Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunny Italy... Part Five

“Hello” Doona said smugly, pushing the muzzle of the gun slightly into Bridget’s chest. Bridget’s face remained mostly the same, the only indication of her shock being her eyebrows raising slightly. Victor started to take a step forward, but she held out her arm, stopping him.
“Doona, what a surprise…” Bridget wasn’t even being sarcastic
“You aren’t going to get me back to Africa, so don’t even try. I will kill you.”
“Hmm, that’s nice. Now what the hell are you talking about?” Doona cocked its head to the side
“The Italian sanctuary ordered my deportation, but you won’t take me back” the Azeman glared fearsomely at the vampires. Bridget raised her eyebrows
“Need I repeat?” she asked smoothly, “What the hell are you talking about?” the Azeman looked confused
“You aren’t going to take me back?” it asked hopefully
“How can she take you back if she doesn’t know what you’re talking about? Victor asked crossly, frowning while his girlfriend remained cool.
“Wrong people, we’re just here to meet with your boss. It’s a pure coincidence that we happen to be vampires” Bridget pushed the revolver away from her chest and handed Doona the bullets. The African vampires eyes widened as it checked the chambers, every single one was empty. Bridget had removed the bullets from the six shot revolver while they had been talking without anyone, even Victor or Eloise, noticing.
“Come on” Bridget walked off down the hall, smirking softly to herself. The smirk dropped slowly as she sensed something, someone, moving in the thick shadows at the edges of the corridor. She sniffed twice, bringing the stale sent of mold and concrete to her nose, a long with a strange sent that was out of place in this dank and gloomy tunnel. Cherry blossoms. The smirk sprang back into place and quickly became a full blown grin, even if it was a bit sadistic.
“Oh I get it…” she said, continuing to walk toward the exit, Eloise and Victor following, even if they were slightly confused.
“So it’s getting deported, eh? And the Italians sent you to do their dirty work?” Eloise cast a sideways glance at Bridget. She was looking straight ahead and seemed to be talking to someone that wasn’t there.
“I was called in on a favor...”
The Azeman gave a small yep of surprise and spun to look at where the voice was coming from. Emerging from the shadows was a long, gleaming blade, which was held to the Azeman’s throat. The person holding the blade was hidden in the shadows, the only thing showing was their eyes, which gleamed in the sparse light.
“Kallista, long time no see” Bridget said, turning calmly to look at the delicate young woman, vampire eyes easily piercing the shadows to see her clearly.
“Same to you” Kallista smiled brightly, teeth gleaming in the darkness “Eloise, Victor, nice to see you” the vampires nodded politely, slightly startled by the sudden turn of events, and Kallista returned her attention to the Azeman, which was still held at sword point.
“You have killed to many innocent people on Italian soil. The Italian Sanctuary hereby orders you to return to Africa peacefully, and if you won’t go peacefully I will escort you there forcefully” she said blandly, watching Doona’s expressions cartwheel quickly from shock to anger.
“Make me” it sneered, swiping the sword blade away in a lightning fast movement. It clattered to the ground as the Azeman lunged forward and grabbed Kallista’s throat, pulling her in front of it like a human shield. Bridget, who had started forward at the first sign of movement, stopped as the Azeman gripped Kallista in a sleeper hold. If it applied pressure then she would be unconscious in seconds… or it could break her neck. Bridget calmly chewed her lip, sharp teeth drawing blood as she pondered how to beat the Azeman to a bloody pulp without it killing Kallista before she could get to it. She didn’t like fighting enemies like this, she had no idea how fast or strong it was, or what it was capable of. It was completely unknown and therefore this fight could get very, very messy and drag on for a while. That couldn’t happen because the longer a fight went on the better chance there was of the Azeman getting in a lucky hit. Bridget needed a way to end this quickly and with little bloodshed from her or her friends. The answer to Bridget’s thoughts came in the form of a bullet…


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! FANTASTIC! I love Kallista's entrance into the story. Loved Bridget's skill in getting the bullits out of the gun.
    I just love it all!!!
    BRAVO Lizzy! Thank you for posting this!


  3. This is really awesome!

    *mumbles about how Dragona could take out the Azeman and about not wanting Kallista to be hurt*

    LOL. This is a really really really really really really really really REALLY good story. And the stupid idiot me actually typed all those really's... *sighs*

  4. I also want to thank you Lizzy for leaving me with yet another major cliff hanger!
    Now I'm going crazy wondering about the bullet and who shoots it off! :D

  5. LOL Dragona, i KNEW you were going to say SOMETHING about the Azeman attacking Kallista :P

  6. ~screams~
    This is awesome!!! :D
    Who fired the bullet!??
    Was it Hellboy??
    I bet it was Hellboy!
    AM I right?!?
    Am I?
    Am I?
    Am I?