Friday, September 10, 2010

Blogger Fanfic part one

Kitty Barlow looked up at the old abandoned warehouse, it was dark, it was dank, and it was most likely a trap. But she didn’t care; she would do anything to avenge her parent’s deaths, no matter what the cost. She walked in, conjuring a fire-ball to light the way deeper into the dark warehouse. A rattling noise made her look up; a dark figure was crouched on a cat-walk almost 30 feet above her head. As if realizing that it had been spotted, the figure straightened up and dropped to the warehouse floor, it landed hard, chipping the cement floor. Now that Kitty could see her clearly, she could tell that the figure was a girl with long brown hair, steely green eyes and when she smiled Kitty could see that her teeth had been filed into points.
“’ello” she said cheerfully and Kitty frowned
“Who are you? And what are you doing here?” she demanded.
“I’m Bridget Whiplash, and I should be asking the same of you” Kitty’s frown deepened
“I’m looking for Billy-Ray Sanguine” she said, putting a hand on the hilt of her sword, just in case she was a henchman of Bill-Ray’s
“Well, need some help?”
“Why would you help me?”
“Me and my friends have a bone to pick with dear old Billy. He killed one of our friends, the son of a-” Bridget’s curse was cut off by a gasp of pain. One hand went to her stomach and her hand flew to the small, black case that hung from her hip, with fumbling fingers she pulled a syringe out and proceeded to jam it into her arm. She pushed the plunger down and her breathing became easier.
“Sorry ‘bout that” she said replacing the syringe in the case and rolling her shoulders “what were we talking about?”
“You’re a vampire” breathed Kitty and Bridget rolled her eyes
“What gave it away?” she asked sarcastically “but that’s not what we where talking about. Do you want to come with me and my friends? We can probably fit one more cot in the headquarters.”
“No thanks” said Kitty, as she turned and walked out of the dark warehouse “but I need to do this on my own.” Billy-Ray obviously hadn’t been there in a while if the annoying vampire girl hadn’t caught him. Next stop, America, to see if she could find out were Billy-Ray lived when not abroad.


Kitty was thrown up against a brick wall by a grinning henchman, she managed to kick him a way, but her broken leg was unable to support her weight and she fell. Billy-Ray strolled over to where she was slumped against the wall and hunkered down so that they were eye to eye socket.
“You have some nerve coming after me alone, kid” he dodged the clumsy punch from her. Grabbing her arm and twisting it till tears formed in her eyes, he continued “I, unlike you, have the best friends money can buy” he lifted the straight razor that had killed her parents and grinned evilly.
“Time to die, little girl. Die knowing that you failed to avenge your parent’s deaths”
The straight razor started to come down. A bullet whizzed by Bill-Rays head, missing him by millimeters, the blue shock wave that followed the bullet did not miss, however, and Billy-Ray got it straight in the face. With a groan he slumped to the street, unconscious.

everyone else is in the next part, which im typing up tomorrow. COMMENT!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, that was FABULOUS!! I love it!! A LOT!!! :D

  2. Wow! That was really exciting! How fast can you type the next part! Lol I can't wait to read some more.

  3. i might have the next part up tomorrow, but that is an optimistic guess

  4. all right, ill type it up now, just hold yer horses

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  6. lol I suppose that's a bad thing. :D If it melts you won't be able to type anymore!!

  7. yes but, IM DONE! just need to post it