Thursday, June 2, 2011

A pair of poems

These aren't done by me, a friend asked me to post them for her. She wants some feedback, so i gave her the link to my blog so she can see all your comments :)

You said your heart would always be mine,

We danced and laughed and shared deep with each other.

Love was awoken quickly after the spirit of kindred hearts lighted.

Your kindness amazed me your knowledge and understanding delighted me
And when I saw your gifts of poetry and writing

Your passions inspired me.

 Now a short time later after a dark time apart,

I find myself refreshed once more with your presence.

Bittersweet as I see you suffer with many things on your heart

For a Jewel has captured your eye and quickly won your heart.

So I give it back this treasure that once was mine

Knowing it will shine brighter

When held by the right owner.

Love is not love when we keep it hidden from it’s purpose.

Love is love when it’s freed to fly high and land where it dreams.


On the outside looking in,

through the window trimmed in black

of a house on the finest block.

The little girl paused and dreamed,

longing ached in her heart

She saw a mothers love for her tiny child,

so sweet and pure, deep and precious

It warmed the little girl from deep inside

Even as she stood with bare feet in the snow,

thin shoulders barely covered with a second hand threadbare shawl.

The aroma of a delicious meal, coming from the kitchen

wafted under her nose, teasing her

with the rich spices and savory cooked chicken.

Family would come and gather

under the warm glow of the glittering chandelier

And raise their crystal glasses to another good year.

But for the small child standing outside,

loneliness, cold, and hunger her only companions,

She treasured each sight and dreamed what it would be

If such loveliness was hers to enjoy.

Of silken sheets and chocolate treats.

While lounging on a soft bed in front of a flickering hearth.


  1. These are really nice, Lizzy. Your friend writes well.

  2. Interesting poems Lizzy. Loved it. :)
    Tell your friend thanks for posting.
    But now I'm hungry for chicken. :P

  3. Hmm... feedback.

    They be quite brilliant poems I thinks.

    Your friend writes well.

    I'm too tired to post a detailed analysis right now.

    But a marvellous first impression.

  4. Wow!
    Those were beautiful! I really liked them a lot!
    Bravo, friend of Lizzy! :D

  5. Amazing! I loved them!
    Great Job!