Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guns, guns, and more guns. (And me shooting said guns)

Wow, what happened to my fanfic blog? It seems to have turned into a blog about my life. *shrugs* Meh, whatever ^^ I'm be posting some stories soon. Very soon ;) And before you ask, I'm not telling ;3

So, the deal here is some of the Appleseed crew got together to shoot at long range. Out to 300 yds, or about 300 meters for you weird British folks ;P Me, my dad, my uncle Chuck, Dan, and James (who has an awesome accent) were there, and we had about... Er... 15 rifles between us? Something like that. We all rotated and took turns shooting each others rifles and putting them on the "Do want" list of things to buy ^^

Me shooting my uncle Chuck's M1 Garand, which is very much so on the "Do want" list. That thing kicked like a bloody mule :P  Ignore the people talking in the background, they weren't in our group.

My friend Todd's (he wasn't there because we wife is preggers.) AR with sweet eotech holographic sights.

My dad's AR with tech sights and a GI web sling. And boots, which belong to me ^^

Yay! The Pink! :D Sooooo good to shoot her again (yes, my rifle is a girl, deal with it)

My friend Dave's AR (with open sights) on the right and his M1 A on the left. The M1 A has a folding tripod on the front and open sights.

My uncle Chuck's M1 Garand, with open sights and GI web sling

James shooting his M1 A (I think) James is a FANTASTIC shot. He put's the bullets in the same hole every time. After a ten round string he'll have a single hole in the paper.

Uncle Chuck and his M1 Garand

Dave shooting his M1 A in the foreground and me shooting the AR in back.

I love the Garand :3

My dad, with Dave hiding from the camera behind him, and Uncle Chuck setting up his gear.

Uncle Chuck and Garand in foreground, Dave and M1 A in middle ground, and me and the AR in the background.


    *high fives Lizzy*
    Ya gotta show Hellboy this! He will LOVE all the guns!
    So many wicket sweet guns!
    Well done Lizzy! love it!

  2. xDDDDDD DAMMIT :D What I wouldn't give to be in your place then, Lizzy...

    :O That AR...And the fabled M1! xDDD I'm going to join a gun club or SOMETHING, I swear...

    Isn't ammunition expensive or anything? How do you all even afford these weapons...neaaaargh... :P

  3. EPIC!!

    :) and it just so happens we're in the process of becoming newbi for oor local rifle club!! :D