Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pompeii pictures!

No, I didn't go to Pompeii :P I went to museum of Science in Boston with my family for my mom's birthday. Mom loves Pompeii, so dad got us tickets for the exhibits ^^ It was amazing, and heartbreaking.

My phone wallpaper :3

You see that card there. This is a LOAF OF BEAD. That survived a VOLCANO. o.O damn...

Gladiators helmet!

The Casts. When the people were buried in hot ash, they left behind imprints of themselves. They're amazingly detailed and heartbreaking. These were once living humans (and a dog)  that choked to death on burning hot ash. It's just... really powerful to see them in person.
A young lady covering her face from the ash

A man and a lady (married, perhaps) that wouldn't leave the other to die alone

Skeletons found in a bathhouse people had taken shelter in.

A man's face

A guard dog that was left behind. It strangled itself on it's chain when it was trying to get away.

Me, my sister, and my brother underneath the exhibit poster.


  1. Wow! Beautiful pictures, Lizzy! I've always loved Pompeii, it's story is so sad. That poor doggy!

    *hugs it's ghost*

  2. Aww...PUPPY! *also cuddles ghost*
    Amazing pics Lizzy! So sad and haunting. It's hard to imagine what thier last moments where like. I'm so glad you got to go!
    *hugs ehr* Thanks for posting this!

  3. Beautiful pics... Sad though how those were people once, same as us :(

    That loaf of bread is bad arse...

    And you're wearing the bonk t-shirt, aren't you XD I need to find me one of those...

  4. Oh. Great pictures. I feel so sad, though. :-(

  5. Brilliant Octa! Thanks! I'm going to delete them because it's a surprise