Monday, October 11, 2010

Fear 10 : Rodvich

The plane trip was quite, or as quite as a group of warriors all stuck together in a flying aluminum cigar could be for 6 hours straight. They landed in Moscow at around 2pm and Tanya led them straight to a small shack on the outskirts the city and ushered them inside
“Snowmobiles or cross country skis?” asked Tanya, “Do we want stealth or speed?”
“We are about as subtle as a hand grenade in a bowl of oatmeal,” said Anarchy “I vote snowmobiles”
“I second that, cross country skis are a lot of work” said Jodi and everyone else voted too. The finial vote was 10 to 2 in snowmobiles favor and soon they were all zooming along the barren landscape. After a little more than an hour of following Tanya through a maze only she could see, the group saw a light up ahead in the rapidly fading dusk.
“Castle Rodvich” Tanya announced and everyone stopped the engines and climbed off the snowmobiles stiffly.
“Whoa,” said Israel “gothic much?” the castle was on the small side, but made up for it with tall towers and stone that was so weathered it was black. The gargoyles leered down at them as they crossed the snowy court yard to a window
“What are you doing?” asked Tanya as Caelan wrapped his fist in his coat, he answered by slamming his fist through the window
“As subtle as a hand grenade in a bowl of oatmeal,” Tanya repeated “I see what you mean” Jodi rolled her eyes and checked her watch, she then said:
“We’d better move now, unless you want to be vamp chow” no one did so they all clambered through the busted window and into an old stone hallway. Israel, stood still for a minute, then led the way through the halls, steering them away from the guards that seemed to be placed only at the entrances
“Any chance she’d be in the highest room of the tallest tower?” asked Sarthacus as they sneaked along
“That’s only for princesses; no, she’s in the throne room” said Israel
“Throne room?”
“It’s a big room with thrones in, what can I say?”
“They don’t think much of themselves do they? Do they have crowns too?”
“I wouldn’t know. Aw, hell” Israel muttered the last part as he saw something in the future. The sun was setting so Caelan jammed a syringe into his arm, but Bridget had no such luxury apparently, few seconds later the sound of a very angry vampire filled the hallways.
“We must be close for her to be so loud” said Mary, trying to look on the bright side
“You’re optimism annoys me” said Anarchy as they jogged through the corridors towards the noise. They emerged in a dark and, facing them was a semicircle of 7 thrones, all looking like they had been cared out of black ice. A screech made them turn towards the corner. A large steel cage that currently held one very grumpy vampire and several bleached white skulls was sitting there, and buzzing with electricity.
“Pu-lu-eaz…” said Leo, walking towards the cage, but Skylara stopped him
“Maybe we should make sure Bridget wont rip through the cage bars and eat us first” It was a very real possibility, as the vampire that used to be Bridget went crazy the second that they had stepped in the room, growling and hissing at the promise of fresh blood.
“Here,” said Scathach, holding up Bridget’s black case, she had found it in a pile that consisted of Bridget’s knives and badly charred whip
“Give it here” said Jodi and she pulled a syringe out of the case. With a very fine piece of elemental magic, Jodi managed to get the syringe into Bridget/vampire’s neck, a blast of air pushed down the plunger and Bridget/vampire let out a high pitched moan. Her bones crackled as she shrunk back down to human size, it was rather disturbing to see her change back, but in a minute she was back to her human self.
“What the bloody hell took you so long?” she asked angrily, but everyone just stared at her. She was standing hunched up like it hurt to stand straight and her left arm was held limply at her side, most likely broken. Her right eye was swollen completely shut and her pale skin was mottled with deep bruises. Anarchy recovered first
“God, we leave you alone for, what, not even two days? And you manage to run yourself through a meat grinder, jeez”
“It’s a skill” Bridget said in a rough voice “now get me out of here”
“I’m on it” said Leo, walking up to the bars and placing his hands on them. There was a loud ZAP and he flew back through the air, narrowly missing a delicate looking glass globe that sat on a metal pedestal
“Ow,” he said, sitting up and shaking his head “try the bars now Bridget” he stood up, using the metal pedestal for support. The glass globe, teetered, then smashed to the floor
“Oh hell” he managed before the black gas that was housed in the globe shot into his mouth and every thing went black.

no, its not a remnant 


  1. do you like the "as subtle as a hand grenade in a bowl of oatmeal" bit?

  2. Lol, yeeeh!

    I love that bit, I laughed at it, it's so funny, and true.

  3. i cant take credit for it, one of my dad's college friends thought it up. he had a bunch of 'em want to hear?

  4. Lol! I love it, Lizzy! Great writing and I love the action! Great dialog between the charaters! I feel so bad for poor Bridget! She's not getting any kind of break in some of the other stories as well!
    Thanks for posting this! Can't wait for the next part!

  5. Bridget's tough, she can make it through anything and everything

  6. "what a face to throw cabbage at" is another one.