Monday, September 6, 2010

Why Anarchy Rose CAN'T go to Switzerland

Valkyrie sat in her living room, her arm had been broken the day before so she had the day off to make sure not to break it again. Fletcher had given her a box of chocolates and she was eating them while watching some stupid TV show. Anarchy rose wandered into the room and flopped down on the couch next to Valkyrie. She peered at the chocolate box and then suddenly knocked the chocolate out of Valkyrie’s hand.
            “Don’t eat those!” she half yelled at a bewildered Valkyrie
            “Why not?” asked Valkyrie mournfully, looking at the half a box of chocolate on the floor.
            “These chocolates are Swiss chocolates” said Anarchy, like that explained every-thing.
            “And what’s wrong with that?” Valkyrie wanted to know
            “Swiss people are evil; they have me on the most wanted list at the sanctuary for six years straight.”
            “Something about blowing up a ski resort, nonsense really”
            “You… blew up… a SKI RESORT?!? Yelled Valkyrie
            “Well, it was in self defense. You see…” Valkyrie cut her off
            “I don’t want to know”
            “No, you probably don’t.” agreed Anarchy cheerfully, walking out of the room.

Anarchy Rose is so awesome! she is my favorite OC.


  1. wow for the first time in ages, i actually LOLled. VERY FUNNY, ANARCHY!


    Valkyrie: You… blew up… a SKI RESORT?!?


  2. thanks hell boy! Anarchy is the best OC I've ever made, do you have any ideas for what she can do next?