Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dusk vs Twilight

Valkyrie moaned. She slouched up the stairs of her house and walked down the hall to her room, stopping just long enough to let the reflection out of the mirror and to pull on her work clothes. Skulduggery had forced her to go to school today and she was going to destroy him for that. She walked out of the house and heard the reflection click the lock closed behind her. A short walk brought her to the corner as Tanith’s bike was pulling up, Tanith nodded and handed Valkyrie the extra helmet, saying something that might have been “Hey, Val”, but was completely muffled by the helmet. A short ride later they pulled up outside of Gordon’s house and Tanith pulled off her helmet
    “Bad day at school?” Asked Tanith, looking at her friends gloomy face and Valkyrie groaned
    “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’” said Tanith cheerfully, walking into the house. Valkyrie followed her into the kitchen and watched her rummage in the cupboards for a package of cookies,
    “What happened at school today?” asked Tanith, handing a package of “Death by Fudge” cookies to Valkyrie and sitting at the table.
    “Well…” said Valkyrie, stuffing three or four cookies in her mouth, “they’re making us read,” Valkyrie stalled and reached down and pulled a book out of her bag.
    “ohmygod!” said Tanith looking at the cover “ you’ve got to read, that!” they stared at the book on the table for a couple seconds, then they both cracked up.
    “Sparkly!” gasped out Valkyrie and Tanith fell off the chair she was laughing so hard.
    “That woman is a great writer and all, but still!” said Tanith, once she had regained some composure “how are you going to get rid of it?” Valkyrie smiled an evil smile.
    “I have plans” was all she’d say


Dusk roared with anger. On the bed in his small cell was a cardboard box and in the box was a book. A sticky note on the cover said; “Enjoy! From Valkyrie Cain. P.S why don’t you sparkle?”

HAHA! i found this on deviant art. its by TheVooDooFish

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 Valkyrie, Tanith, Dusk, and Skulduggery C Derek Landy


  1. hey now, Twilight's ok-ish, sorta ;]

    twilight sucks

  3. Lizzie,
    I am impressed! Your use of language and
    story telling is very mature and professional.
    It will only get better and better from here on .

  4. my Grammy posted that one *point^ * with my user-name. thanks gram!