Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bloger Fanfic part 5: The Ending

Bridget walked in, fully human, and everyone turned to her.
“Bridget, do you have a plan?” asked Skylara, and Bridget shrugged
“Its not really a plan, but still we need to get Billy-Ray back to the sanctuary-” Sarthacus interrupted
“What, are we going to put him in the gaol? He can tunnel out of there.” Bridget continued like she hadn’t heard him
“I’ve had my cousin, Bone, prepare a special cell with China Sorrow’s help” she grinned “that was an interesting meeting. Anyway if we can get Billy-Ray back to the sanctuary then he will finally be in jail”
“How long have you known about Billy’s cell?” asked Nicolette, hurt that they’re friend hadn’t confided in them.
“Bone called me two nights ago to say that it was finished, I was going to tell you but I didn’t get a chance to with all the fighting and being kidnapped and stuff. Israel, which way is out?” he closed his eyes and after a minute said; “come on!” and started down a passage way. After reaching the exit mostly scratch free, Bridget looked around.
“We can’t carry a passed out Billy-Ray all the way to the sanctuary, we need a ride” she looked around and spotted a van parked next to a sporty Chevy Cobra
Wunderbar” said Sarthacus starting towards the Cobra, but Bridget hauled him back
“We have seven people, Bolt, we can’t all fit in the Cobra” she looked at the car again
“Aww, who am I kidding, that’s a nice car” she let go of Sarthacus and he ran to the car and started hot-wiring it, Israel hopped in the passenger seat and grinning crazy-like. Rolling her eyes, Bridget through, literally, Billy-Ray in back of the van and everyone else piled in. the drive to the wax works museum took a little over an hour and Bridget only had to bonk Billy-Ray one more time. Bridget’s cousin was waiting for them outside the back doors that lead to the gaol. Bone was tall, rounded and looked like an Irish poster-girl, with curly red hair, green eyes and an easy smile.
“Hey Bone,” said Bridget, climbing out of the back of the van, with Billy-Ray slung over her shoulder.
“Hi!” said Bones happily “I got the cell all finished, come on!” she lead the way to a small cell that looked exactly like all the other cells in the gaol
“In here” she pointed to the bed and Bridget flopped Billy-Ray onto it, Bone put a small leaf in Billy’s mouth and a second later he groaned and sat up. He looked around the cell and laughed
“Very amusing” he said “but y’all should know better then most what happens when you put Billy-Ray In a cell” he stood shakily and put his feet together. Nothing happened.
“What did you do to me?!?!” he yelled, seeing Kitty’s look of amusement, but it was Bone who answered;
“Nothing; on the other hand this cell is treated specialty for you. You can’t break in, you can’t break out.” Billy-Ray growled and lunged at Bone. She neatly grabbed his wild punch and her eyes started to glow, Billy-Ray screamed in agony and right before everyone’s eyes the flesh on his hand started to peal away, leaving nothing but clean, white, bone. Bone let go a second later and Billy slumped to the floor, cradling his hand as the flesh started to grow back, slowly covering his hand again.
“He’ll be fine in a half an hour” said Bone, ignoring all there terrified looks and walking out of the cell. After that, they all parted ways, Bone had to go back to her lab in N.Y.C, and Kitty wanted to go pack because she was moving into the house with all the others. Nicolette had to go clean to make way for another bed in her room and Sarthacus clamed he would die soon if he didn’t eat something soon. So it was a happily ever after, bad guy caught, reward money colleted, and a hole lotta vendettas satisfied.

 Man, i stink at endings, thanks for reading! i think ill be doing a separate story with Bone as a main character.



  1. YEAH REALLY LIKED IT ... Shame it's over

  2. don't worry, i really like writing these storys, ill probably write another soon.

  3. Very cool story, Lizzy! I hope you will continue writing. :)

  4. love it! i cant wait to see bone as a main character.


  6. aww i loved it! but i really hope you start another one soon ;)

  7. thanks for all the support! im thinking about making a "dream team" with Anarchy Rose, Bone and Bridget Whiplash and having them do all sorts of weird and crazy stuff, anyone have any ideas?

  8. Sorry, no ideas for ur 'dream team'.


  9. whoa.that thing that bone does really is cool.

    and by the way, my picture is not coming up because i haven't tried lately. good day!