Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Hunt for Dusk part 4


Dusk walked in the shadows of Big Ben, waiting till all the people cleared out so he could face Springhealed Jack. He had about 15 minutes till sunset; he would scope out the area and find the best place to fight. Suddenly he heard feet, slapping on the pavement as they ran towards him, he spun, but even his Vampire reflexes couldn’t save him from a punch to the jaw and a booted foot slamming into his shin. He growled and lunged at the girl who had kicked him, but she dodged aside, laughing. She kicked, missed, and when she was off balance, Dusk through a punch that snapped her head back. She snarled and her eyes turned a deep, bloody, red. The punches and kicks that followed were to fast for a human to see clearly, the vampires were fighting so fast that they blurred. Bone and Anarchy where watching from a “borrowed” car, seeing Bridget fighting that way was really quite scary, but then it got down right terrifying. Dusk hissed at the itching burn that was spreading over his skin, he pulled a needle out of his pocket and jabbed it in his arm, looking up to see that the girl was doing the same thing, only to her leg. He dropped the syringe and lunged again. Two unchanged vampires at night, fighting, was terrifying, they punched and kicked, but also snapped and clawed at each other. It was like watching animals fight. Dusk shoved Bridget against a wall and punched at her with all his might, she slid away at the last second and Dusk’s knuckles slammed on the wall, he hissed in pain and while he was distracted, Bridget bit him. Her sharpened teeth sliced easily through his arm and Dusk howled in pain, her shook her off, but the damage had been done, the poison in Bridget’s teeth burned through his veins and made him fall to his knees in agony. Bridget opened her little black case and stuck the needle with the pale red liquid in Dusk’s neck, he went limp within seconds.


  1. Amazing! Awesome action! You are inspiring me with your writing! Can't wait for more! :)

  2. thanks, my sever crashed when i was writing the last part so it wight take a while tho

  3. NAME: Edmund Strife
    AGE:127,looks 29
    HAIR COLOR:jet black,buzz cut
    EYE COLOR:silver glowing
    WEIGHT:none of your f@#$%&g business
    PERSONALITY:above explains all
    WEARS:black anything
    POWERS:purple beams of energy called pulse bolts
    FAVORITE WEAPONS:*ahem*BARRET!*hallelujah chorus*
    OTHER SKILLS:sniping abilities like no other
    FRIENDS:his gun
    ENEMY'S:anything dead that he didn't kill.
    HATES:inadequate ball BMG ammo
    ADDRESS:nowhere and everywhere(vague much)
    JOB:killing things
    IN FIVE WORDS:i kick brass,nuff said?

  4. lol y is deagle pickle posting a random bio on ur page, lizzy?

    btw, is that BARRET as in barret 50. cal sniper rifle, or BARRETA as in the barreta pistols, or otherwise known as M9?

  5. it would be a barret 50. caliber sniper

    just avert your gaze to the OTHER SKILLS section, and there you go! :D

  6. awright, who "trashed" Liz's writing?

  7. AHHH!!!!!! gun talks! my ears are bleeding! deagle_pickle is my brother, so he THINKS he can get away with this stuff, he is wrong. still, those who "trash" my writing must tell me what is so trashy!

  8. do you know that a object in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force? or do you know that if you liberally apply ketchup to a basket of fries(or chips) there is always going to be a fry/chip that has to much ketchup on it? oh yes,PICKLE WANT MORE WRITING! new story please?

  9. someone choose trash on the bottom whoever it was i will kick your ass!!