Monday, June 6, 2011


I have decided to stop writing fanfic. I don't know how long it will be for, or if i'll start again, but i want to work on a different project and don't want the pressure of writing fanfic right now. Don't worry, i'm fine and nothing has happened that suddenly killed my writing spirit, i just want to work on other stuff ^^ And i'll still roam blogland, so its not like i'm dead or anything. ^^ I might post little bit here and there of fanfic, when i get tired of working on my other project, and i'll still post with pictures and such. :D I'm just taking a little break 


  1. OH! That one part you wrote, "or if i'll start again" Please! For the sake of my health! REM OVE IT!

    *staggers around clutching heart and gasping*

    LOL I understand Lizz and support your choice. (unless you never come back to the fanfic. >:D Then I'll give you noogies every day!)

  2. So... what's your other project?

  3. LoL Don't worry :D But I hope it's 'when' not 'if' o:
    What's the project?

  4. Aww that's sad! I hope I can survive without it!
    Well, whatever that project you're working on, I hope it goes well :]

  5. Thats not nice. Why the hell did you do that!

    *Frowns and stops her feet in anger*