Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Pictures!

 Tada! random pictures that i did. i want honest opinion on the drawings please.

 Yay! it's Bridget and Anarchy. Anarchy just exploded something and is unaware that
her life span just shortened by three years.

 Doodle of Anarchy, i messed up her nose and had to use whiteout on it

 it's Italy from Hetilia! he has is tomato and is very happy not to be yelled at by Germany.
Google "Hetilia" it if you have no idea what im talking about.

 More Hetilia fanart! it's the things that Russia loves; sunflowers, Vodka, and his pipe thingy

 this is a concept sketch of a non Skulduggery OC i thought up. her name is Lilith and she's a vampire hunter

 Behold the awesomeness of my notebook! i printed the picture of the Skulduggery web site in black and white and then colored it with my watercolor pencils

 cool pic of the trees by my house

cute pic of my dog Gambit (those are my legs btw)