Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blogger Fanfic part 3

Bridget awoke to find herself in a steel cage. Her hands were bound to the wall above her head with a heavy chain that even her enhanced strength couldn’t break. All of her friends were in the cage to, similarly bound, but with thinner chains.
“Where are we?” asked Nicolette, rattling her chains
“Apparently we’re in a jail” said Israel
“Thank you captain duh-man” said Skylara sarcastically, a second later she spoke again, “I can’t change; my chains are bound”. Sarthacus frowned and conjured a small flame into his hand
“My chains aren’t bound” he said, and Kitty could summon a flame too.
“It’s probably so I can’t change into a bug or something and slip out of my chains” said Skylara wisely.
“But how do we get out off here?” Nicolette asked and the question had them all stumped for a minute, then Bridget, who had been quite till now, said;
“Guys, we have a bigger problem.” everyone looked at her
“What?” asked Kitty
“Sunset. I’ll be able to tare through these chains soon and…well it won’t be pretty”
“Don’t you have a serum?” Kitty wanted to know
“The serum is in my case and, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a little tied up right now” she was quite again. Suddenly she asked;
“Bolt, do you think you can un-zipper my case and get the green needle into my leg?”
Sarthacus frowned,
“I think I could do it, my movement is limited though.” He started to move his hands and the case was un-zippered using only the air. Sarthacus frowned again and a needle floated out of the case and jabbed into Bridget’s leg. In the same moment Sarthacus sent a blast off air that pushed the plunger down, Bridget let out terrifying growl. She snapped the chains like they weren’t even there, and in one smooth movement, shucked off her skin. The beast that used to be Bridget looked at Sarthacus with its coal black eyes and then walked strait up to him, claws clicking on the stone floor. Sarthacus stared at the beast with terrified eyes, trying to maintain eye contact and keep it from attacking. The beast razed a hugely clawed hand and…

Mawhahahaha! cliff hanger! part 4 coming soon. comment or die


    and you nailed my character completely ;)

  2. thanks, im typing up part 4 now

  3. lol may I ask where I have managed to disapear to ? :]

  4. have any of you read my other storys? i want some more feed-back on them

  5. OMG im so sorry! i have to many people OC's bouncing around in my head right now i forgot! I'll have you do something awesome in the next part though, don't worry ;)

  6. ok, fixed it so you have a part, Nicolette. hmmm, i like it better this way :)

  7. lol it's okaii I was just wondering what sneaky thing my character was up to :] read your other stories there great

  8. Awesome. Evil with the cliffhanger though.
    Oh oh oh can I be in it. That would be awesome.

  9. sorry claw, no more people can fit into this story