Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Hunt for Dusk part 3


A tall, thin figure darted across the rooftops, so quickly you could mistake it for a figment of your imagination. Springhealed Jack frowned, the rooftops of London were his turf, so he’d half to scare of any infringers, either that or kill them. Rather liking the second option more than the first, Jack set off after the figure. It was fast and nimble, the figure was, but Jack had been made for this sort of thing and he quickly caught up to the figure, he was a mere 2 yards away when it dropped into an alleyway and out of site. He followed, dropping down into the alleyway, were he was quickly surrounded by a small group of formidable looking girls.
“Well, well, well” he said looking around at them “what do we have here?” he peered at Bridget “another vamp? That’s 2 in one week” Bridget nodded
“Thank you Jack, you’ve told me all I need to know” Jack looked confused
“You just told me that Dusk was here within this week, and, judging from that lovely gash on your arm, you two fought. Since you got away with only a scratch, I’m guessing that Dusk will want revenge.” She turned to Anarchy “See, this is way I never go to London; it turns me into Sherlock Holmes!”
“We’re hunting for Dusk; do you have any information that might help us?” Jack looked closer at Bridget
“Are you the girl who put Billy-Ray in a cell?” he asked and Bridget shrugged
“I had lot of help” she said modestly
“Then I’ll do you all a favor, since you did me one. Dusk was fighting me two nights ago and when I won-” He puffed out his chest a little “Dusk said he wanted a rematch at Big Ben in three days time” he tipped his hat and leaped out of the alleyway.
“That was helpful” said Anarchy sarcastically; glaring at the spot that Jack had occupied a moment before
“Actually, it was.” Bone said “we know were Dusk is going to be, we know when he’s going to be there and we have plenty of time to think up a plan” Bridget smiled suddenly
“Ladies, I have a plan.” She ginned a quite evil grin.



  1. Poor Dusk. He doesn't know whats comming for him.
    I piddy the fo!(Translation: I pitty the fool!)

    Well, I would pitty the fool, if he wasn't only number five on my 'favorite villans' list.

    Oh, and I still haven't found out how to spell sarkasom.


  2. Billy-Ray is my favorite bad guy

  3. Ha ha! Bridget is one smart girl! Dusk better watch out. He has met his match with these gals! :) Can't wait for more!
    Thanks for posting, Lizzy.

  4. if you would like to include Necros, please do :D

  5. sorry Alexzz have the story all drafted out now and i don't think i can add any new people

  6. No problemo, i look forward to reading more!