Friday, October 1, 2010

Fear 1: Magic

Valkyrie watched as the twins got ready for school, matching their uniforms precisely so it was like they where copies of them selves. Some times, Valkyrie felt bad about hiding magic from Maggie and Molly, but then she got in a fight and afterward thanked her lucky stars that the twins lived a safe, yet boring, life.

Maggie and Molly waited till there dad’s car was out of site, then they turned away from the school bus stop and walked towards the mall, today was there 13th birthdays, and they sure as hell weren’t going to spend it learning. Hidden in their school bags, the girls each had an outfit all ready to go and a quick stop in the mall bathroom got rid of the dorky uniforms they had to wear to school, they still were exact copies of them selves, but in a good way, with matching black t-shirts and jeans. The twins then went on to wander through the almost empty mall, people watching and blowing their allowances on lattes from the Starbucks. It was getting late by the time the twins left the mall, with the darkness growing over head, the girls walked towards the bus stop, but then stopped as they heard voices coming from an alleyway.
“Damn, Caelan! We need get moving, now!” Molly and Maggie looked at each other, then peered into the alley, a tall girl that looked about three years older then them was standing over a guy with black hair who was sitting on the ground in the alley(yuck).
“You’ve had us run all the way from the other side of Ireland! And I haven’t fed in weeks! I need a break, Bridget; we can’t all be machines like you” the girl called Bridget didn’t answer; she just cocked her head to one side. All of a sudden the world around Molly and Maggie spun and they were dangling by their ankles in front of the one called Caelan, who viewed them with mild interest.
“What are you two doing here?” he asked in voice that made no sense, it was like he knew them, even though they had never met. The twins just stared at him
“Bridget, you can put them down, it’s just Valkyrie’s kids” Bridget shrugged and let go of their ankles, the twins thudded to the ground
“Who are you people?” demanded Maggie as she scrambled to her feet, she and Molly started backing away from the two odd people. Caelan frowned
“I’m Caelan and this is Bridget, maybe you don’t remember us?” he said but Bridget’s eyes widened suddenly as she looked at the twin’s scared faces, they where still backing away slowly.
“Caelan! They don’t know, Valkyrie never told them about magic” she said and the twins paused in there backing away
“Magic?” asked Molly looking back and forth between them
“I can’t believe she didn’t tell you” Caelan said, almost to himself, then he said; “Come on, you need to know”
“Know what?” asked Maggie
“About magic”

all the OC's show up around part 3-4


  1. Wow! Awesome story! I like this unique angle of the story.
    Lol Can't wait to see what happens!
    1st comment, by the way! :D

  2. very cool!

    second comment, dibs!

    I like the story, and the promise that i'm going to be in it is good, except theres just 2 things.

    1. Are they Valkyrie's children? Or did Valkyrie's sister turn into twins?

    2. I am really, really sorry, but i don't like their names. Their names remind me WAY to much of some sort of fairy tale. eg. "Maggie and Molly skipped through the forest, then rode the rainbow unicorn to the land of fairyfloss and bright stars". I do hope they get some badass chosen names...

    but i still love it! dont get me wrong!

  3. I still love it! i swear! im not some stupid guy who thinks he's so full of himself! please don't kick me out of the story nooww!

  4. s'ok im naming Molly and Maggie after the twins of Irish of legend. yes, the twins are Val's kids, i was going to have them be Val's sisters, put i like this way better

  5. Haha awesome story! Interesting perspective. Cant wait for more!