Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fear 9 : Trip

“Castle Rodvich?” Valkyrie wondered aloud “where’s that?”
“Someplace in Russia” said Scathach and everyone looked at her
“What? The guy had a Russian accent, and tell me ‘Castle Rodvich’ doesn’t sound Russian to you.”
“Let’s ask Tanya” said Aoife “TAN-YA!” she bellowed
“More than you know” said Tanya, limping slightly as she walked in (that happens when you fall from a 9 foot ceiling) “what’s up?”
“Do you know were castle Rodvich is?” asked Scathach
“We think it’s in Russia” added Aoife
“And that Bridget is being held there” finished Scathach
“Hmmm,” said Tanya “Castle Rodvich is much hidden by Russian sanctuary, but I know way in” her Russian accent grew more pronounced as she got excited “I can get ride for many of you, if we going?”
“Of course we’re going” said Caelan, who had remained quite up till now. Tanya gave him a smug smile and picked up the house phone “Go pack” She ordered as she punched in a number
“Who are you calling?” asked Kallista
“I’m calling some favors” she said before the person on the end of the line picked up and she started jabbering away in Russian, it sounded mostly like threats. Everyone dispersed to pack, but met within the hour at the kitchen table. Valkyrie surveyed the table, Tanya was teaching Aoife and Scathach Russian swear words (Придурки! Рывок! Ублюдок!). Anarchy was making cherry bombs and Israel and Necros both were cleaning there guns. Valkyrie wondered what she would be doing if she was normal, maybe making dinner, or helping the twins with their homework. Instead she was going on a rescue mission to save a vampire that was one of the 7 Fears, and most normal people don’t have husbands that step out of thin air.
“Hey Fletcher, how are things at the sanctuary?”
“The doctors can’t get the unconscious ones to wake up, they’re comatose” Valkyrie groaned
“What did Bridget do?” she said
“Ask her how to wake them up”
“Can’t” Valkyrie filled in Fletcher on the current situation
“Are you going?” he asked
“No, I don’t like Russia”
“Excuse me?” said Tanya “I hear someone say they don’t like Russia”
“The last time I was in Russia I was trying to get Skulduggery’s head. I nearly died! Sorry, but that leaves a lasting impression” Valkyrie shook her head
“Well, it good thing you not going, now we have 8 seats on plane” said Tanya “we meet pilot in half hour”
“Let’s get going!” said Anarchy, screwing the last fuse on her cherry bomb into place and stood up. She was out the door and at her bike before she realized she was alone, she frowned and the shadows swirled around her, then she was standing backing the kitchen
“Hellooo? Are we going?” she asked
“Yes” was Tanya’s simple reply
“Then we need to go to the airport” a rumbling suddenly shook the house and Skylara, who was in tabby from on top of the fridge, suddenly transformed back into her human form
“Wasn’t me” she said “it sounded like a plane” her eyes widened suddenly and she ran outside fallowed closely by everyone except Tanya, who moseyed out after the rush. A small plane was landing in the back yard
“What the hell?” yelled Valkyrie over the roar of the engines. Tanya smiled her smug little smile
“There is very few things that money can’t buy, blackmail gets you even farther. Everyone on!”

you have no idea how hard it is to type in a Russian accent


  1. 3rd! epica!

    very cool :D

    Now i have (yet another) idea for writing!

    like Tanya and Israel are fighting heaps of peeps and keeping score of who's got teh most kills with their guns....mwhahaah....

  2. hellboy: everyone is keeping track of how many they kill, not just Tanya and Israel, i think ill give the scores in Aftermath (i really have no idea were this story is going, it might go up to 20 parts or something)

  3. Придурки! Рывок! Ублюдок! what do these mean?!?!