Thursday, January 27, 2011

The one and only...

Hey y'all! I was drawing last night and I thought "Hmmm, why don't I draw something for Kallista?" So I did draw something and that something turned out to be Kallista from the twisted Christmas story XD

Mohawks are really hard to draw...
Enjoy your random picture Kallista :)


    I LOVE IT Lizzy!!!
    Can I post it on my blog? XDDDDD

    Love the way you arranged her clothes!

    *rushe up to Lizzy and gives her a massive hug*

    You are SO AWESOME!!!! I just can't stop grinning! LOL
    She' PERFECT!!!

    *goes on for another five minutes*

  2. LOL, i'm grinning too! I'm glad you like it :D and of course you can post it on your blog, it's yours.

  3. ack! i'm lagging on my comments you're welcome Kallista

  4. I LOVE IT!

    And here it is...

    Servant to Serum

    She wandered through the frosted wood
    With none to see her cry
    Alone, and racked with grief beneath
    A vast uncaring sky.

    Servant of her serum
    A crystal concoction of hemlock and wolf bane
    Saturated with liquid sunlight
    To mask the vampire curled sleeping within
    That rises with the coming of the night.

    Yet she is safe
    The serum flows through her veins
    Tranquilising her baser nature
    Whilst the sun is sleeping

    Lizzy weeps and slumps against a tree
    Memories of last night’s horror
    The red miasma in her brain
    The innocent infant screaming in terror
    The sticky crimson blood
    And the tiny head staring sightlessly
    At its own half chewed body

    Lizzy’s eyes well up once more
    The sticky metallic tang of the blood
    Never leaving her tongue or her nightmares
    For that night she failed to serve the serum
    And she fled with the darkness

    Alone again, she drops the facade
    Of ruthless civility
    The steel glint fades from her eyes
    As grief and horror rack her painfully thin body
    The centuries fall away and the little girl is left
    Before she became this heartless monster

    Lizzy thinks of the words she would growl at her victims
    “If you wish to die a horrible death, please, come closer”
    And the outburst ceases
    She regains her merciless personality
    And vows never again to disobey the serum
    Lest she recovers her soul.

  5. Wow...

    I am speechless...

    This is freaking AMAZING!!!!! Octa you are bloody brilliant! XDDDDDD

  6. *sits alone in the most wonderful tree, singing softly*

  7. Guess Dragona didn't realize I was making fun when I cared for the tree instead of Kallista.
    Well, I won't return back to life on this blog that easy.

  8. Not for 20 minutes.

    That's when tea's ready.

    But I'm hungry NOW!!!

    *pouts like a four year old*

  9. *gives her a virtual apple*
    Here you are!

  10. *tree showers Lunar with lots of fruit and a chocolate bar*

    Hey this tree makes CHOCOLATE!

  11. *wears a cape and jumps on buildings*

  12. Lol!

    Thanks! :)

    *opens mouth and eats apple whilst being showered with fruit and chocolate*

  13. Squirrel yells down at Lunar

    "Give me my chocolate back" :D

  14. *takes telescope and looks to Dragona's blog*
    Should we keep him from leaving or should we just wait until he misses us?

  15. everyone go back to Derek's blog for a bit, Dragona says he's leaving :P

  16. Teenagers and their temper tantrums.

    Sheesh can't he take a joke?

    We weren't serious about the tree.

    I say try to keep him from leaving and if he does leave then wait.

  17. *hugs Lizzy*
    Please don't let words said in hurt and anger keep you away.
    We love you Lizzy. You are one awesome girl. :)

  18. Don't think I'll always come back. I was going to leave. Kallista kept me from leaving, the only reason I'm staying is because of her. If it was up to me, I would be gone by now. I don't see the point in staying.
    I can take a joke, but unfortunatly, the tree wasn't one. Lizzy, you went too far AGAIN. And it makes it obvious that if you moved away from me because I destroyed an imaginary tree which doesn't exist, it makes it clear that you prefer the tree to me. I honestly don't see the point in staying now. Lizzy, you have to stop it. You always take it too far, WAY too far. I think you've annoyed me enough already without this now and I'm fed up of you if I'm honest.

  19. I'm still your friend (I hope) but you really do take things too far.