Friday, September 10, 2010

Blogger Fanfic part 2

Bridget Whiplash laughed and tossed the double barreled shotgun back to Israel Elysium
“Come on!” yelled Nicolette Croga, throwing a knife into a henchman that was getting too close to Kitty’s prone form. Bridget moved so fast that she became a blur, running over and pulling Kitty’s limp form over her shoulder and darting back to her convertible. “Come on! Let’s go!” yelled Nicolette, breaking of from throwing her daggers and sliding down behind the wheel
“Hang on a sec, I just want to go grab Billy-Ray” said Bridget, laying Kitty out on the back street and starting to turn.
“Don’t bother, Bridget, I just saw him tunnel away” said Israel, shooting at the henchmen one last time before sliding down into the passenger seat. Bridget hesitated, then jumped into the back
“How? That shockwave to the face should have knocked him out for at least a day”
“Apparently they have an adept healer in the henchmen” Bridget eye flashed red, and then returned to there normal green-gray, she said;
“Let’s get Kitty back home”


Kitty awoke to find herself in a very small room; it was more like a closet than anything. She was lying on a lumpy bed and a girl with brown hair and blond highlights was leaning over her busted leg.
“Ahh, you’re awake” said the girl “how are you feeling?” Kitty shrugged, then winced
“Sore and hungry” she said and the girl nodded
“Understandable, I think you got a little blow back from Israel’s shockwave, you’ve been out for nearly two hours” she finished tying a thick bandage around Kitty’s leg “If you want I can help you into the next room so you can talk with Bridget while I get you something to eat”
“That would be great. I’m Kitty Barlow, by the way”
“I’m Nicolette Croga, come one.” Nicolette hauled Kitty up and helped her into the next room were a bunch of people were lounging around. Nicolette helped her to a couch and then disappeared through another doorway.
“How ya’ feeling?” asked Bridget and Kitty sighed dramatically
“I feel like I’ve been run over with a truck” she said and Bridget grinned, showing off her pointy teeth.
“Are you ready to take me up on my offer of help yet? It still stands.”
“I don’t really have I choice in this, do I? You lot have already rescued me from Billy-Ray once and if he’s got so many ‘friends’ then it makes a lot more sense to group up”
“Wonderful!” said Bridget “Everyone this is Kitty Barlow. Kitty this is Israel Elysium” she pointed to a dude with black hair who was cleaning a sawn-off shotgun in the corner, he gave a little wave. “Sarthacus Bolt” a guy very blue eyes and very dark hair nodded at her “and Skylara Wolfbane” Bridget indicated a brown tabby lounging on the floor in a sun spot. The tabby shivered and a girl was lounging on the floor with her hands behind her head.
“Cheers!” she said happily before turning back into a cat, whose fur was the exactly the same color as Skylara’s hair.
“Oh, and you met Nicky” Nicolette came back into the room, holding a ham sandwich and a glass of grape juice, which she handed to Kitty. Happily tearing into her food, Kitty watched as Bridget lit a tall white pillar candle and placed it on the table Israel was cleaning his gun on. Then from an inside pocket she drew her whip, it was easily 12 feet long and was made out of dark colored leather. She razed the whip and cracked it suddenly, causing Skylara/tabby to streak under the couch at the sudden noise, with another crack the candle on the table wasn’t lit any more.
“Stop it, Bridget” said Sarthacus “you’re going to hit one of us” Bridget rolled her eyes, but tucked the whip back into is secret pocket. Kitty was just chugging down the rest of her juice when she herd a smashing noise from the kitchen, she whipped her head around to see what looked like a small bomb roll into the room. Before any one could do any thing the bomb hissed, releasing a cloud of gas into the room. Everything went black.

DONE, don't ask for part 3 yet because me fingers are so mangled and bloody that i can't type for awhile. hm, i think i was typing the fastest I've ever typed before. im off to soak my fingers, caio!


  1. Thats awesome! i cant believe u put me in that! that iss awwwesssommmee!!!

    wow u are heaps cool! mwhahahaha! i think im gonna write a fan-ficiton now. just cos...


  2. WOW AWSOME :] woo hooo i'm in it too :] totally agree with sarthacus ..

    sorry i didn't comment last night I knida fell asleep at my laptop :3 lol

  3. wow! im loving it! nice touch with me as a cat ;)
    my most common form is a wolf but i like the cat bit. i might make that into one of my regular forms 2! ;) thanks
    i know ur fingers are sore but i am so looking forward to the next one :D
    i might also write a fan-fiction. u,sarthacus and the others have inspired me!
    Skylara out!
    *groan* my nextdoor neighbours mowing his lawn in the rain. again. the grass must be one milimeter long by now. if not shorter.

  4. even though my fingers are bleeding, there's no rest for for the wickedly awesome! ill type part three up soon