Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Hunt for Dusk part 1

Three girls sat together in a café in the heart of Dublin, sipping their drinks and drawing odd looks from the passersby
“When is he supposed to be here?” asked the girl with violently colored hair, looking around the café, trying to spot him.
“He said he’d be here at 3” said a cheerful looking girl with curly red hair and bright green eyes
“Bone, wake up, it is 3” said the last member of the group. She had green eyes like the one called bone, but there was a difference, her eyes were cold, hard, and steely.
“If he has the nerve to call us all together and then not show up…” the girl with violent hair started, but the girl with cold eyes cut off her threat
“Shut up, Anarchy” she was eyeing a man with black hair and odd colored eyes,
“Is that him, Bridget?” asked Bone, noticing Bridget’s stare and looking over at him.
“That’s him” Bridget confirmed looking back towards the table, a minute later the man with golden eyes came up to them
“Ladies” he said pulling a chair up to their table and sitting down, “I’m Archibald Sway, and I’ve called you here for a special reason” her gave them a moment to say something, introduce themselves perhaps, they didn’t. “I believe that the Irish sanctuary is, lacking, in terms of-“ Anarchy cut him off
“If you called use here just to tell us what you believe in then we might as well leave.”
Archibald gave a thin smile
“Not the ones for preliminary’s I see, well, I need you to find someone for me-”
“Done, there’s someone” Bone smiled and pointed to a teen doing his home-work at a table, this time, Archibald’s smile was a tad forced
“How amusing, no, I want you three to find and capture a vampire called Dusk. I requested that this vampire,” her gestured to Bridget “be part of this group because it can get information maybe only a vampire can get.” Bridget pulled a pair of sun-glasses out of her bag and put them on so the mortal people in the café wouldn’t see her eyes burning a deep crimson.
“Never call me vampire or it again if you are fond of all your limbs” she said, smoothly and dangerously. Archibald paled, Anarchy noticed that.
“Someone’s a little vamp-phobic” she said with an evil smile
“Shut up Anarchy. What’s in it for us?” Bone asked
“Three million US dollars with a thousand removed every week he’s still free”
“Dead or alive?” Archibald seamed surprised at that question coming from a cheerful, smiling girl such as Bone
“Alive” Bone looked around the table, Anarchy nodded and Bridget stuck out her hand
“You have a deal” she told him and when he hesitated to shake her hand she rolled her eyes “I won’t rip off your arm” she told him and finally he shook her hand.
The hunt had begun


  1. lol, loved it 'i won't rip off you arm' xD amazing :):):):)

  2. aww yeah. dusk is going down. noway he can stand the might a' u 3. :D great!

  3. Awesome, cant wait for the next part!

    and hey it would be really appreciated if you could make me an author of your bio-blog thing so i could post mine :D


  4. cheers! i've been away so i havent been able to type up the next part, ill do so soon tho. off to karate! ciao!