Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spent bullet casing jewelry

Hey guys, just a quick post to get some feed back on these jewelry pieces i made. This is the first time i ever made anything like this, so i would like feedback ^^. If people like it, i might just open up a shop on Etsy and sell earring, bracelets, key rings, necklaces and whatever else i can make ^^

This is a spent .22 long rifle casing, about an inch or so long and hanging from a sliver tone cord with barrel clasps at the ends. I let the brass soak in a solvent for a while, then took it out, rinsed it, and polished it lightly with a very fine grain sandpaper. Then i punched a hole in the end and strung it up ^^ I also made one for my little sister, but with a green bead at the end.

These are the earrings. I cleaned the brass the same way as before and strung it on french hook earring wires. They jingle when i shake my head ^^ 

All the .22 brass was gathered at the Appleseed this weekend. My feet are killing me, but it was a lot of fun!


  1. Awesome! I like them a lot, Lizzy!

  2. The necklace is pretty, but I really love the earring! Reminds me of a windchime.

    *wonders if it's practical to make windchimes from shell casings*

    Could you put a little clapper in it to make it a bell?

  3. You know, my little cousin said the same thing. I'll try to make wind chimes when i get larger brass for my uncle, who reloads higher cal. stuff. It would be hard to do now, because the brass is only about 3/4 inch long

  4. WOW!
    I love it Lizzy! Wicked cool jewelry!!!!!


  5. Hell, best necklace and earrings I've seen. You should have used actual bullets, though. If you're being attacked, just rip them off, put them in your gun and you'll be well away ^^

    Also, Lizzy, a question, dA has been screwy and I wanna do an art trade but I can't upload anything. Do you have an email address I can send my new "meme" pics to you to trade? My email address is

    And, if you do the pic, I dunno, Kenny and Tim in your style, or something like that? :D

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