Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Hunt for Dusk part 2


Bridget flew around her room like a tornado, gathering up all the things she would need for hunting Dusk. Bone was re-packing a smaller bag from all the stuff she brought from N.Y.C and Anarchy was re-filling her hip-flask full of vodka.
“Do we know were to start looking for Dusk?” Bone asked the room at large, tossing a pair of jeans in her bag
“We’re going to visit Billy-Ray Sanguine,” said Bridget “once he sees you again, Bone, I think he’ll want to talk” Bridget checked her syringes and then said; “let’s go”. They all piled into Bridget’s black Chevy Cobra and they were off. Once they where in the car, Anarchy asked;
“What do we do once we catch Dusk?” Bone held up a syringe full of pale red liquid
“I’ll shoot him up with this, it will keep him out cold till I shoot him full of the reverse stimulant” she showed them a syringe full of pale blue liquid. Once in the sanctuary, the threesome walked to the gaol and got permission to visit Billy-Ray, Bone waited out side the cell as Anarchy and Bridget went in to see if Billy-Ray would talk without torture.
“Billy,” started Bridget, but he cut her off
“I ain’t going to tell you any-thing so don’t even try asking, I won’t tell” Bridget clicked her fingers and Bone walked in and towards Billy-Ray.
“I changed my mind,” he said hurriedly “what do y’all want to know?”
“Where is Dusk?” asked Bone, Billy-Ray shrugged
“Last I saw him, he was in London, said some thing about a grudge to settle” Bridget nodded
“That’s all I need to know” said Bridget, walking out with Anarchy and Bone following her. She slammed the door of Billy’s cell and turned to her friends,
“Next stop, London. And from there we try to find Springhealed Jack” Bone, jogging to keep up with Bridget’s long-legged stride, asked
“How do you figure that we need to find Jack?”
“Everyone knows that Dusk and Jack fight regularly, if we can find Jack, he can tell us were Dusk might be heading, or maybe Dusk is still in London.” Anarchy shrugged
“as good a plan as any, lets go!”

sorry this is sorta short, ill post more soon. ciao