Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blogger Fanfic part 4

Sarthacus closed his eyes and… SHING! His chains fell away, sliced ever so neatly by Vampire in front of him. Mouth open in shock Sarthacus watched as Bridget/vampire cut everyone’s chains.
“Impressive” said Nicolette as she rubbed her wrists “is that one of the experimental serums that you were working on?” Bridget/vampire nodded and suddenly rushed at the cage door and with a BANG she busted through it. Bridget/vampire jerked her head in the direction of the corridor and started towards it, every-one followed and soon they came to a T-junction.
“Israel, which way do we go?” asked Skylara and Israel’s brow furrowed in concentration.
“If we go this way” he pointed to the east fork “we’ll run into a couple of guards, but they’re guarding our weapons.” He frowned “Billy-Ray is also down that way. But this way” he pointed to the west fork “gets us out of here”. As one the entire party turned to the east and started towards the guard room. Getting their weapons back was quite simple, if you where suddenly charged with a rampaging vampire how would you react?
“Nice job Bridget” said Nicolette, peeking into the room to see if it was all clear, Kitty, on the other hand, ran straight into the room and wrenched open the cabinets, looking for her sword.
“A part of me is complete now” she said when she found it and Israel gave a cough that sounded like; “drama queen”. Rolling her eyes Kitty distributed all the weapons,
“Here” she said thrusting Bridget’s whip into Sarthacus’s hands
“Why me?” he asked, eye the whip with dislike
“Because I said so” was her ever so snappy comeback and she moved on to give Israel back his shotgun. Once everyone was properly armed, they started walking towards the room that Israel said that Billy-Ray was in. Billy-Ray was sitting with his back to the door, looking out the window into the night when he saw a reflection in the glass, he didn’t even have time to turn before Bridget’s fist clashed down on his head and every thing went black.
“Now what?” asked Skylara, looking down at Billy-Ray’s prone form and Bridget/vampire tapped a claw to the side of her bald head
“You have a plan?” guessed kitty and Bridget/vampire nodded, and then pointed a clawed finger at the wall clock
“We have to wait till dawn to hear your plan?” guessed Israel and Bridget/Vampire nodded again
“Great, I just love waiting” said Sarthacus sarcastically and Bridget/vampire growled at him. The night passed slowly, with Bridget standing guard and occasionally bonking Billy-Ray again to keep him knocked out and everyone else in varying states of boredom and sleepiness. Kitty watched through the window as dawn appeared over the hills and a minute later, Bridget walked in, fully human again.

oh, phew, bolt is OK. sorry this one is sorta short but i need to think up whats going to happen next. COMMENT OR DIE!


  1. XD u used my power! :D i really am going to write a proper fan-fic soon.

    Great work! plus lizzy, which character is you? Bridget?

  2. I enjoyed it, Lizzy. Great story.
    OK, I commented, so you can't kill me now! :P



  4. skyril! i have sent u a message using google friend connect! PLZ RETURN MESSAGE SOON!

    if u cant find it, it said something like it would send u a message via email.

  5. hey yall! thank you for the praises! yes hellboy im Bridget and i wasn't really going to kill anyone Kallista

  6. can i be in your fanfic to? i have my own character!
    NAME:Hellfire Larry
    AGE: 178,looks about 25
    BUILD:tall,average weight
    MAGIC:adept,turns into a ball of fire
    HAIR:brown,bad buzz cut
    LIKES:cleaning guns,explosives,and donuts
    DISLIKES:cleaning,deactivated explosives,mother
    CLOTHES: cargo pants,t-shirt and aviator jacket
    WEAPONS: AK-47,twin desert eagle pistols,and when the going gets tough,twin RPG's

    there it is. tell me if you need anything else.

  7. no tom. for all who don't know, tom is my annoying little brother

  8. i told him you said hi and he said; "hi. umm, who is geckogirl?" LOL he sounded so confused, you had to be there

  9. Oh yeah I read this one! MAKE A NEW ONE PLEASSSSE!