Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunny Italy... Part Four

The two American girls sat in the hotwired car, air-conditioning turned all the way up and radio on. Liz had found a sharpie in her pocket and was doodling on her hands as Michelle tried to get in touch with Kallista.
“Kallista’s five minutes away” she said, closing her phone and leaning back into the seat.
“So we have to wait” Liz sighed and rubbed her hands over her face “I hate waiting”

The vampires followed Doona down the concrete hallway, which was lit only by a few bare bulbs. They took the concrete steps down towards the basement level, passing by a few door as they walked. Nothing stirred as the Azeman led them to door at the end of the corridor and held it open for them, bowing its head slightly in an indication to go through. Bridget sighed and rolled her shoulders once before walking boldly into the large room. Eloise and Victor followed, only a step or two behind her as they walking into a room that was designed to impress and leave someone awestruck. The floor were paneled in a deep colored wood that was a sharp contrast to the concrete floor and the walls were papered with a rich red printed paper, accented with gold. Bridget remained unimpressed, face impassive behind a blank mask. The person that could only be the Don stood up from behind his cherry wood desk and opened his arms in greeting.
"Hello! Welcome to my humble abode" he said in Italian, coming around the desk to shake each of there hands in turn. He was in his fifties, with black hair that was starting to go gray at the temples and a funny little mustache above his top lip. The pinstriped three piece suit he was wearing was well cut and looked expensive, but not overly flashy. Bridget didn't like him.
"My name is Vernanso, Don Vernanso, how may I call you?"
"Eloise" The Don looked a little surprised at the vampire’s cold manner
Not one’s for introductions, I see” he tried a small, friendly smile
Correct. Now, what do you want? We have places to be” Bridget said in flawless Italian
Such a hurry” the Don sighed and shook his head “Young people these days..." Bridget raised her eyebrows. Even Eloise, the youngest of the group, was at least triple this man's age. Young people indeed.
"Well, if you are really as rushed as you act, then I might as well be frank.” He dropped the smiling, cheerful act and glared directly at Bridget
Which one of you killed Francesco?
That would be me.” Eloise spoke up boldly in halting Italian, matching the Don’s gaze
You?” the Don looked incredulously at petite vampire. Eloise was only about 5 feet 3 inches, very thin and had a tendency to wear flowing dresses. She was not the sort of person you would expect to take down a Mafia boss.
Were you aware that he had a wife and child?” the Don asked, coming out from behind the desk to stand before her.
No, please send them my deepest condolences.” Eloise looked at him coolly, her mismatched eyes boring into his.
“Go Eloise…” muttered Victor under his breath, watching his friend hold her own against a very powerful crime boss. Bridget stepped on his foot.
Is that really all you have to say? His child is only four years old.
Are you trying to make me be feel bad? Silly human” Eloise smiled, showing off her pointed incisors. The Don backed up a step, startled
I wasn’t myself, if anything you should be blaming Victor, he didn’t keep the area clear properly.
Is that really the best you can do? Say you weren’t yourself and then try to shift the blame?” the Don recovered from his shock and shook his head in mock sadness.
I quiet literally wasn’t myself. You should know what I’m taking about, you have an Azeman in your employ.”
…A what?” The Don looked very confused and Bridget stepped in.
Eloise, leave him.” The French vampire nodded and fell silent.
“This man is wasting my time” Bridget scowled and turned to leave, the others following. She paused for a second at the door and turned back, digging something out of her pocket. A wad of bills all bound up with an elastic band was tossed onto the Don’s desk.
For the widow and her child. If you even think about touching it then I will kill you.” the threat was delivered in a cool and careless fashion, in a tone that left the Don no doubt that she would actually do it.
“This was a waste of time, that guy is clueless and was just trying to get money” Bridget pushed the door open and walked out, straight into the barrel of a gun.


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