Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fanfic 4

It took awhile to get everyone situated on the plane. No one wanted to sit next to Bridget, who was still livid that Tanya was actually touching her gun and everyone wanted to ride shotgun next to Dragona, who would be pilot. After about 5 minutes of squabbling Anarchy whipped out tendrils of shadow from her necromancer bracelet, wrapping them around everyone’s waists and forcing people into random seats.
“Quit it!”
“Get it off!”
“Are you coming Bone?” Anarchy asked calmly, ignoring all the protests and the fact that she had shoved Sarthacus upside-down into his seat.
“No… I’m going to check out the receptacle, see if I can figure out how it works that sort of thing.”
“Your choice” Anarchy shrugged and sat down next to the upside-down Sarthacus. Dragona sealed the doors and started the engines, preparing for take-off. The engines roared and they took off, Bone waving at them from the ground. Once they where up in the air, Dragona hit the auto-pilot and swiveled his seat so he was facing the others.
“I set the coarse for the Dallas airport, Where are we going from there?” He asked Tanya, who shrugged.
“Hell if I know, I just wanted the gun.” Behind Tanya’s seat, Bridget rose up silently, knife in hand and eyes bright red.
“Tanya…” warned Israel as he saw the violence in her future. Tanya sighed and stood up, she pushed past Dragona to get at the control panel. She punched a few buttons, then flopped back in her seat. The rest of the trip was un-interesting, well, at least no one died, and in no time the plane was circling high over a seemingly barren stretch of Texas.
“Is this the place?” asked Bridget, peering out the window at the dusty, rocky ground 700 feet below
“Yeah…” Tanya trailed off as Bridget slid the plane door open.
“Coming?” she asked
“After you…” Bridget shrugged and jumped. She fell silently, forming her body so she was shaped like a bullet with her head facing down at the rapidly approaching ground. At the last second, she twisted in midair and hit the ground feet first with enough force the turn a regular person into a messy paste. A cloud of dust obscured the view for a moment, but it was blown away at a gesture from Sarthacus. Bridget was climbing out of a small crater, unharmed.
“Lets go!” cried Anarchy, taking a running start from the other side of the plane and launching herself out of the doors. She grabbed Tanya’s arm on her way out and the two girls plummeted towards ground, Tanya screaming in fear as Anarchy laughed at her. Sarthacus nudged Israel and muttered.
“These chicks are crazy”
“Amen” said Dragona as he lined up for a proper landing.


  1. WOOT!!!!!!!
    1st Fanfic of 2011!!!!!
    WAY TO GO LIZZY!!!!!

    Very cleverly written! Love the action, dialog, and relationships that you so awesomely wrote!!!!
    Love how Bridget jumps from the plane!!!

    The last bit was just brilliant!!!!!

    “These chicks are crazy”
    “Amen” said Dragona as he lined up for a proper landing.

  2. Haha, love the last part [:
    &How Bridget climbs out of a crater xD

  3. *bows* thank you! i'm going to be getting my @$$ in gear for the new year, at least one post a week