Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunny Italy... Part Six

“Bored. Boreddd. Boreeeedddddd. Borrrrreeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd-”
“Shut up already!” Michelle snapped, glaring at Lizzy, who was sprawled out in the backseat of the hotwired car.
“But I’m b-”
“If you say bored, I’m locking you out of the car” Lizzy fell silent. For approximately two seconds.
“When is Kallista going to get here?” she asked, admiring the vines she had doodled allover her wrist with a marker.
“I’m not sure, soon I think” barely a second after the words were out of Michelle’s mouth, a black motorcycle pulled into the little back ally. She rolled down the window and waved to Kallista, who immediately parked and pulled off her helmet.
“They all went into that door” Lizzy said, popping her head out of the back window “No one else has gone in and no one has come out.”
“Great, thanks” Kallista muttered hurriedly, jogging towards the door and checking her sword’s scabbard at the same time.
“Right, you two stay here, I’ll be back in a minute” Kallista hurried into the shadows beyond the door.
“Wow, she’s in a rush” Lizzy commented blandly, opening the car door and climbing out.
“Where are you going?” Michelle asked suspiciously as the younger girl stretched a few times.
“I’m just goin’ to get a closer look…” Liz flashed a quick smile and cracked her knuckles
“Sureeeee you are… But Kallista told us to stay here.” Lizzy blinked a few times and cocked her head to the side
“So?” Michelle sighed and face palmed
“I forgot you have a problem with following orders” Liz pointed at her friend
“Damn straight” she said, arching her eyebrows comically and turning for the door.
“Wait” Michelle dug in her pocket and took out the folding knife Liz had handed her “Take this”
“Naw, I don’t need it” Liz smiled cheerfully and waved goodbye, leaving Michelle sitting in the drivers set of the car, knife in hand. She sighed and slumped back in the seat. Liz was going to get herself killed, or worse, bitten. Sighing again, she opened the folding knife and inspected the blade. It was nice and sharp, drawing a thin bead of blood to her fingertip when she touched it lightly. Perfect.

Lizzy crept quietly down the hall, sticking to the shadows at the edges of the hallway. She heard voices and carefully edged forwards, pressing her back to the rough wall and sliding towards the corner. It was a blind corner and she couldn’t see around it, but she could hear every work that was spoken.
“-if you won’t go peacefully I will escort you there forcefully” Kallista’s was saying calmly and then silence for a seconds before the Azeman spoke
“Make me” it said in a nasty, sneering tone. There was the sharp clatter of metal hitting the concrete floor and then a light rustle of cloth as someone moved suddenly. The tension in the air was so think you could cut it with a knife as Liz exhaled slowly and reached behind her, to the small of her back. Her paint-spattered fingers closed slowly around a smooth plastic grip. With another deep breath, she stepped swiftly around the corner and dropped to one knee, pulling the small pistol from the holster at the small of her back and squeezing off one quick shot before ducking back around the corner. The shot hit the ground at the Doona’s feet and it yelped, releasing Kallista instinctively and staggering back a step. Kallista darted forwards the second the pressure of Doona’s grip left her throat, snatching her sword up from the ground and taking a fighting stance facing the Azeman. Bridget recovered from her shock at the unexpected shot and stepped forwards so she was next to Kallista. She reached into her battered leather jacket and pulled her whip from its secret pocket, cracking it once and grinning cruelly. Victor and Eloise also joined the impromptu battle formation, Victor standing at Bridget’s side and Eloise standing at Kallista’s, both sinking into Chinese fighting stances. The Azeman took another look at the warriors and narrowed its eyes. It’s edges started to fray and become less defined, like you were looking at it threw a few feet of water. Kallista darted forwards and thrust squarely into its chest, but the blade passed straight threw, throwing her slightly off balance. Bridget’s whip cracked loudly in the small space, wrapping lightly around Kallista’s narrow waist. With a sharp yank Bridget pulled her friend out of the way as the Azeman’s solid fist came swinging towards her.
“Thanks…” Kallista muttered, regaining her balance and re-assessing their enemy. It seemingly had grown larger, now looming easily eight and a half feet in the small hallway. It’s hands were the size of dinner plates and tipped with needle-like claws and Doona was making no effort to conceal its triangular sharks teeth, which gleamed in sharp contrast to it’s ebony skin.
“What’s going on?” the Don poked his head out of the office door. He had heard the gunshot wanted to see what the matter was. Doona turned its yellow eyes to him, pinning him with the force of its gaze. It looked back to the vampires and Kallista, but the Don stayed were he was, frozen with a expression of fear on his face.
“Don’t look it in the eyes” Eloise muttered softly and Victor snorted
“No duh, Sherlock”
“Shut up before I rip your face off.” Bridget said crossly, not taking her eyes off the Azeman. Doona growled deep in its throat and crouched, slowly coiling its body like a spring, ready to strike. Bridget nodded imperceptibly and Eloise sprang forwards, whipping out her blades of choice, scalpels. At the same time Victor lunged forwards also, swinging his fists towards the Azeman’s stomach as Eloise went for it’s head. Doona moved lightning fast, swatting Eloise out of the air with it’s huge fist as she leaped for it’s head. She crashed into Victor and they both hit the ground hard. Before they could recover, the Azeman kicked them both out of the way. They both hit the wall with bone shattering force and lay still. The Azeman growled triumphantly, turning its yellow eyes to the last people standing, Kallista and Bridget. It hissed, a low, menacing sound in the back of it’s throat, before lunging directly for Bridget.



    AMAZING Lizzy! Love the fight scene! Very cleverly written and so dang EXCITING!!!!
    But...yet another cliff hanger...
    *looks at Lizzy cross eyed and sticks out tounge*

  3. 'Damned straight' :D love hat expression. awesome story so far, keep it up!

  4. Oh my googly-eyed face and stuff!
    Don't ask me what I just said!
    but Agh! You leave such giant cliff-hangers!!