listened to it before, why should she now? Valkyrie and Caelan walked dream-like out from behind the administrator's desk and went to stand in front of Gustavo as he watched them critically. While Gustavo was looking at Valkyrie and Caelan, Bridget pulled her whip silently out of it's pocket. One of the henchmen notced and said
"Hey, what are you- argggg!" the last was said as the whip snaked out and put out one of his eyes. Gustavo half turned and half ducked, but the whip still caught him around the neck and his cry of "Attack!" was cut off  by lack of air. With Gustavo's attention off of them, Valkyrie and Caelan found that they could think for themselves again and wasted no time in beating off the first few golems and henchmen. Valkyrie quickly found out that golem plus water equals a golem that was so structurally weak it couldn't even hold up its weapon, let alone fight, which made it easy for Caelan to move in and snatch the paper symbols away. Meanwhile, Bridget was strangling Gustavo with her whip, he had gotten a hold of the end was slowly loosening it from around his neck when Bridget made her decision. She dipped her hand into her coat pocket and pulled out a silver lighter, she flicked it and held the little wavering flame to the whip. The oils that she used to keep the whip supple caught on fire instantly and quickly made there way down the leather of the whip, towards Gustavo, who fought even harder to get the whip away, but then the flames reached his neck and he screamed! A golem smashed Bridget in the back so hard that the wooden club snapped in half and she staggered away taking the whip with her and away from Gustavo. The smell of burning flesh and hair assaulted Valkyrie's noise as she pushed away a golem, she turned to find that while she and Caelan had been fighting off the golems, the henchmen had slipped past them and and gotten into the main part of sanctuary.
"Well," she muttered, pushing the air so a golem's sword missed her be a handsbreth "the others will just have to deal with it" just then a shot rang out, followed by a whoop
"They seem to be managing" said Caelan


  1. Hooray! Lizzy posted! *does the happy dance*
    Awesome story, Lizzy! Very clever having Bridget as one of the Seven Fears! I love the concept. Can't wait for the next part!
    Oh! ....and Hellboy should be happy again about your pic change! Lol

  2. !!!!!!!!WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dragona BEAT me? Again? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Please let the whoop be me!!!! PLEASE!!!! AWESOME fan-fic!!!sooo good!!!

  4. sorry, but no the shot wasn't you Leo, it was *spoiler*

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