Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fear 4 : Names

Valkyrie yawned and sat up in bed, it was a sunny morning with puffy white clouds, beautiful. BOOM! A large explosion from the backyard got her out of bed and down the stairs in a heartbeat. A garbage can in the backyard was smoking and Anarchy Rose was on her knees, laughing so hard she was crying. The twins weren’t in much better shape, but at least they were still standing.
“What the hell?” asked Valkyrie glaring at them. Molly tried (and failed) to regain some composure
“Rose said she’d show us how to make a canon” she said and Valkyrie groaned,
“New rule; no explosions before I’m dressed” Fletcher appeared suddenly
“What is that?” he asked                                  
“A canon, we’re shooting a wheel of Brie next” Maggie explained
“No you aren’t!” Valkyrie held put her hand and Fletcher teleported her up to her bed. She flopped down and pulled a pillow over her head, the pillow deadened some sounds, but Valkyrie could still here the muffed cries from the back yard;
“Load the cheese!”
“Brie loaded!
“Fire on my mark… MARK!” BOOM! Valkyrie rolled out of bed and got dressed to the sounds of hysterical laughter. In the kitchen, Leo was talking to Sarthacus Bolt about their powers and Bridget and Caelan were talking together so fast that only a vampire could make sense of what they were saying. Valkyrie took a step towards the fridge and bumped into someone that wasn’t there,
“Sorry” said Marry Hiashi, a ninja with long black hair and crimson eyes that had showed up last night at really-late-o’clock stepped out of her way. It was still only 7:30 on a Sunday morning, but soon people started to trickle into the kitchen. Jodi Harte and Israel Elysium each grabbed a handful of fruit and went out back to were the twins and Anarchy were sitting around a mound of white cheese on the ground, apparently they where having a breakfast picnic of melted canon cheese and fruit. Valkyrie shook her head and made herself a cup of tea, then she walked upstairs to the study. She closed the door and went over to the book shelf that held the entrance to the secret room,
“Hello my dear” said echo-Gordon as she came in
“Hey Gordon, I need some help. Have you ever heard of the 7 Fears?” echo-Gordon’s eyes widened
“Please tell me that this is just random curiosity”
“Then it’s a good thing I’m dead. I don’t know much about the 7 Fears, although I did track down their chosen names for some reference, it’s in a notebook over there.” He gestured towards a towering pile of books and notebooks.
“Could you narrow it down a little bit?” asked Valkyrie
“Fine” echo-Gordon walked over and pointed to a notebook
“Thanks” Valkyrie carefully pulled the notebook out of the stack and flipped through it, a loose leaf fluttered out and landed on the floor. She picked it up and found that it had names on it, copied out from somewhere in Gordon’s untidy scrawl.

The 7 Fears
Panic- Gustavo Rook
Chaos- Helen Nightshade
Shadows- Lord Vile (deceased)
Hunger- Harith Blackthorn
Murder- Coralee Strife
Destruction Yavani Phobos
Desolation- Yalana Phobos

Valkyrie pocked the paper and said to echo-Gordon;
“You’re very welcome, one little thing though” Valkyrie looked back at him
“Stay alive” he advised before fading away. Valkyrie went back down the stairs and found the twins at the bottom, ready to pounce,
“Mum, we thought up our taken names” said Molly with Maggie nodding solemnly beside her. What their taken names would be had been a constant subject of debate over the last few days, Valkyrie was glad it was over.
“Aoife Renn” said Molly proudly, milliseconds behind her, Maggie said
“Scathach Renn” when Valkyrie looked confused, they elaborated
“Aoife and Scathach are the warrior twins of Irish legend” Valkyrie nodded and moved aside so Necros could get by.
“Well done you two” Valkyrie said wondering were they got this stuff. Just then Bridget yelled
Everyone! Get in the kitchen! Tactical meeting, NOW!” Within five minutes everyone was in the rather crowded kitchen
“I got some information on when and where the attack is going to be and who is going to be attacking.” Bridget said, there was no room for her pace so she was taping her foot, fast. “Panic is going to be attacking with golems in two days time at the sanctuary’s main entrance. We need to clear everyone out of the sanctuary so we can fight with out having to worry about civilians.”
“What’s a golem?” asked Kallista
“It’s a creature made out of clay and animated with a symbol made of paper in its mouth. To kill it you need to destroy the paper, you can burn it, or you can tear it, or you can shoot a hole in it” Bridget nodded towards the Russian girl named Tanya. “and you two,” Bridget looked over at Aoife and Scathach “need to learn at least some magic.”


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  2. Very funny, creative, and exciting! I like the names of the 7 fears. They sound like great villians a story needs to be exciting! I didn't know that about the twins taken names! So I guess it's true that ya learn something new everyday! Lol Very cool.
    Oh, I really like the cannon part! Very funny! Thanks for posting this, Lizzy! You did an awesome job! :D

  3. *basking in praise* i love Irish legends so i had the name before i had the story :)

  4. Very clever. I'm kinda jealouse.....:)

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  7. Awesome! lolz i missed out on the other parts so i had to re-read them all. Found that they were *perfect*.

    Sick chosen names!

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  9. I'm not sure about 'bravissimo' either but I've heard it said before. :D

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