Saturday, December 24, 2011


Hello peoples. I'll be doing wedding pictures for Kal's wedding ^^

Here's the info I need.

What you look like.
Hair color
Hair Style
Eye color
Other facial features
BFF/GF/BF/Spouse (if you want to be drawn with them)

What you'll be wearing (and what your other will be wearing) Pictures are a HUGE help!

And anything else you think might be helpful. Be as descriptive as you can please!

I'll try to draw as many as I can, but I don't know how many I'll be able to do. I also won't be coloring most of them. Just nice clean sketches, maybe with one color or something. We'll see ^^



  1. Chestnutty Brown Hair
    Curly, to shoulders
    Dark brown eyes
    Pierced ears with golden earrings that apparently resemble 'bells'
    really pale (we joke about it. But sometimes I wonder...)


    With black flats for shoes~

    Two capuchin monkeys (Rin and Liu)

    Yep! I have a monkey posse now.


  2. I don't know how to draw monkeys... But I'll see what i can do :P

  3. -Honey brown hair
    -Straight, to shoulders, with side bangs
    -Blue-y gray eyes

    ...Do I have to wear a dress? I'd love to wear something like this: (without the monocle, glasses, and mustache), but with a skirt instead of pants. It that OK?

  4. Yay! Monkeys!

    *huggles monkeys, then feeds them bananas*

  5. OOh, cool...

    I think you were doing this earlier, but if it helps-

    Israel's jacket (leather trenchcoat, knee-length)

    Green t-shirt, as requested by you lot xD

    Black pants, cos jeans would be too casual :/

    brownish/goldish's hard to explain xD

    Green eyes :D

    Aaaaand if you havent already drawn the head, or if you want to add it in, my big-arse hat...

    It's at the bottom of that page, I think :D

    Good luck!

  6. my hair is like...yeah. a few inches above my shoulders and like...blonde-pinky-purple now, and scary boingy-curly. eyes? iono, blue. and glasses that are kind of large and plasticy-framed and black. and not enough of a pain tolerance for piercings, though fantasy of having my ears covered in them so I can be more glittery.

    teh clothings!

    orrrr this outfit, which is completely different, but whatever, it's damn sexy.

  7. I am going as my OC, Red Waterfall.

    Straight bright red hair left down reaching to my mid-back, dark green eyes. Small pearl earrings.

    I will be going with Pyro, as a couple ^^

    I'll wear a dress, something like this:,r:6,s:74&biw=1024&bih=475

    I think that's all! :D

  8. darkish brown hair,

    quite messy and a little spiky, has a small fire rising from the top of his head.

    Blue eyes with a small ring of brown in the centre, around the pupil.

    GF=Red Waterfall

    Wearing a tux, smart whith shirt, an indigo blue jacket and tie (same colour as Red's dress)

  9. Right, let's see- Frist off, if you even think of putting me in a dress, I will come down with a giant hot dog and hit you with it!

    Hair color- black and shiny, with white light spots where the light catches it.

    Hair Style- it has a side parting and often falls over my eyes but its normally covered by a hood.
    Eye color-black all over, but you may pretend I'm normal and draw me with normal eyes. I don't mind what colour. They usually have reflections on them because they're shiny and very dark, like my hair and clothing.

    Glasses- If you don't want to lie or make me look like a freak, put me in dark sunglasses.

    Piercings- no way. Never on earth.
    Other facial features- I have a huge scar over my right eye that continues onto my forehead.
    BFF/GF/BF/Spouse- If you could put me as far away from everyone else as possible that would make sense.

    That is where my picture is on the bios down the right hand side if that's any use. hehe

  10. I forgot- very pale skin, black lips, long black coat, gunbelt (always)... oh, and the fangs and black forked tongue. That's about it.

  11. also, date is gen, so like, goddess of blondness and pinkness and scary attractiveness.

    and clothing? iono, a dress? draw something purdy.

  12. I'm an eagle, that roled in flour so it was white, then had painted purple spots on it and got glittery.

  13. I am about 170cm tall, blue eyes blonde wavy hair, usually rather messy, I have a nose ears mouth eyes, the standard stuff, I'm pretty normal looking, rather handsome ( ;) ) and yeah.
    blonde hair.
    it's.. wavy.
    Blue eyes
    No glasses or piercings, although a monocle is acceptable.
    I'm pretty average in all facial aspects.

    Wearing a full victorian three peice suit with a black bowler hat, cane, fob watch, silver waistcoat and a grey longcoat.

    I don't know you all that well.. but..I like drawings.

  14. Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Hair Style: Down
    Eye Color: Brown or Hazel
    My glasses are brown and light brown with light blue gemstones on the sides.
    I have pierced ears, my earrings are light blue to match my dress.
    I dont know how to describe my facial features, plain i guess, if that helps at all, it probably doesnt.
    Here is the link to the dress i wore:;_ylt=A2KJke5lKvtOeiAAHmyJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?

  15. lol srry for long link, didnt think it would be that long

  16. Black hair
    Straight and it's down to my knees
    Chocolate brown eyes
    No glasses
    I have my ears pierced
    I am wearing a soft flowy dress with a pink hair band

  17. dress, but in a deep emerald green plz? me as a supervillian love my hair in this one, but dear god ignore my faceeeeeee


    no joke
    at least 5 inches. and these earrings

    and lace tights if you want.




    and with black nail polish.

    and I'll shut it now =P