Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fear 13 : Past

(Still from Bridget’s P.O.V)

We stood by the pit that used to be the castle and the surrounding catacombs, watching for any sine of life.
“Flo?” I asked gesturing to the pit “anyone still alive?”
“Yes, one person is still- never mind.”
“How many dead?”
“Fourteen” I quickly did a count in my head, 5 Fears, at least 7 servants, maybe 2 prisoners…
“Fifteen” make that 3 prisoners.
“Good god, Anarchy” Skylara stared down in the pit “Good god” she said it again because there was really nothing more she could say.
“Come on, we need to move now” I grabbed the twins by their shoulders and steered them towards the snowmobiles, everyone mounted their snowmobiles and we took off. After about an hour we reached a small shack at the edges of Moscow. Tanya returned the snowmobiles and then led the way to the landing strip that the plane was waiting on. It was close to midnight now, and the best inside me wanted to get out and hunt, with so many humans so close by, the smell was mouth watering. No one saw us as we got a board the plane and prepared for takeoff. I took Tanya’s first aide kit and retreated to the back corner of the plane, I put a leaf in my mouth and the numbness spread quickly so I could stitch up my wounds without any more pain. My broken arm would haft to wait till we where on the ground, but I could take care of the slash on my thigh now. I carefully pulled the flaps of skin together with my good arm, then started to stitch them closed with a black needle. Leo walked over cautiously and sat on the seat across from her
“Bridget,” he said “don’t take this the wrong way but, are you evil?” I stared at him, so naïve.
“There is no such thing as good and evil,” he stared to protest but I cut him off “you think good and evil are equal forces, marching against each other on a level playing field? You think that one side is all white and the other is all black? There so no such thing. The battle field has potholes and chasms and mountains to climb and there are many groups all fighting, not just good and evil.”
“But all those people you killed…”
“What do you think I should do something to gain redemption?” the thought was so funny I threw back my head and laughed
“Well, yes” Leo said very quietly
“I have done what the Christians call ‘purgatory’ ten thousand times over. I sang to my little 5 year old brother as he fell into an eternal sleep. I comforted my mother as she died for a hole as big as your head in her stomach. I…” I bit my lip to keep from saying anything more and tasted blood. Once I had gained control and I wouldn’t go spilling out my live story to everyone, I continued;
“You can’t live for over three thousand years without killing, you would never last. It’s a survival of the fittest world we live in, even if you haven’t noticed. Actually, I was surprised that anyone came for me, you where so lucky that the Fears where away. If it had been any other day you would have been killed before the castle even came into sight.” Ignoring the stares of everyone that had been listening in, I went back to stitching.


  1. WOW!!!!!! *jaw drops on floor*
    Excellent story, Lizzy! Amazing!
    I'm loving the character of Bridget more and more!!!
    I started to cry as she recounted the bit about her family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEO HAD BETTER BE NICE TO HER OR ELSE.....or else............I don't know maybe tikcle him with a feather!
    I can't hurt Leo!
    Keep 'em coming Oh, Masterful Writer Lizzy!!!!!!

  2. the family is sorta sad, but you ain't seen nothing yet *evil grin*

  3. :- 0
    ^jaw drops^ xD
    Love it love it love it! :D that's amazing, plain and simple :)

    Keep writing! I want to hear what happens next!